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Genetic Engineering changing DNA within an organism.

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1 Genetic Engineering changing DNA within an organism

2 This is what most people think of…. When they think about moving genes from one organism to another This IS NOT what happens!

3 Genetic Technology Recombinant DNA (Takes DNA from one organism and places it into the DNA of another organism) This new organism is called a Trangenic Organism OR Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) an organism containing genes from a different organism

4 6 Steps to Recombinant DNA 1.Remove Gene Remove the needed gene from the DNA Restriction enzymes are like scissors- used to cut out certain sections of DNA

5 2.Prepare the Vector Vector: something that carries the DNA A plasmid is removed from a bacterial cell. (A plasmid is a circular piece of bacteria DNA)

6 Restriction enzymes are used to cut the plasmid open. Leaving sticky ends OR pieces of single stranded DNA that stick off of the plasmid Draw one in your notes

7 3.Insert the gene (DNA) into Plasmid using the sticky ends

8 4.The recombinant DNA (plasmid and new gene) is inserted back into a bacteria cell.

9 5.Bacteria Cells Reproduce When the bacterial cells reproduce by dividing, the inserted gene is also reproduced in the newly created cells.

10 6.Bacteria Produce Proteins The protein that this new gene produces can be removed and used for a medicine, industrial, agricultural, or other uses.

11 This is Real What if we take the gene that makes some jellyfish glow in the dark and add it to the DNA in the cells of another organism?


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