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Memorial Hospital’s Economic Impact on the Community Date.

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1 Memorial Hospital’s Economic Impact on the Community Date

2 Health care sector is a growing segment of Wisconsin’s economy Wisconsin hospitals employ over 110,000 people and account for over $28 billion in economic activity 2011 Economic Impact Report

3 Hospitals Among Largest Employers 3 of top 6 largest growing industries are related to health care – Ambulatory health care services anticipated growth of 22,670 jobs between 2008-2018 – Hospitals anticipated growth of about $15,080 between 2008-2018

4 Hospitals Among Largest Employers Hospitals and health systems are among the largest employers in the counties where they are located

5 High Quality Jobs and Job Growth In 2009, the typical worker in WI earned about $44,690 in wages and salary, but for hospitals the average worker earned $58,300 DWD predicts health care and hospitals will be the single largest source of employment growth

6 Expenditures Stimulate Economies Hospital purchases create revenue and “indirect” jobs for local businesses Income from hospital employees go toward local purchases Wages paid by hospitals are subject to federal, state and local taxes

7 Total Economic Impact of Hospitals

8 Hospitals Support Health and Social Needs of Their Communities Educational outreach, health screenings, support groups Free clinics, shelters Charity care programs Medicaid

9 Memorial Hospital’s Economic Impact Use the software at impact to calculate your hospital’s impact on the local economy and add the data here impact

10 Memorial Hospital’s Economic Impact Include information on the programs/services your hospital provides to the community

11 Hospitals are strong contributors to the economy and create a steady source of employment, even in economic downturns: – Good paying jobs across a wide spectrum of skill levels – Hospital and employee purchases support community businesses Summary

12 Your website For More Information

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