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The road to life beyond high school. Where do you want to go from here?

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1 The road to life beyond high school. Where do you want to go from here?

2  Grades and Test Scores  Work and Community Service  Extracurricular Activities  Recommendations  Balance between school and outside activities  Video

3  #1 Testing  ACT and/or SAT  SAT = March 14, May 2 and June 6  ACT = April 4, June 13  Register online  Pay online, fee waivers available for eligible students see a counselor  Practice online or gather materials from counselor

4  Visit possible colleges  What to consider:  Affiliation- Academic Environment  Size- Financial Aid  Community- Support Services  Location- Activities/ Social Clubs  Housing- Athletics  Student Body- Specialized Programs

5  Be sure to obtain a business card or something signed and dated by a college representative. CHS does not have “college visit” days. You will have an EXCUSED absence if you visit a college during the school year.  SO... Use your summer wisely.  Visiting is an important step in deciding what school to attend.

6  Use your summer to participate in extracurricular activities  Volunteer  Collect personal recommendation letters from sponsors and trusted family friends  Don’t make life after HS your Parent’s responsibility.  If you don’t know what you want to do or study, explore options that may be available to you.

7  Start this process early! Many schools have a Dec. 1 deadline for applications beginning this fall.  WWW.  Utilize when possible  May have your transcripts and letters of recommendation sent electronically  Write the “optional essays” and use the scholarship link to apply for school specific scholarships.

8  Schedule to take a full course load of college or career preparation classes  Keep working on your grades  Continue your extracurricular and volunteer activities  Talk to your counselor, teachers, and parents about your final college choices.  Make a calendar showing application deadlines for admissions, financial aid and scholarships

9  Register for and re-take ACT or SAT.  Be sure you have requested that your test scores to be sent to colleges of your choice.  Attend college/career fairs offered by your school or in your area  FAFSA!  Scholarships!

10  English IV – Eng. 1301 and 1302  Government and Economics  Must have letter of permission from counselor or principal  Must have met college readiness standards on TAKS  Must pay all applicable fees and tuition to CJC  If completing during ‘09-‘10 year, must enroll in all four courses as classes are “block” scheduled

11  Government/Economics  Dual Credit  AP Government  English IV  Dual Credit  AP English IV Most seniors on recommended plan this is all they need for graduation. Must have 24 credits to graduate.

12 Recommended ProgramDistinguished Program  4 English-All the same except:  3 Math- 3 Foreign Language  3 Science-2.5 Electives  4 Social Studies-have 4 Advanced  2 Foreign Language measures  1.5 Physical Education : 3 on AP Exam .5 Health:PSAT Commended  1 Technology Application: GPA 3.0 on  1 Fine ArtCollege/Tech Prep.  5 Communication  3.5 Electives.

13  New for ‘09 – ’10:  Dual Credit Welding  Senior Seminar  Health Science Tech II (must have had HST I)  Fundamentals of Criminal Law (must have had Intro. To Criminal Justice)

14  What summer jobs have your really enjoyed?  Gap year? Could that be for you?  Military?  Technical School?  Bridges Bridges  Site Id: 0106995  Password: bulldogs

15 1. You won’t get left behind. 2. Learn critical-thinking and analytical skills 3. Earn a higher income. 4. Exercise your mind. 5. Do what you love doing and get paid for it. 6. Meet new people. 7. Become a part of a cultural stew. 8. Make connections that can link you to a future. 9. Have fun. 10. Fulfill and dream- or begin one.

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