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Are you the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ or the _ _ _ _ _ _?

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1 Are you the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ or the _ _ _ _ _ _?
Unit 8 Are you the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ or the _ _ _ _ _ _? referee umpire

2 badminton canoeing athletics skiing volleyball archery baseball gymnastics cycling swimming judo tabletennis

3 6. Choose the odd one out. 1.Play 2. Take 3.Go 4.Win 5.Lose 6.Beat
7.Draw 8.Train 9.Score

When you play, sometimes you _____ (ganas) but other times you ______ (pierdes) or the other player or team ______ (vence) you. When the _________ (resultado) is 2:2, the teams _______ (empatan) and they have to play the extra time (prórroga) To win you have to _______ (marcar) a goal and for winning you have to ______ (entrenar) hard to __________ (tener una plaza) for the __________ (mundial) or the ____________ (juegos olímpicos). ______________________ ? (¿De qué equipo eres?) WIN LOSE BEAT SCORE DRAW SCORE TRAIN GET A PLACE WORLD CUP OLYMPIC GAMES WHICH TEAM DO YOU SUPPORT?

5 What sport is it? (2) 1. Archery: bow, arrow
2. Bowling: 3. motorracing: racing car, crash helmet 4. scuba diving: snorkel, oxygen, mask, wetsuit. 5. horse jumping: horse, saddle, riding crop, 6. Snooker: balls, cue 7. windsurfing: board, sail 8. ice hockey: stick, puck 9. fencing: strip, mask, foil 10. javelin: javelin, strip 11. tabletennis 12. high jump 13. shotput/ discus 14. long jump 5

6 What sport is it? (3) Press-ups Body building Darts Discus Gymnastics
Hammer Hurdles Kayaking / canoeing Polevaulting Rings Sit-ups Weight –lifting Uneven bars Wrestling Sailing Curling Rock –climbing Abseiling Bungee jumping 6

7 3. Match the columns to make right combinations
swimming pool trunks archery tennis court racket range football pitch strip bow Ice hockey rink stick Horse-racing racecourse saddle badminton shooting Range target court Motor racing racetrack helmet boxing ring gloves shuttlecock 7

8 1.nil-nil/two –one/four all 2.fifteen-love/forty-thirty/ deuce
Beat Penalty Score Extra time Lost Won Set Tie-break Game score 1.Rugby 4.Basketball 5.Motor racing 7.swimming 8.athletics

9 Sports test net ring court goal snorkel referee rink saddle tee
We need it for playing tennis N ____ We do boxing in this place R _____ WE play basket here C ____ Players want to score G _____ Long tube used for scuba-diving S _______ Person who whistles in a match R _____ We put it on our heads in motor racing C ______ H _____ We play ice-hockey here R _____ We put it on the horse to ride it S _______ We put the ball on this at golf T ____ Special clothes for scuba-diving W ______ Special clothes used by a team S______ Special ball for badminton S ______ Athletes run in this place T ____ Special glasses for swimming G ____ For fishing we need a fishing L ____ / R ___ A type of free fight W _____ It´s similar to discus but you throw a ball S __ We play golf here C _______ We shoot our gun at this T ______ We hit the ball with it B ____ Special ball for playing ice hockey P______ A type os stick for playing snooker C ____ We play baseball here P ____ Athletes jump them in a race H _______ Special glove for baseball M _____ Special stick for playing golf C ___ For archery we need an A___ and B ______ Special sword used for fencing F _____ Abdominales y flexiones S ____ and P ______ net ring court goal snorkel referee Crash helmet rink saddle tee wetsuit strip shuttlecock track goggles Line/rod wrestling shotput course target bat puck cue pitch hurdles mitt club Bow/arrow foil Sit-ups/press-ups 9

10 Court Ring Rink Pitch Range ---- Track course gloves Stick/puck
Sport Place Equipment people verbs Others Badminton Boxing Ice hockey Basketball Soccer Shooting Snooker Running Golf Court Ring Rink Pitch Range ---- Track course shuttlecock gloves Stick/puck baskets Strip/goals Range cue strip Clubs/tee Hit Punch Hit/dribble/…

11 dribble To head Throw in kick wall Free-kick pass shoot save tackle

12 play Go do badminton canoeing athletics volleyball skiing archery

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