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The Economics of Rivers (with an emphasis on the Verde) Doug Von Gausig, Verde River Institute, May 16, 2014.

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1 The Economics of Rivers (with an emphasis on the Verde) Doug Von Gausig, Verde River Institute, May 16, 2014

2 Where is the “Middle Verde?”

3 VREDS, 2011: Economic Connection to the Verde = close to zero No Access No Interest

4 2011: Real Estate on the River – 20-30% increase Recreation limited to fishing, some birding, occasional stray kayaker Some agriculture in Camp Verde area

5 Grand Valley, Colorado Palisade, Grand Junction, Fruita “String of Pearls”

6 Verde Valley String of Pearls Town of Clarkdale USFS AZ State Parks City of Cottonwood Yavapai County Town of Camp Verde Coordinated and Synergistic Parks Economic Development-oriented

7 Verde Front String of Pearls Key Concept Each individual jurisdiction/land management agency retains management authority for their respective “pearls”; but all work collaboratively to ensure comprehensive Verde River/Greenway planning, implementation and shared regional benefits.

8 Key Components This is a regional effort, connecting local areas in a regional, synergistic system. This is a collaborative effort, focusing on shared responsibility, shared resources and involvement of a wide variety of stakeholders. A healthy and vibrant river is the foundation for sustainable recreation, eco-tourism and local economic development.

9 Key Components The String of Pearls will gain recognition beyond the region as a unique destination, and be seen as a model for other areas. The String of Pearls effort hopes to balance a variety of uses with preservation/restoration efforts.

10 National Geographic Geo-tourism

11 Engage over 500 attractions and businesses within the Valley Reach over 3 million people through media and marketing Increase visitor spending by 8-10% p.a. Increase the Economic Impact of Tourism by $50-$60 ml p.a. Increase local government revenues by $1.4 million p.a.

12 Geotourism – “tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place – its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well- being of its residents.”

13 Geotourism Principles Integrity of Place: Enhance geographical character by developing and improving it in ways distinctive to the locale, reflective of its natural and cultural heritage. Targeted Marketing: Encourage growth in tourism market segments most likely to appreciate, respect, and disseminate information about the distinctive assets of the destination. Community Involvement: Help civic organizations, government and businesses develop approaches to tourism that build on the area’s nature, history and culture, cuisine, art, etc.

14 Geotourism Principles Celebrate, protect and enhance destination assets: Celebrate, protect and enhance destination assets: Encourage residents and businesses to sustain natural habitats, heritage sites, aesthetic appeal, and local culture. Land use: Land use: Anticipate development pressures and define strategies to mitigate them. Planning: Planning: Recognize and respect immediate economic needs without sacrificing the long-term character and potential of the destination. Measure results: Measure results: Establish an evaluation process and publicize results.

15 Verde River @ Clarkdale

16 TapcoRAP, TuziRAP

17 Goals: Tie the Health of the Verde River to the Health of the Economy! Bring Sustainable Recreation Opportunities to the Local Economy Foster a Culture of Sustainability and Healthy Environment Sustainable Recreation the brings $ to the area “Eco-tourism” Sustainable Agriculture Educational Opportunities Quality of Life Enhancements

18 The Lessons: Collaborative, cross-jurisdictional cooperation is Paramount! Everyone must be on the same page, seeking the same goals Baseline and follow-up Metrics are Important All the Players Need to be There Cities and Towns County Agencies NGOs Businesses Schools

19 Questions? Doug Von Gausig Executive Director Verde River Institute

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