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PA Wildlife Mammals.

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1 PA Wildlife Mammals

2 PA’s Mammals Mammals make up only a small percentage of the state’s native species of plants and animals. 71 species of mammals are native to PA. 12 native species were extirpated in historic times but some have been re-established . Gray Wolf, mountain lion, lynx, bison, wolverine, moose, marten, beaver, elk, river otter, and fisher.

3 Endangered, Threatened & Exotic Mammals.
Four species are Endangered Northern flying squirrel, Indiana bat, Delmarva fox squirrel, and least shrew. Three species are Threatened Eastern small-footed bat, West Virginia water shrew, and Allegheny wood rat. Only two species are Exotic Norway rat and house mouse.

4 Eastern Cottontail Vital part of PA’s food chain. Breeding rate is legendary – can have 6 to 7 litters a year. Most active at dawn and dusk.

5 Cottontail

6 Beaver One of the largest rodents – can weigh up to 60 lbs.
Webbed hind feet for swimming and a broad flat tail to steer. Build dams to make ponds in which they make a lodge Eat bark off of trees.

7 Beaver

8 Groundhog/Woodchuck Relatives of squirrels. True hibernators
Ground Hog Day is February 2nd. Punxsutawney Phil

9 Groundhog

10 Bobcat PA’s only wild cat. Typically only a little larger than a housecat. One of our few true carnivores. Only found in North America

11 Bobcat

12 Black Bear Only species of bear in PA. Some can be brown.
Eats almost anything including garbage. Cubs are born when the females are in their winter den. Do not truly hibernate but do sleep soundly.

13 Black Bear

14 River Otter Intelligent, playful, sleek and powerful
Shy and active mostly at night. Eat crayfish and nongame fish.

15 River Otter

16 Striped Skunk Black with a V-shaped white strip and bushy tail
When threatened, raises hind end and sprays a potent-smelling musk. Omnivores and tend to be nocturnal.

17 Striped Skunk

18 Red Fox Red coat, black ears and legs, white throat, belly, and tail tip Dig dens to raise young. Both parents take care of pups. Mainly carnivores.

19 Red Fox

20 Porcupine “Porkies” have quills that are really modified hairs.
They can stick into just about anything. They are nocturnal and herbivores.

21 Porcupine

22 Raccoon “Masked bandit” – known to raid garbage cans.
Raccoons are nocturnal and often “wash” their food in water before eating. Can sleep deeply in winter but do not hibernate.

23 Raccoon

24 Eastern Chipmunk “Chippies”
Create long complicated burrows. Often sleep during the winter except on warm days. Spend most of their time on the ground.

25 Chipmunk


27 Opossum Only North American marsupial mammal.
Can have up to 18 young and they spend the first 4-6 weeks in the mother’s pouch. Omnivores Have an automatic reflex when scared to “play dead”

28 Opossum

29 Gray Squirrel Nicknamed “bushytails” – tails help with balance
Mainly herbivores. Build “nests” – balls of leaves and twigs high in trees.

30 Gray Squirrel

31 White-Tailed Deer PA State Game Animal.
Almost hunted to extinction by 1900, now they are carefully managed.

32 White tailed Deer

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