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A plan for your business Do it for yourself… not just for investors What is a Business Plan?

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1 A plan for your business Do it for yourself… not just for investors What is a Business Plan?

2 Investors look for CAP Clarity Ability Profitability – business case

3 Key decision making points for investors Will this team deliver? Is the need /opportunity real? Is the market size large and can this venture scale? Is there a Sustainable Competitive Advantage? Are the assumptions practical and verifiable?

4 Company / Project Name BUSINESS PLAN - > Contact Person: E-mail id: / Mobile: LOGO Slogan: e.g. “The ultimate online music release platform’

5 The project in brief The project description in one sentence The promoters The market opportunity The plan Financing looked for: amount, form, guarantees if any What is the benefit for the lenders / investor to venture?

6 Overview of your business Should answer the questions “Who will pay how much, to whom and for what” What is your service/product/concept? i.e. what do you do? i.e. Concept Whom is this service targeted at? i.e. your customers/consumers? i.e Who will pay What is the business model? I.e. how much will they pay and to whom What is the pain point you are addressing or what is the opportunity you are targeting? i.e. the need/value proposition

7 Team Brief description of each team member with key points on what he/she brings to the team [e.g. someone could lead technology, someone could lead marketing, etc.]

8 Product / Service Differentiator Highlight the uniqueness of your offering i.e. why would your users be excited about your offering?

9 What is the size of the opportunity Potential What markets are you addressing e.g. India, global, etc. – be specific for the 18 – 24 months horizon

10 Business model e.g. how do you plan to make money? How are you going to make money e.g. Our business model is to charge customers Rs____ per month for the service. Payment will be collected in advance for a quarter. What price point and how does that translate into revenue

11 Implementation plan How do you intend to implement this concept? Operations: procurement/supply chain/logistics/fulfillment, etc. Marketing: how will you get customers Org chart Mention your key assumptions, and highlight if different than generally accepted numbers

12 Your goals In the next 3 – 6 months In the next 12 – 18 months or 24 months In the next 5 years Indicate when you become profitable Current achievements / status:

13 Competitive landscape Who will you compete with? [current or in future] Why would someone choose you over them? Why do you have a chance to be a dominant player?

14 Funding objective How much do you need What do you need the money for i.e. what will you achieve with this money, when do you see profitability Also mention any fund raising history, if any

15 Other gaps to be filled What areas do you need assistance on: -International partner -Distribution network -Advisory board -Technological input -Staff What actions did you undertake to fill these gaps? What can a financial partner contribute beside money?

16 Contingency plan List the risks you have identify and present envisioned mitigation measures (Plan B) What if: -Political / economic environment downgrades -Start-up period lasts longer than expected -Talent recruitment proves more expensive than planned -Technology becomes obsolete -Etc. This is a very important slide for financial partners

17 Conclusion: Financial highlights Amount requested and form of financing envisioned Sales and gross profit objectives after 3 years Break-even point Loan Free cash flow coverage ratios Repayment period Guarantees offered Equity Valuation of the company before cash injection Dividend policy and valuation in 3 years Exit routes for a minority investor / Internal Rate of Return

18 What to do next Summary of the next steps Responsibilities Timeline THANK YOU!

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