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Christian Courageous! 2 Timothy 1 By Warren W. Wiersbe Chapter9.

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1 Christian Courageous! 2 Timothy 1 By Warren W. Wiersbe Chapter9

2 Paul was a prisoner in Rome facing death (2 Timothy 4:6). His associates were gone except Luke (4:1). His concern was for Timothy and his ministry. In 1 Timothy, he encouraged Timothy to be faithful. Tychicus was sent to Ephesus to replace Timothy (4:9,12). Courageous Enthusiasm (1:1-7) – No place for a timid soul Paul’s love (1-2) – “Timothy, my beloved son “ vs “Timothy, my own son in the faith” – “grace, mercy, and peace”

3 Paul’s prayer (3-4) – Not routine, but with compassion and concern – He served God with a pure conscience; his conscience helped give power to his prayers Paul’s confidence in Timothy (5) – Timothy’s faith was genuine – On second trip, Paul enlisted Timothy into Christian service – Godly home

4 God’s gift to Timothy (6-7) – Laying hands on Timothy (4:14) – Holy Spirit enabling us to serve God; through Him we overcome fear and weakness fear (1:7): timidity, cowardice – Holy Spirit gives power for witness and service (Acts 1:8) – Holy Spirit gives love for lost souls and God’s people Selfishness leads to fear The Spirit enables us to sacrifice for others and not be afraid

5 – Holy Spirit gives self-control (a “sound mind”) Sober; self-discipline – Amplified version: “calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control” ”Stir up” and not need any new ingredients » Neglect not the gift that is in thee” (1 Timothy 4:14) » Stir up: stir into flame – the gift of God. We can grieve the Holy Spirit (Eph. 4:30) and quench the Holy Spirit (1 Thess. 5:19) Shameless Suffering (1:8-12) – “not ashamed “: key idea

6 Be not ashamed of the Lord’s testimony (8- 10) – Timothy’s timidity can cause him to avoid circumstances Give us power (8) – “Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me” (Luke 22:42) – Paul asked to remove thorn in his flesh three times (2 Cor. 12:7-8

7 – Suffering is a part of Christian life Phil. 3:10 Col. 1:24 1 Peter 2:20, 3:17 God has called us by His grace (9) – Suffering as a part of His plan – Grace Christ has defeated death (10) – He abolished death by death and resurrection – Destroyer of death and Revealer of life and immortality

8 – Immortality: incorruptibility Glorified body and corruptible body 1 Peter 1:4 Be not ashamed of the Lord’s prisoner (11- 12) – Paul was called by God (11) – Herald: an official messenger of the king or emperor – Apostle: one sent with a commission Represented Jesus Christ

9 – Teacher of the Gentiles Gentiles put him in prison in Rome – Paul was confident in Christ (12) Because Christ was faithful and would keep him “I know whom I have believed” – Suffering in other ways than prison Loss of friends, being bypassed for promotion, loss of customers, being scrubbed by people – Stand by God’s servants who are suffering

10 Spiritual Loyalty (1:13-18) Be loyal to God’s Word (13-14) – Responsibility to hold fast (13) and guard (14) – The truth and pass along to others (2:2) – Form (13): a pattern; an architects sketch – Satan opposed God’s Word God’s Word was attacked by people within the church

11 Be Loyal to God’s servant (15-18) – Dark hour – Phygelus and Hermogenes (15) opposed Paul – Demas forsaken him (4:15) – Others in distant places of ministry Onesiphorus: Profit-bearing – Possibly a deacon in Ephesus [ministered 1:6] – Faithful Minister They feel burdens and needs Pray in difficult times Be rewarded openly (18)

12 – Traveled from Ephesus to Rome to minister to Paul’s needs – Persisted and risked his life – Not ashamed of Paul’s chain Chained to soldier 24 hours – “He often refreshed me” Essentials for a successful ministry: courageous enthusiasm, shameless suffering and spiritual loyalty.

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