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Gerhard K. Kraetzschmar RoboCup German Open RoboCup Junior Event.

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1 Gerhard K. Kraetzschmar RoboCup German Open RoboCup Junior Event

2 RoboCup Junior Program Junior Workshop Robot Construction Sensors Programming RoboSoccer Competition RoboDance Exhibition and Demo RoboRescue Exhibition and Demo

3 RoboCup Junior Participants Illertal-Gymnasium Vöhringen-Illerzell Graf-Münster-Gymnasium Bayreuth Richard-Wagner-Gymnasium Bayreuth Schubart-Gymnasium Ulm Robert-Bosch-Schule Ulm Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Gymnasium Metzingen Max-Planck-Gymnasium Saarlouis Gymnasium am Stadtgarten Saarlouis Technisch-Wissenschaftliches Gymnasium Dillingen Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium Dillingen Johann-Schöner-Gymnasium Karlstadt Rats-Gymnasium Münster

4 RoboSoccer Competition Robots play soccer! Robots must fit into 22cm diameter cylinder Robot height is 22cm or less 2-on-2 Game consists of two 10min halves Wall-bounded field Black walls Gray goals Ball is emitting infrared light for easier detection Floor has grayscale to permit localization

5 RoboSoccer Participants IGV Maniacs Schwäbische Delegation IGV Elite Perestaltik A-Team El Feilos Hottes Erben Ursulus Elasticus A3 B4 A4 A2 B1 B3 A1 B2

6 RoboSoccer Schedule Group A

7 RoboSoccer Schedule Group B

8 RoboSoccer Standings Group B Group A

9 RoboSoccer Playoffs IGV Maniacs Ursulus Elasticus Schwäbische Delegation Hottes Erben 2 0 IGV Maniacs Ursulus Elasticus 1 3 Schwäbische Delegation Hottes Erben 3 2 Ursulus Elasticus 4 0 IGV Maniacs

10 RoboCup Junior in the Internet RoboCup German Open Junior information RoboCup Junior

11 RoboDance Robots perform to music for up to two minutes Robots may be of any size Costumes are encouraged Human team members may perform along with robots Dance performance will be judged by panel of referees Judging criteria include programming construction costume choreography creativity originality enterntainment value RoboDance is very open-ended: Show off your creative side!!!

12 RoboRescue Rescue people trapped on roof of a burning building Find path to building without falling off the field Master up-ramp to roof without falling off the ramp Find people without falling off the roof Push people into safety net of firemen

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