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Classification, Properties And Changes. MatterSubstancesElementsCompoundsMixturesHomogeneousHeterogeneous.

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1 Classification, Properties And Changes

2 MatterSubstancesElementsCompoundsMixturesHomogeneousHeterogeneous

3 Substances = fixed ratio; can not be separated using physical properties. Elements - periodic table Compounds – 2 or more elements combined Mixtures = variable ratio; can be separated using physical properties. Homogeneous- same throughout Heterogeneous- distinguishable components

4  Filtering - based on size/un-dissolved solids  Distillation – based on boiling point  Chromatography – based on solubility  Centrifugation – force on sedimentation  Gaseous Diffusion – lighter gases diffuse faster  Magnetic Attraction – magnetic properties  Evaporation – dissolved solids from a liquid

5  Physical Properties - can be observed or measured without changing the identity of the matter  Chemical Properties – the ability of a substance to change into a new substance with different properties

6 Include: color, odor, texture, density, boiling point, freezing point, thermal conductivity, malleability, ductility, solubility, density. Intensive one that does not depend on the system size or the amount of material in the system Extensive one that is directly proportional to the amount of material in the system

7  INTENSIVE: EXTENSIVE  Temperature Volume  Density Mass  Viscosity Size  Color  State of Matter

8 Reactivity Flammability Oxidation State – loss/gain of electrons

9  Solid – definite shape and volume  Liquid – definite volume  Gas – no definite shape or volume



12  Melting – solid to liquid  Boiling – liquid to gas  Condensing – gas to a liquid  Freezing – liquid to solid  Sublimation – solid to gas without passing through liquid phase  Deposition – gas to solid without passing through liquid phase

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