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GRADE 9. What is Sports Education? Sports education is about being a part of a team which works together to achieve a common goal Each person is allocated.

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4 What is Sports Education? Sports education is about being a part of a team which works together to achieve a common goal Each person is allocated an important role within your team and individual efforts will ultimately contribute to your overall success. The sport education approach believes in becoming affiliated with a team; carrying out skills practices and then applying them to competitive games You should develop greater social skills and ability to work with others and in the process view Physical Education from a different perspective

5 T – together E- everyone A- achieves M - more

6 AIMS Develops sport specific techniques and fitness Appreciate and be able to execute sport specific strategic play Share planning and administration Provide responsible leadership Work effectively within a group towards common goals

7 What opportunities are there to become involved in physical activity?

8 What makes a successful Team?

9 What are the characteristics of good leadership?

10 Module Format There will be 8 members in a team Each member is assigned an important role with specific responsibilities The module will be based on a basketball/football league Each session will revolve around skills, fitness, small sided games and will finish with 2 league games On the ‘Finals Day’ there will be 2 more league games then a play off to decide the EISM S.E. World Champions.

11 Points System Team name: ________________________________ AREASWeek 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 7 Week 8 Total Punctuality Correct Kit Teamwork Level of Skill/Fitness Effort Fair Play Homework Game Success (3) Total

12 Power Points There will also be points awarded for teams who use their initiative Individual awards for being organized, commitment, leadership, most active. League Awards – top scorer, best defender and players player of the season as voted by the teams Also awards for and most improved and MVP decided by the teacher.

13 RoleJob description Manager Fitness coach Skills coach Captain Scorer Equipment Manager Publicist Statistician

14 Task 1 On your task sheet, try and fill in the job description for each of the roles given

15 RoleJob description Manager You must ensure that the team is organised and prepared for each session. You will provide a link between the teacher and other teams. Fitness coach You are required to warm up the rest of your team every lesson in an appropriate way. You will have the responsibility planning and delivering a fitness session to the rest of your group throughout the season. Skills coach Your responsibility is to improve your teams level of skill. You will have to plan and deliver a skills session to the rest of your group throughout the season. You will then ensure that your team use the skills with the correct technique during the game Captain You will work closely with the manager and coaches to ensure the team runs smoothly. You will be required to motivate your teammates and give constructive team talks throughout the season. You are a role model and leader to the team during practice and competition. Scorer You must know how to score correctly and accurately during the games. You must collaborate with the teams statistician to create detailed profiles of each player in your team in order to identify strengths and areas for improvement. Equipment Manager You are responsible for retrieving, setting up, collecting and the upkeep of the equipment used by your team. You must liaise with coaches and manager before the session to find out what is needed for each skill/fitness session. Publicist You are responsible for promoting your franchise. Team name, logo design and displaying information on the notice boards are some of your tasks as well as organizing the league and final day format. You must work with the scorers and statisticians to create team profiles and with the other publicists to regularly update the league table. Statistician It is your job to keep records of the play/team stats – successful/unsuccessful shots, passes, interceptions, rebounds etc and feedback to the managers and coaches, setting personal targets, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. You must also produce a match report for the publicist to display on the notice board.

16 Task 2 Take it in turns to tell your group what roles you would like to take on and justify why you would be a good candidate for that role. As a group, make a final decision and write the names clearly and neatly into the correct box on your team sheet.

17 TASK 3 You have 5 minutes to come up with a team name and on the clean sheet of paper, come up with some ideas for a logo/team emblem

18 Additional Roles Everybody must participate in playing the games (5v5 + 3 subs) Referee is a floating role and you may be asked to help officiate a game if you are not participating, therefore everybody must understand the rules of basketball/football You may be asked to help out another member of your team or take on another role if a person is absent.

19 Team Tasks All team members must be prepared for each lesson. For each session, your teacher will ask to see your teams’ equipment list, fitness lesson plan, skill lesson plan, updated stats/match reports etc. If this is not completed points will be deducted

20 Task Manager and Captain - Research the tactics/strategies used in basketball, decide on your style of play and positions for your team. Fitness coach – Research fitness in basketball and start to plan your first session Skills Coach - Research skill drills in basketball and start to plan your first session - dribbling Scorer - Research scoring methods in basketball and print out a format that you will use throughout the season Equipment Manager – Make a list of all the equipment you may need for training and games throughout the season. Publicist – Design a team logo on computer Statistician - Make a player profile for each member of your team – eg.- height, weight, nickname, role, age, favorite sport etc

21 Lesson plan format (skill or fitness) Rashid’s Royals Objective: To identify different methods of shooting in basketball, improve technique and aim to perform these in a small game situation. Warm up/Preparation Activity: Dribble – shoot (set shot)– rebound - chest pass to next person. Progression 1: 2 lines - Dribble – jump shot – partner rebound – bounce pass – join opposite line Progression 2: 2 lines - Dribble – lay up – partner rebound – bounce pass – join opposite line. Progression 3: 2v1 - 1 defender v 2 attackers KEY POINTS: Drive towards basket, jump stop/1-2 stop Set up shooting technique, Collect rebound without bounce Strong chest pass to next player. Lay up: Drive towards basket, bounce 1-2, extend shooting arm towards basket, aim for magic square (top left/ right) 2v1 – pass around defender, drive towards basket, fake/ shoot or fake/drive, REBOUND Equipment Cones, 2 balls


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