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1 P.6

2 Mobiles Advantages The advantages of having a mobile phone is that you can stay in contact with your parents for example if you want to stay out late you can text or call them. You can take photos of yourself and your family and upload or send them instantly to people. You can take videos that can be uploaded on to Youtube where then people can watch them and rate them. You also can listen to music or the radio, that saves you to carry you MP3 around or a radio. You can play games on it to keep you occupied if you are bored or have nothing to do or go on your apps and choose one from there.

3 Mobiles Disadvantages
They cost a lot of money (If they are latest) such as iphone4 which costs between £300-£400. Phone on contract cost a lot of money as well. The price limit is between £10-£45. They may get stolen if its an expensive phone that’s new out. It may get lost if you get it out and leave it somewhere. It could break or if it’s a touch screen, the screen can get damaged.

4 Facebook Advantages You can talk to your friends for free by writing on their wall. You can upload pictures and videos on your profile and tag people on it. You can also comment on peoples pictures and they can comment or like yours. Communicate with many people at the same time. Facebook chat is like msn, you can talk to loads of people or write on all there walls. Meet new people from different cultures by adding them or they can add you. Meet people that have the same interest as you. You receive messages when offline. So you can go offline and do other things rather that staying beside it.

5 Facebook Disadvantages Not always sure who your talking to.
Cyber bullying can make people miserable. They may not want to go on it because of all the things said. Can be addictive, you can forget to do your homework or house work. Or you might say everything you want to say on it and not a upfront site.

6 The Impact on people! Facebook...! The impact Facebook has on people is big. Many people use this social networking site for keeping in contact with friends and family. You can also make plans with people and chat for free. Facebook...!

7 The Impact on people! Mobile Phones...! The impact mobile phones have on our lives is for everyday use. We use it for keeping in contact with people, and they can contact you easily to. You can also ring up people if you are lost somewhere or stuck. Mobile Phones...!

8 Social networking sites are a have a big impact on ICT as everyone in the world uses it.  These could include such things as Facebook, twitter, Hotmail and many more. You can also use your mobile phones for texting or even ing. Phones could also be used to download games. YouTube is also used a lot around the world.

9 Economic also changes as people use ICT to book holidays online and also buying and selling things online, such as clothes and objects. It also has led to many different job changes whether it’s applying for jobs online or information about jobs being taken from people.

10 IT has created many jobs to do with it for example ICT technician, network manager, data manager, games designer, web designer, and forum moderator, computer programmer, software designer and hacker. They all have different uses and are to do with different things.

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