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1 Xora Sales Presentation. >About Xora >Demo Examples >Appendix Agenda 2.

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1 1 Xora Sales Presentation

2 >About Xora >Demo Examples >Appendix Agenda 2

3 About Xora >Launched first Xora mobile applications in 2003 >Recognized #1 market leader in Mobile Workforce Management Frost & Sullivan 2012 Market Share Leadership Award winner >Support an industry leading 185+ certified mobile devices >Leading partner of global carriers and solution providers 3

4 Some of The People We Serve… 4 Xora connects organizations helping their “always mobile” workers to work smarter, faster and more efficiently while significantly decreasing overall back-office and operational costs. Field Services Public Works Safety Inspections Professional Services DSD/Transportation Home Health Care

5 Solutions are delivered “over the CLOUD” enabling a low cost, quick to market deployment Xora Mobile Workforce Management GPS Mapping Mobile Jobs Mobile Forms Operations & Dispatch: 100% Web Management Application Mobile Workers: Mobile App for phones/Tablets Mobile Timesheets All data can be easily accessed for detailed reporting and integration into back office systems like: Payroll, Accounting, CRM, etc.

6 Integrating Xora into your business 6 CRM Database Proprietary systems Payroll Dispatch Accounting

7 >Gain visibility of mobile workers >Record employee and job time >Automate data collection and create workflows >Mobilize job dispatch and management >Provide proof of service >Analyze results, integrate data Xora Solutions Deliver Value Solve your business challenges 7

8 Xora Delivers True Savings 8

9 GovernmentHealth CareDistributionField Services Customers Who Use Xora 9

10 What our Customers Say 10 “It took our technicians eight minutes on average to communicate job completion information via phone. With Xora, this step is now done automatically in less than three minutes. - Roto-Rooter, Inc. "We're seeing a marked improvement in operational efficiencies and have better visibility into the activities of our large workforce." - Dr. Pepper/Snapple "With Xora, overall merchandiser productivity has increased tremendously. We are now a more profitable business.“ - Pearlstine Distributors In many cases with Xora we doubled worker productivity”. It immediately paid for itself. - Healthcare Receivables “In the first year we saved more than $350,000 from implementing Xora, and that’s based only on the automated time cards capability.” - Del-Air

11 >Live Training for every customer Assigned PM, customer deployment plan Initial account configuration >24x7 customer support Someone is always available to talk to >SmartStart email series Tips and tools to get you going >New Customer Roadmap Change management best practices and tools >Xora Insiders Network Educational Webinars and a chance to connect with and learn from other customers The Xora Customer Success Program 11

12 >Leader in Mobile Workforce Management >Over 10 years experience with 16k+ customers >Configurable solution to meet your industry needs >100% Cloud-based solution: low cost, easy to deploy >Industry leading Customer Success Program >Deliver immediate ROI: Increase productivity and revenue Streamline workflows and reduce back office costs Why Xora 12

13 13

14 Solution Demo Slides 14

15 Improved Visibility >With improved visibility customers can:  See when an employee reaches the job site  Control fuel and mileage expenses  Improve customer response times  Increase employee accountability 15

16 Xora uses Google Maps providing more views and greater worker details 16

17 >With automatic time tracking customers can:  Improve payroll accuracy  Manage/reduce overtime  Streamline the payroll process  Reduce manual input Record Employee Time 17

18 Mobile Timesheets with Integrated Forms 18 Clock in at the start of each day Simple 1-touch interface Integrate forms for time shift events Record breaks and shift history to meet state requirements

19 >With automatic data collection customers can:  Increase productivity  Save time  Easily share information  Capture accurate information Automate Data Collection 19

20 Powerful Mobile Forms Capability Barcode Scan 20 Real-time data collection with customer signatures Paper forms converted to Mobile Forms : Less paperwork time – more work time Work Site Photos

21 Automate Job and Dispatch Management >With job dispatch customers can:  Track job status and information  Improve job routing efficiency  Improve customer response times >With job management customers can:  Fit more jobs in per day  Receive and view job details in one location 21

22 Xora Job Dispatching/Management 22 One touch calling Maps and navigation Required workflow Detailed job information

23 End to End Job Management >Xora makes it easy to provide proof:  Records GPS stamped arrival and departure times  Integrates any data collected with forms  Includes any photos and customer signatures  Provides 1-click access to send job details out Provide Proof of Service 23

24 Rich Job Details with 1-Click Proof of Service 24

25 >Xora provides rich data for reporting and integration into your back-office systems:  Analyze how your business is performing  Easily create, schedule and share reports  Utilize standard reports or create custom ones  Export your data into other systems like accounting, payroll and CRM Analyze Results and Integrate Data 25

26 >Simple data upload & download using common file formats plus email Import/export Jobs, Workers, Locations Share/Compress Mobile Forms Images Email Reports and Alerts >Connectors to popular office systems Xora integration partners provide pre-built and custom connectors to popular office applications and systems: CRM, Database, Accounting, Payroll, Dispatch >Xora Web Services SOAP API permits access and rich information exchange with enterprise systems. Xora Provides 3 Easy Paths for Integration

27 Appendix 27

28 28 "A 5% reduction in operating costs has the same P&L impact as a 30% increase in sales." - Gartner

29 Increasing Savings & Revenue “Location-based” applications deliver savings and efficiencies Reduce overtime by 13.4% Reduce fuel costs by 13.2% Reduce miles traveled by 19.2% Increase fleet productivity by 27.4% Improve workforce utilization by 26.1% Improve service response times by 23.8% Source: Aberdeen Group, January 2011 29

30 Broad Device and Network Support Tablet Standard Phones Android Blackberry 30 iPhone Industry leading: over 185+ Certified mobile devices supported

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