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1 Ohio School Facilities Commission Green Schools Initiative Presentation #2.

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1 1 Ohio School Facilities Commission Green Schools Initiative Presentation #2

2 September 27, 2007 2 Why Green? Improve student health & performance  Improve indoor air quality  Increase natural light  Reduce sick time  Increase attendance

3 September 27, 2007 3 Why Green? Generate Energy Efficiencies  Reduce utility operating costs  Reduce maintenance expenses  Promote advanced energy opportunities Benefits to Ohio and its communities  Preserve Ohio’s natural environment  Use renewable resources & recycle materials  Reduce carbon footprint

4 September 27, 2007 4 What is LEED  for Schools?  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System  Created by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)  USGBC introduced the nationally used LEED ® Green Building Rating System in 2000  5,819 total projects registered w/USGBC since 2000  LEED for Schools launched in April 2007

5 September 27, 2007 5 Benefits of LEED  for Schools Certification  Have better lighting and temperature controls, which promotes higher student achievement  Have improved ventilation and indoor air-quality, contributing to positive health benefits and reduced absenteeism  Have higher teacher retention  Use 30-50% less energy  Reduce CO2 emissions by 40%  Use 30% less water Source: U.S. Green Building Council

6 September 27, 2007 6 LEED  for Schools Point System 6 categories 79 possible points

7 September 27, 2007 7 LEED  for Schools Categories Sustainable Sites (up to 16 pts.) Preserve natural and agricultural areas  Reduction of automobile pollution  Maximize site open space and natural habitat  Reduction of urban “heat island” effects  Minimize light pollution Water Efficiency (up to 7 pts.)  Reduce the use of potable water  Reduce environmental and cost burden on municipal water supply and wastewater systems  Water efficient landscaping, waterless urinals, rainwater harvesting and using greywater

8 September 27, 2007 8 LEED  for Schools Categories Energy & Atmosphere (up to 17 pts.)  Use less energy and have lower utility bills  Use non-polluting and renewable energy sources such as geothermal, solar energy, and wind  Reduce florescent lighting through the use of natural daylighting Materials & Resources (up to 13 pts.)  Minimize construction waste disposal at landfills  Use local materials, rapidly renewal materials, certified wood and recycled materials  Reuse existing buildings

9 September 27, 2007 9 LEED  for Schools Categories Indoor Environmental Quality (up to 20 pts.)  Create a healthier, more productive indoor environment  Good acoustical design  Adequate fresh ventilation air  Flushing out HVAC equipment prior to occupancy  Select interior paints, sealants, adhesives and composite wood with minimal toxins or VOCs  Provide daylighting and views for occupants Innovation and Design Process (up to 6 pts.)  Low impact cleaning and maintenance equipment  Use school building as a teaching tool  Innovation in any other category

10 September 27, 2007 10 LEED  for Schools Certification Levels LEED for Schools has four progressive certification levels: Certified29-36 points Silver37-43 points Gold44-57 points Platinum58-79 points

11 September 27, 2007 11 Current Ohio School Design Manual compared to LEED   OSDM already has green school components carpet and paint heat recovery commissioning  Under current OSDM, a project could earn 20 to 28 LEED Points  Need 37 points for Silver, 44 points to earn Gold certification

12 September 27, 2007 12 LEED  for Schools in other States  Massachusetts - Required modified LEED Silver since April 2007  Washington - Adopted legislation in 2005 making LEED Silver equivalent as a requirement  Pennsylvania -Provides financial incentives to school districts that achieve LEED certification  Illinois - Issues grants to school projects with LEED for Schools or a comparable rating system

13 September 27, 2007 13 LEED  for Schools efforts in Ohio  Two LEED projects pending Silver in Ohio Hughes School in Cincinnati JVS in Licking Co. is certified Silver  Pleasant Ridge School (Cincinnati) - OSFC school that has been LEED registered, seeking Silver certification  More than a dozen OSFC projects are currently incorporating LEED criteria in design

14 September 27, 2007 14 Policy Recommendations  Adopt LEED for Schools -OSFC goal to integrate green standards into school building program -Provides third-party verification that buildings meet green standards -Nationally recognized standard -Promotes a holistic approach to building design -Provides a common framework for design professionals, contractors and vendors

15 September 27, 2007 15 Policy Recommendations (cont.)  For projects approved after 9/27/07 -Strive for Gold -Require Silver w/ a preferred investment in attaining LEED points in the energy and atmosphere category  For previously approved projects -Support school districts that choose to incorporate the LEED standard into their project w/ energy& atmosphere preference

16 September 27, 2007 16 Policy Recommendations (cont.)  State and local district will co-fund the cost of LEED: supplemental allowance to the project budget to support attaining LEED points in the energy and atmosphere category  State will pay entire cost of certification fee  Convene task force to develop alternative financing options to fund energy efficiency and sustainable design features

17 September 27, 2007 17 Costs & Benefits  Cost depends on LEED level and choices made within that level  OSFC will be proactive in pursuing strategies to reduce costs  Sustainable design strategies may cost more initially, but save money over time  State helps pay for upfront construction costs, but benefits accrue directly to districts  Return on initial investments will last decades

18 September 27, 2007 18 Implementation of LEED  for Schools  Provide training to OSFC staff, OSFC consultants, design professionals, and school districts  Provide resources for school district partners and create a forum to provide feedback  Coordinate w/ USGBC  Work w/Ohio AIA, BASA, OSBA  Monitor, evaluate & report to Commission on progress

19 September 27, 2007 19 Commission Resolution 07-124  Establishes LEED Gold certification as statewide goal & LEED Silver (w/energy emphasis) as standard  Adopt policy recommendations  Implementation in time for districts coming for approval in November

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