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Crisis in Darfur SS10U1L3 – Section 2 – Choice 1.

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1 Crisis in Darfur SS10U1L3 – Section 2 – Choice 1

2 Welcome (?) to Darfur! This is Poni. She is nine years old, and has been fighting her whole life to survive. Salam.

3 In 2003, there was a civil outbreak, where the military forces of this country accused the government of favouring the Arab- Sudanese over the African-Sudanese. The results of this, and the continued fighting that still rages today, are the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives. At least 90 thousand have been killed in action, and more than twice that amount continue to die from malnutrition, starvation, and disease. Citizens of Darfur, Sudan, have become the victims of civil war. My father died in combat. My mother and two sisters were taken last year. My big brother takes care of me now, but we have nowhere to go.

4 Poni is now in a very dangerous situation, and there are a lot of things she must do just to stay alive. Everyday she faces the possibility of acquiring different diseases that are spreading due of lack of doctors and medication. She also faces the possibility of starving if she isn’t able to find food, or becoming dehydrated if she can’t find water. Her personal hygiene is also a danger, as is her ability to remain healthy. She needs to be able to find clothing, and shelter from the heat. Her life is endangered, as well, by the snakes and spiders and other animals in the range of her home. More recently, she suffers from the possibility of a mass genocide or attack on her village, which is becoming more and more common. Take all that away, and she is still has to meet the challenge of being educated. The government has promised lots of times to bring us peace. He never keeps his promises. We need outside help.

5 There is no doubt Poni is right. She does need outside help, as do all the other refugees and victims of this war. What can we do? Well, for one thing, we can spread the word of what is happening here. The more who know, the more who can help. And how can you help? Look at the problems Poni faces. She needs food, she needs water, she needs clothing, she needs shelter, she needs protection. Become sponsors. Donate what you can. Furthermore, let’s look into what might have been the roots of all this chaos.

6 Worldwide Internet Connectivity

7 As can be seen in the map, North America, Europe, Australia – places with medium or high internet connectivity – countries with that kind of internet connectivity seem to maintain a higher level of civil peace than most other places. And then look at Sudan, in Africa – where there is very little connectivity. The internet is a great way to discover and learn more about other people and cultures, thus eliminating or very much decreasing racism and prejudice. And because Sudan has very little of that, there is not as much understanding between peoples. Hence, one way we can help is to educate these people in the ways of other nations around the world. Please help.

8 Poni is in mortal peril, as are the other incalculable refugees of Darfur. They need your help, and you can make a difference. Donate what you can, right now! Shukran.

9 Thank You

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