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MAY 2015 CORPORATE OVERVIEW Supporting the International Development Sector.

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1 MAY 2015 CORPORATE OVERVIEW Supporting the International Development Sector

2 › About EDC › Overview of EDC products and solutions 2 OUTLINE

3 3 › Canada’s Export Credit Agency › Crown corporation › Financially self-sustaining › Operates on commercial principles › Role is to support and develop Canada’s export trade and international business via financing and insurance solutions for Canadian exporters and investors › Partnership preferred principle ABOUT EDC

4 4 EDC’S FOREIGN REPRESENTATION North America $54.5B (55%) Asia-Pacific $17.9B (18%) Europe $13.5B (14%) South / Central America $8.4B (9%) Africa / Middle East $4.5B (5%)


6 › Facilitated $99.0 billion in business carried out by Canadian companies › Served about 7,400 customers › Supported business in 198 countries › Facilitated $29 billion in emerging markets › Contributed to 4% of GDP, supporting 719,200 jobs 6 2014 PERFORMANCE HIGHLIGHTS


8 › Protect against foreign buyer’s failure to pay › Benefits › Enter and expand into new markets › Better access to bank working capital › catastrophic loss protection ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE INSURANCE 8

9 9 Line of Credit Financial InstitutionForeign Buyer Claim Payment Exporter Accounts Receivable Goods or Services Credit Insurance Policy Exporter CREDIT INSURANCE

10 › Coverage for various political risks › Protects foreign assets such as cash in local bank accounts from certain political events POLITICAL RISK INSURANCE 10

11 11 EDC PRI on Assets Policy Canadian Company with Assets Located in a Foreign Country (equipment, inventories, cash) Loan (asset financing) Financial Institution Direction to Pay Policy Claim Proceeds at the request of the insured Canadian Company POLITICAL RISK INSURANCE (PRI) FOR ASSETS

12 FOREIGN BUYER FINANCING › Guarantee to another financial institution in support of a loan to your foreign customer (transactions < $10 million) › Direct financing to your foreign customer (transactions > $10 million) 12

13 › EDC provides Canadian banks with loan guarantees to finance costs related to foreign contracts › Access to additional working capital › fund up-front costs EXPORT GUARANTEE PROGRAM 13

14 14 Exporter Loan Financial Institution Guarantee EXPORT GUARANTEE PROGRAM (EXPORT CONTRACT SPECIFIC)

15 BONDING SERVICES 15 › EDC provides a guarantee to your bank allowing it to issue Standby LCs or LGs to your customers › Get access to bonds without tying up cash

16 16 100% Guarantee Foreign Financial Institution Letter of Guarantee Counter Guarantee Contract Foreign Buyer Financial Institution PSG Indemnity Agreement PERFORMANCE SECURITY GUARANTEE

17 17 Merci-Thank You Guy Racine 613 597 8688

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