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ETHICAL DECISION MAKING Thunderbird Honor Council - Fernanda Arreola 2008 Chair.

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1 ETHICAL DECISION MAKING Thunderbird Honor Council - Fernanda Arreola 2008 Chair

2 Objectives of this presentation: The role of the Honor Council The Code of Conduct The Hearing Process The Professional Oath of Honor Answer your questions

3 What is the Honor Council? 1.Education of sound ethical business practice & decision-making  Ethics Day  Charles Norton Speaker Series  Professional Oath of Honor  Center for Academic Integrity 2.Adjudication of Honor Code violations A student-led organization that performs two primary functions:

4 More on the Honor Council 1.35 students and faculty in Fall 2008 2.MTB site has articles and links for more information 3.Staff Advisors  James Scott, Registrar  Greg Unruh, Lincoln Center for Ethics Contact Information: Chairman: Fernanda Arreola Chief Operations Officer: Rush Baker Chief Investigations Officer: Seth Traeger Chief Communications Officers: Aaron Wilder and Ben Webster

5 Getting involved in the Honor Council… 1.Active = willing to take on a management role for any of our on-going projects  Ethics Day  Educational Opportunities  Writing for Das Tor  Branding efforts 2.On-Call = willing to help, as needed, in the event of a case investigation 3.Interested Suporter = live the Code of Honor & Conduct and help other people to do the same

6 THUNDERBIRD CODE OF HONOR & CONDUCT I commit to: Develop Trust through Honesty Perform at the highest levels of excellence, as a member of the Thunderbird community, in my studies, research, learning and in my personal, professional and extra-curricular activities; Maintain standards of exemplary integrity so that no place exists for lying, cheating, stealing, plagiarizing, piracy or violating intellectual property rights, or for diminishing the personal liberties of fellow students, professors or other persons or entities. Respect all Members of the Thunderbird Community Value diversity among colleagues and encourage cooperation by emphasizing positive human relationships and the honor of all people, whether pursuing personal or group results; Behave in a professional manner, both on and off Thunderbird campuses, in order to secure my personal reputation and enhance that of the Thunderbird community. Lead by Example Have the courage to express disagreement respectfully, the strength to lead, and the wisdom to follow as essential parts of outstanding and mature character, always aiming to excel; Confront all forms of unethical behavior or any inappropriateness including physical and emotional harassment; hold my colleagues and myself accountable, and, if necessary, report adverse issues to the Honor Council or appropriate administrative offices.

7 Plagiarism 1.It’s not OK to just “copy” and “paste” 2.Group Work: you are all responsible 3.Cite your sources – learn how if you aren’t sure how to do it 4.Ask questions to be sure what’s right Simple definition: Taking language or ideas that are not original to you and trying to pass them off as your own. Consider this:

8 Cheating 1.Don’t talk at all during exams 2.Don’t look around at other exams 3.Only bring items the professor says you can bring 4.“Individual assignment” means you work on it by yourself. Simple Definition: Intentionally giving or receiving unauthorized help on an exam (including take home) or assignment. Consider this:

9 Stealing 1.Photocopying course-packs is stealing 2.Pirating software is stealing 3.Don’t take things that don’t belong to you 4.Take good care of your equipment in public spaces Simple Definition: Taking something that doesn’t belong to you without asking permission. Consider this:

10 Harassment 1.Harassment will not be tolerated 2.Care enough to know what is acceptable 3.The norms in this community may be different from those in your culture Simple definition: There is no simple definition. Just be sensitive to the dignity of all people. Consider this:

11 How do I report a violation? 1.Should campus security be involved? 2.Can the issue be resolved between the parties involved? 3.Can the issue be resolved by involving a member of faculty or staff? 4.Ask an Honor Council member for advice BEFORE you report a Code of Conduct violation please consider the following: Honor Council´s SiteHonor Council´s Site Hot line detailsHot line details

12 What is the hearing process? 1.Suspected Honor Code violation reported 2.The Honor Council´s Chair, Investigations Officer and Registrar determine if it is an Honor Code Violation 3.Investigation takes place 4.Research is presented before Honor Council members and 2 Faculty. The group determines if a formal hearing is necessary. 5.People involved are notified and given the opportunity to present their case before the Honor Council 6.Formal hearing takes place

13 Thunderbird Professional Oath 1.First MBA Oath of its kind 2.Started in Fall 2004 3.Guideline for your professional career 4.Community-building effort 5.Inaugural signing in Dec. 2005 6.Recite the Oath at graduation

14 Thunderbird Professional Oath of Honor As a Thunderbird global leader, I vow always to: Uphold the principles of ethics, integrity, honor and accountability as I Excel professionally and personally; Respect the equality and the dignity of all individuals as I Build trust for future generations; Abiding by these principles, may I enjoy life, reputation and peace. This pledge I make freely and upon my honor

15 Thank You!

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