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Key components of the business plan

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1 Key components of the business plan
“The business model” Key partnerships Investors Key accounts Advisors Key resources / skills What do you need to make sure that you can keep servicing your customer Channel How you plan to reach these customers / users Customers Who will use your product Who will see value in it Cost structure What will it cost you to deliver these services Revenue streams For what will you charge and why they will pay you Provenance 2013

2 10- Minute plan presentation structure
Introduction (1 minute) Greet the audience Introduce yourself Give overview of need proposed solution & benefits of investing Industry (4 minutes) Describe the problem/opportunity Describe the benefits of your solutions Describe your business model sales & pricing logic, revenue projections, breakeven point & contingencies Provenance 2013

3 10- Minute plan presentation structure
Management (1 minutes) Introduce members of the team Indicate qualifications, experience & strengths of members Track record in relevant achievements Finance (3 minutes) Indicate total project cost, what you are investing, what you need & how you will spend Provide the projected gross margins, break even & cash flow sources & use of funds Indicate return on investment for its investors Explain details of your requirement Indicate availability of full business plan Conclusion (1 minute) Recap need/opportunity Recap solution & benefits Recap your requirement from investors & the promised ROI Provenance 2013

4 Business Plan Template
Company’s business (description short enough to fit on a business card) Mission, Vision statement Products Product/ service description Development schedule Differentiation (USP) Price point Process of manufacturing/ usage steps Provenance 2013

5 Business Plan Template
Market Target market/ market size Trends projected sizes Product match to market definition Marketing strategy SWOT Analysis Distribution Sales channels Partnerships Customers Provenance 2013

6 Business Plan Template
Competition Competitors Competitive advantages Team Background of management Board composition Financials Projected Profit & Loss (first two years by quarters) Projected cash flow (first two years by quarters) Projected head count by functional area (R&D, sales, marketing.. etc) Capitalization Schedule Provenance 2013

7 Business Plan Template
Some other documents IP declaration worksheet (if any) Statement of infrastructure requirements (if any) Statement of purpose (if any) Timeframe required for incubation (if any) Provenance 2013

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