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Disney Cruise Line Nursery, Kids Clubs, Teen Clubs.

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1 Disney Cruise Line Nursery, Kids Clubs, Teen Clubs

2  It’s well known all the Disney cruise ships are overflowing with innovation and imagination.  Kids will love the four immersive storybook worlds of the clubs.  The ages are 12 weeks to age 17 (charges apply for nursery)  Most cruises don’t accept children until 6 months of age.  A expecting mother can not cruise if she is started her 24 week of pregnancy. ALWAYS ASK!

3 AgesMagicWonderDreamFantasy 12 wks to 3 yr It’s a Small World Flounders Nursery It’s a Small World 3-12yrOceaneer Club 3-12yrOceaneer Lab 11-14yrEdge 14-17yrVibe


5  You can pre register the kids for the kids clubs online before you board  At port, if the line isn’t long you can pick up the pager and wristbands for the kids clubs. If it is long, skip it and do it at the clubs later that day  The first night, let the kids check the clubs out  For Tweens, you have to make the decision to let them check themselves in and out or not. You can request they page you if they check out.  Kids must be 3 and fully potty trained or they have to go to Nursery. FULLY potty trained means they have to need no help with wiping or anything else.  The last day, they’ll have a goodbye program, where they’ll get tshirts.  Make sure the little ones do Snow White’s Do Si Do, it is adorable.  Older kids love to make Flubber.  If you want to see Captain Jack or the Princesses, make sure you get in line early, they’ll be a demand.  You CAN leave the kids onboard while you go to port, just let them know you’ll be off ship


7 For the health and safety of our Guests, parents must observe U.S. Public Health Service requirements by allowing only children who are toilet trained to enter shipboard pools and spas. Diapers and swim diapers are not allowed. However, young children who are not toilet trained are welcome to enjoy the fountain play area near the Mickey Pool that has been designed exclusively for the enjoyment of children wearing swim diapers.


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