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Global Campaign for Microbicides Business and HIV/AIDS, TB & Malaria : June 19-20, 2008 Neeraj Mistry MD, MPH.

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1 Global Campaign for Microbicides Business and HIV/AIDS, TB & Malaria : June 19-20, 2008 Neeraj Mistry MD, MPH

2 Overview Health and Safety moment Business and AIDS GBC Examples of Corporate Engagement Workplace programs

3 Health & Safety Moment

4 Member Companies

5 The Business Case Workforce & Productivity Corporate Social Responsibility Consumer & Political Expectations Shrinking, Riskier Markets Corporate HIV/AIDS, TB & Malaria initiatives © gbc 2005

6 Health of workers and customers Stability of countries and markets Brand value Ability to attract and retain talent Credibility (“license to operate”) –With the public sector –With society Business is motivated by self-interest, social conscience

7 The Impact on Business: Declining Productivity and Profits Increased cost for health care, burials, training and recruitment of replacement employees Decreased productivity and revenues as a result of absenteeism due to illness or attendance at funerals Employees in their most industrious years are affected most As AIDS prevalence rises, GDP falls. In Sub-Saharan Africa: Prevalence of 8% results in GDP decrease of 1% Prevalence of 10%, results in GDP decrease of over 30% 1/3 of the regions countries have HIV prevalence of 8% HIV/AIDS is projected to reduce the size of the labor force in 32 African countries by 5–35% by 2020 HIV/AIDS threatens GDP growth in Brazil, China, India, and Russia. China’s GDP growth may decrease by 1% over 10 years Russia’s GDP growth may decrease by 4% by 2010 and 10% by 2020

8 AIDS Decimates Economies -1.6 -1.4 -1.2 -0.8 -0.6 -0.4 -0.2 0 0 5 101520253035 HIV Prevalence Rate (%) Growth Impact of HIV (1990-97) for 80 developing countries Source: R. Bonnel (2000) Economic Analysis of HIV/AIDS, ADF2000 Background paper, World Bank. Slide adapted from UNAIDS: “Socio-Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS in Africa,” presented by Anita Alban and Lorna Guiness, ADF 2000. Reduction in growth rate GDP per capita (%, per year)

9 Companies Speak

10 GBC Member Companies

11 Business skills improve effectiveness of government, NGO, and local initiatives Business has direct access to millions Business provides outreach mechanisms –Employees –Customers –Suppliers –Distribution chains Business relationships help clear hurdles Business is willing to invest Shell - Nigeria Business know-how, access makes critical difference

12 GBC 220 companies working to maximize their impact in the fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria GBC’s four main goals facilitate its mission to harness the power of the global business community to end the HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria epidemics: Increase the number and diversity of companies committed to fighting global epidemics Increase business action against HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria, and improve the quality and reach of company and community programs Enhance and facilitate the use of companies' core competencies and products in the fight against HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria Use business power to advocate for HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria issues and lead the epidemic’s response

13 Business in Action Workplace Community Core Competency Co-Investment Advocacy & Leadership Innovation

14 …in the Workplace In 2003, VWSA worked with GTZ to develop an integrated HIV/AIDS workplace program The 2 main components are prevention of HIV and treatment with ARVs The program has been extended to the families of employees Two years into the program, VWSA has launched a program performance evaluation in order to assess impact

15 …in the Community Developed local labs for HIV monitoring and research Created a training curriculum and exchange program for African nurses and doctors Hosts community programs to address AIDS orphans, home care, and counseling Joined with 4 other pharmaceutical companies and UNAIDS on a treatment access initiative

16 …with its Core Competency All the profits from the Viva Glam Line goes to AIDS research - over $50 million to date

17 …Co-Investment Co-Investment / Private-Public Partnerships -Brings together various sectors with unique and complementary resources -Four pilot projects: -Nigeria (2) -Kenya -South Africa -$1.4 million investment by PEPFAR -“Making Co-Investment a Reality” produced with GTZ Development Goals Private Sector Goals PPP

18 Through Virgin Unite, Richard Branson has used his celebrity status to inspire action by Virgin employees, consumers, and other business leaders. …through Advocacy &Leadership

19 Getty Images uses the undeniable power of imagery to put a human face on HIV/AIDS. It provides its photographs - taken in the hardest-hit regions of the world - to organizations and companies..…through Innovation

20 The GBC Response What we do & how we do it:

21 Global Trends in Business Action Workplace-Community Continuum Collective actions – PPPs, B2B (GBC Impact Initiatives) Integrated responses – AIDS, TB, Malaria Competition/Collaboration with other global issues – climate, sustainable development, health systems strengthening… Increasing Donor Community interest Gender Training and Programs Cause-related Marketing – (Product)RED Cash Contributions – Global Fund Corporate Champions

22 Thank You! Questions and Discussion

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