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Social impacts of the use of it By: Mohamed Abdalla.

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1 Social impacts of the use of it By: Mohamed Abdalla

2 Local community TASK 1

3 Development in IT  The development of the social IT affected the community, some affects are positive and some are negative. Some social networking sites like Facebook and twitter has affected the community, people chat online instead of meeting in a coffee shop, that affects the people that works in a coffee shop and their business drops off. Also it affects people that chat on Facebook, if they didn’t get to meet for like 7 years and only chatting on Facebook then when they meet, they will not know how to speak or act face to face and that will cause problems. TASK 1

4 Advantages  Local stores like Tesco have an advantage in the use of IT because it is a big business, they have a websites which people can shop online, check for offers as well. This gives them more customers so they get more profit. People will not have to go to shops anymore, they can just stay at home and pick the staff that they need and then they get it by delivery. TASK 1

5 Disadvantages Small shops in a local area are affected by the development of the IT, for example people don’t have to go out from their home and buy staff from the shop, they can buy anything online instead of going shops. The people that works in these shops are loosing money because there are less customers. Some people might loose their jobs. TASK 1

6 Availability of jobs TASK 1

7 Availability of jobs  Some jobs that used to be performed by humans are now performed by robots, this affects the people that used to do these jobs, also it affects the people that build the robot and maintain it.  Fewer jobs  Fewer jobs for the people that robots do their job, because machines can do the work instead of them. If all the people used robots and machines in their, then people will not find jobs and they will not be able to pay for the service provided by the government, also they will have no money to go around with.  More jobs  more jobs for the people that works in maintaining robots and building it. because everyone will be using robots so they will have more work to do. TASK 1

8 Inequality in broadband access TASK 1

9 Inequality in broadband access  There are some people that cant get an internet access which it is unfair to them. If there were no local shops and shopping is only online then these people that cant get internet access will be affected. These people cant go on internet for many reasons, some of them cant get internet because they cant afford it, other because there are no internet access in some areas in the country and other people cant use internet because they don’t know how to use it because of their age or because of disability, so if there is no shops and only online shopping then these people that don’t have internet access because of the area that they living in, they can’t even buy a computer or a laptop because they have to buy it online and they don’t have an internet access. TASK 1

10 Potential IT threats  Phishing  The phishing attack sent users to a fake site where they were asked to input personal details like addresses, emails and credit card details. It is extremely dangerous. If gave these details to them then that can harm you and your family, these people that have your details can get into your house and harm you and your family. If you gave your credit card details then that person can take the money from your card. Here is an example of phishing, Microsoft received letters that people that go on x box live are affected by phishing, Microsoft said that only small amount of users are affected. We take the security of the Xbox Live service seriously and work to improve it against evolving threats a man from Microsoft said that, also he said, "We can confirm that only a small percentage of Xbox Live customers have been affected here in the UK. The Microsoft company said that there is some security advices on it’s website and they said that users should not give their email or password to anybody., so to protect your self from phishing, you shouldn’t give your detail to anyone on internet, that includes your address, email and your credit card details.  Spam  Spam is a concern for Internet users and policy makers not only blocking networks and distributing viruses and fake messages, but also undermining trust in the Internet and the digital economy. also it is when a lot of people send the same message to everyone which it is annoying. People do that on mobile phones, laptops and pcs, but most of it on mobile phones, specially BlackBerrys, there is a messenger on the blackberry smartphones which it is called blackberry messenger, on this messenger people do spam most of the time, for example someone sends a message saying for example everyone add that person…. And then everyone sends the same message. The solution for spam is to delete the people that does spam and only add the people that don’t spam. TASK 2

11  Cyber bullying  The cyber bullying is one of the most dangerous threats on internet which cause a lot of people a lot of problems. Cyber bullying is when a group of people sending letters to someone trying to scare him, that person can do that using many different ways which is the common way is by sending a threat letters, these letters cause people killing themselves and hurting themselves. If you someone sends you threats letter and you want you protect your self and get rid of this, then you have to make a new account on Facebook or on your messenger. If the same person got your new email then report it to the police.  Service denial  Service denial is lot of requests being sent to the server and it ends up the server crashing, this is a really big threat because if the server crashed then the company will have serious problems, then the company will have to pay a lot of money fixing the server also the people that uses the server wouldn’t be able to access websites. TASK 2

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