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Steps to Success – Step 4 Net a Job Through Networking Mary Lauer Career Consultant.

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1 Steps to Success – Step 4 Net a Job Through Networking Mary Lauer Career Consultant

2 Building relationships to share resources and information A learned skill Critical to your career search – 80 % of jobs are found through your personal & professional network People helping people A lifelong process that can enrich us in ways we never imagined! What is Networking?

3 Friends/Relatives Neighbors Professors Career Services Department Professional Association Contacts School & College Friends Volunteer Group Peers Social Networking Contacts Former Employers Hair Stylist/Barber Hobby/Special Interests Civic Leaders Bankers Health Club Members Religious/Spiritual Leaders Doctors/Dentists Who is in My Network Now?

4 Mary Jones Criminal Justice Degree Graduate Phone: 555-123-4567 Mobile: 555-321-7654 E-mail Address: City, ST Personal Business Cards

5 Visit– if you order a basic style, then you only pay for shipping costs White or neutral background color Black of dark print Minimal graphics or bold colors (unless you are in marketing, graphic design, advertising etc.) List only your city and state, without your street address Optional – include your career goal or qualifications on back of card Personal Business Cards - Tips

6 My name is _______________ and my career goal is to obtain a _____________ position in the _____________industry. I recently achieved my _________ degree from Colorado Technical University. I selected this degree program because _________________________________________________. What I learned that I am excited to apply at my next job ___________________________. My key strengths are ______________, ________________, and ____________________. (look at your qualifications or summary section of your resume – i.e. problem solving, relationship building, teamwork) My related experience in this field includes (if applicable) _______________________. (include both paid and unpaid related experience in a nutshell) 60-Second Commercial

7 American Health Management Information Management Association: American Management Association (AMA): American Correctional Association (ACA): National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA): httpp:// American Accounting Association: Project Management Institute (PMI): Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP): Or you could view This site lists many professional organizations by function or industry. Professional Organizations

8 Visit – click on your state and find a listing of networking resources in your community Contact your local organizations to determine if they have job clubs, networking groups or any career resources: Churches, Mosques and Synagogues Libraries Community Centers Career One-Stop Centers Try – this site is a forum for groups of people with shared interests, allowing them to form offline clubs in local communities, globally (i.e. hobbies, sports, business functions, special interests etc.) Start your own Job Club or Networking Group! Job Clubs & Networking Groups

9 What is Social Networking? Social networking functions as an online community of people who have something in common Social networking has been instrumental in connecting new friends, old friends, “long lost family members,” and even landing employment

10 Social Media Networking

11 LinkedIn - Background LinkedIn was founded by a former Yahoo executive and is the premier online professional networking tool. The purpose of LinkedIn is to network with people who may (or may not) know each other through various connections. A user is able to join groups, research companies and connect with members. Membership is Free. A user is able to change the level of membership and have access to more features for a fee. More than 35 million users, spanning 150 industries globally.

12 Visit and sign up for a free LinkedIn Webinar – click on “Learning Center … Training Resources”. Join LinkedIn and develop your profile. Add key words to the “Specialties” section which will help employers and recruiters find you easier. Invite peers, friends, former employers, classmates, etc. – expand your network. Write personalized invites and do not use the boiler plate e-mails. Conduct a Job Search – there are 120 functional categories and 170 industry categories to refine your results. Companies and recruiters post jobs on this site – sometimes these are postings only found on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Tips (1)

13 Conduct Company Research and search for Recruiters and Hiring Managers. View “Company Buzz” which is powered by Twitter – put in a topic and see the latest tweets on that topic. Join Groups – many professional organizations, alumni associations, non-profit groups have formed groups on LinkedIn. CTU-Online? Approach potential networking contacts by using the advanced search feature that allows you to find contacts by name, company, title, key word, industry and geography. Add your LinkedIn address to your personal business card. LinkedIn Tips (2)

14 TO LEARN ABOUT … Position Responsibilities Industry Trends Organizational Growth Job Shadowing Possibilities Internship Positions Career Development Tips Potential Contacts in Desired Field Informational Interviewing - Purposes

15 Informational Interviews - Preparation Contact the person and introduce yourself: “Hello, my name is _______. I'm conducting career research in your field. I would like to meet and talk with you for about 20-30 minutes so that I can find out more about your field of expertise." Plan a meeting that lasts 20-30 minutes. Be respectful of the person’s time. Research the person you will be meeting with and the organization where they are employed. If you decide to meet in person, they will likely invite you to meet at their place of employment. They may give you a tour and introduce you to others in the organization. Tips: confirm the appointment (if they don’t send a confirmation), dress professionally, show up on time and have an agenda. Remember – you are gathering information and not asking for a job!

16 How did they get started in their career? What are the trends they see in this industry? What are the current challenges in this field? What is their advice on breaking into the industry? Are there any Job Shadowing or Internship opportunities? Who are 2-3 people that you think I would benefit from talking to? How can I help you? (always end with this) Informational Interviews - Questions

17 Build Rapport – introduce self and try to make a personal connection Present Yourself: 60-Second Commercial Career Goals Latest on Your Current Search Ask specific questions from your prepared list Ask for referrals Thank you & next steps Informational Interviews – Meeting Agenda

18 Follow-Up Follow-up each informational interview with a note thanking them for their time, within 48 hours. Remind them that you are a resource in the future if they ever need help. Do your homework - take action on their suggestions. Update your networking log.

19 Networking Log Stay Organized! Visit Career Services Events & Networking Club and click on “Career Management Tracking Tool” in the Document section on the Home Page Make sure you update your log each time you speak to a contact If you want, add special notes for yourself that may help you remember the person (e.g. “likes theatre”) which could be good conversation notes.

20 Next Steps Network everywhere you go! Continuously update your networking log. Create a Personal Business Card. Create a LinkedIn Profile & be proactive. Develop your 60-Second Commercial and practice it. Join a Professional Organization & a Job Club/Networking Group.

21 Q & A

22 This concludes Step Four: Net a Job Through Networking Thank you for attending! The archive of this presentation will be available in the Career Services Events and Networking Club found in the Virtual Commons Please feel free to e-mail Career Services at if you have any follow-up questions or assistance

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