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Job Search Skills Jonathan Goodman Executive Recruiter.

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1 Job Search Skills Jonathan Goodman Executive Recruiter

2 Agenda Job Search as an Internal and External Exercise Internal Assessment and Preparation (Personal SWOT, Elevator Pitch, Social Media, Resume/Cover Letter Job Search (Research, Networking, Applying, Interviewing)

3 Job Search: Internal and External Internal Variables (Education, Experience, Strengths, Weaknesses) External Variables (Geography, Market, Industry)

4 Internal Assessment and Preparation What is your “product”? What value do you bring to an employer? Consider 2-3 job functions you are interested in and 2-3 industries you want to be associated with Think about how your background and experience fits within those functions and industries.

5 The Elevator Pitch A short synopsis of who you are, what your interests are, and what value you bring 30 seconds at most

6 The Elevator Pitch I am a (fill in functional identity), currently/most recently with _________. I’m looking to take my interest in _____, along with my skills in (unique selling point) and (unique selling point) to (function/role) or (function/role), within (industry, industry, or industry).

7 SWOT Analysis Strengths and opportunities in the market: –What are my qualifications? –What are my unique selling points? –What needs exist that I am uniquely able to fill? –(Inputs: Resume, Success stories, MBA and other formal education skills/experiences. Update with lessons learned from research and networking.) Weaknesses/threats: –What potential risks or challenges might I face in each target function/industry? –Can I address them? (e.g., Lack of industry knowledge, Lack of contacts in target industry/location, Bias toward former industry, Experience)

8 Social Media Strategy Three basic rules: 1.Be professional 2.Be careful 3.Use Common Sense Employers will check out your associated social media accounts LinkedIn Profile (professional picture, good content, networking groups) Twitter feeds—be interesting and relevant Blog—topics of interest Facebook—be very cautious about what you post, have the right privacy settings.

9 Resume and Cover Letter Resume: Format is not too important, but content is No more than 2 pages Be specific and quantify successes; avoid buzzwords or fluff language

10 Resume and Cover Letter Cover Letter A necessary evil Won’t get you a job, but could hurt your chances if done poorly Simple, and no more than 3 paragraphs (Introduce yourself; Identify job and why you are interested and qualified; 3) Summarize and welcome next steps)

11 The Job Search 1.Identifying the job opportunities –Geography (Where can you/do you want to live) –Industry (Tech, financial services, consulting/professional services) –Function (sales/marketing, operations, software development, HR) –Culture (fast-paced, family friendly, competitive) –Target companies

12 The Job Search Networking strategies to find the right job and the right people to help –Some jobs that are available are posted, but opportunistic positions are a possibility, and those are not posted. The best way to explore all opportunities is to network. –LinkedIn: Leverage your connections (alumni base, prior companies, military, interests) –Networking Events –Professional organizations –Community organizations

13 The Job Search Applying for jobs –Be realistic—OK to stretch a bit, but be self- aware –Provide all necessary information –Apply online if necessary, but no harm in getting someone internally in your network to submit for you. Could be a win-win situation –Work with recruiters properly—don’t overcommunicate

14 Interviewing Interview Skills and strategies –Do your research on company and people you will be interviewing with –Be specific when answering questions –Prepare questions to ask interviewers –Send thank you notes/emails

15 Go Blue! BEAT STATE! Or, at least score more than 0 points!

16 Contact Me Jonathan Goodman

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