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1 Introduction 01_intro.ppt
CIS162AD - C# Introduction 01_intro.ppt

2 Introduction to C# Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
C# History (brief) Compiling Process Categories of Programming Errors CIS162AD

3 Programming Programming is solving a problem using a computer.
A program is a set of specific instructions for a computer to follow. It is a complex process and each program takes on a life of it’s own called SDLC. SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle CIS162AD

4 SDLC Software Development Life Cycle (Program Development Cycle)
There are various methodologies to develop programs, but most follow the same process. The actual name for each step in the process may vary by vendor. CIS162AD

5 SDLC – 3 Phases, 8 Steps Problem Solving Phase Implementation Phase
Problem Definition Algorithm Design Implementation Phase Build, Test, Install, and Train Support Phase Maintenance Obsolete CIS162AD

6 SDLC - Problem Solving Phase
Problem definition (Analysis of the task) Users need a form to do a Sales Order Calculation (qty, price, tax, freight) Algorithm Design (Solution) Design the interface. Desk check with common and extreme data. Programming language not necessarily selected yet. CIS162AD

7 Problem Solving Diagrams
Analysis Diagrams / Tools Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) Functional Descriptions Use Case Diagrams (Object-Oriented) Design Diagrams / Tools Input Output Charts (IPO) Flowcharts Structure Charts Class Diagrams (Object-Oriented) Diagrams are independent of programming languages. We will see some examples of design diagrams throughout the course. CIS162AD

8 SDLC – Implementation Phase
Implement or Build (Code the program). Test the program using test data. Actual output must match expected results. Deploy or install May require data conversion or hardware upgrades. Training & User Documentation. CIS162AD

9 SDLC – Support Phase Maintenance – change program as needed new tax rates, new freight carrier, zip+4, Y2K, new area code. Obsolete – program is discarded due to requiring too much effort to correct or new technology (DOS -> Windows). CIS162AD

10 In Homework Assignments…
You will be provided a problem definition You will Design Algorithm Build it Test it CIS162AD

11 Programming Categories
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Emphasis is on identifying objects in a problem (student, faculty, etc). Objects are then categorized into classes (person). Classes are used in programs to create and manipulate objects. objCustomer = new clsCustomer; Procedural Programming Emphasis is on identifying the procedures or steps to solve a problem and then creating a program as the solution. Event Programming Usually related to GUI programming. Program reacts to events, such as a user clicking on a mouse. All of these techniques will be used throughout our C#.NET assignments. CIS162AD

12 History of C# In Microsoft released the .Net programming platform. Microsoft included it’s new language C# (pronounced C-Sharp). Roots are in C, C++, and Java. .Net includes a rich library of pre-built components that are shared among the .Net languages such as Visual Basic (VB). If you know VB, you should recognize some of the classes and methods that are used in C#. CIS162AD

13 IDE Software C# programs are created in a GUI IDE .
GUI : Graphical User Interface IDE : Integrated Development Environment C# IDE provides the tools and capabilities to create very powerful and flexible programs. Can create Forms, Classes, Programs, Database connections, and many other things. The IDE includes a smart editor, compiler, linker, and debugger. CIS162AD

14 Key Elements of a C# Program
Design the forms (user interface). Design the methods that will be executed. Create forms using various control objects. Write methods that react to object events. Each statement must end with a semi-colon. Most blocks of code required an open and close brace { }. private void calculateButton_Click(…) { int intQuanity; decimal decPrice; } CIS162AD

15 C# to Machine Language C# programs are typed in as text.
Programs have a .cs extension. CS1Form.cs Form Resources have a .resx extension. CS1Form.resx Must be converted to machine language. How? By compiling… CIS162AD

16 Compiler and Linker Compiler Linker
Verifies the program is coded with commands it recognizes and that the proper syntax was used. Creates an object file (machine language). Linker Combines the program’s object file with object code of standard routines from the library. Creates the final executable file (.exe). In the .Net Framework, Common Language Runtime (CLR) is the linker. CIS162AD

17 Compiling IDE Editor CS1.cs Syntax Errors Warnings Compiler
Library Objects Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) Common Language Runtime (CLR) CS1.exe in memory CIS162AD

18 Syntax There are several languages to choose from.
Each language has a set of commands that can be used. Each language has a set of syntax rules that must be followed. Syntax determines many things - like how commands are entered and how each command should end (period, semi-colon, etc). CIS162AD

19 Three Categories of Errors
Syntax Errors and Warnings Logic Errors Run-time Errors Actually are logic errors. CIS162AD

20 Syntax Errors & Warnings
Detected by compiler. Violation of grammar rules. Mistyped command. Compiler tells you what the error is or what it thinks it is. Compiler tries to tell you where the error occurred. Warnings Passes syntax rules but not normally coded this way. Programmer should check for possible logic error. CIS162AD

21 Logic Errors Detected and corrected by programmer.
Program designed or written incorrectly. Output generated does NOT match expected output. Simple to very complex. Using * (multiply) instead of + (add) Test, test, test and verify results. This is where programmers earn their money. CIS162AD

22 Run-time Errors Usually discovered by user, but corrected by programmer. Program terminates unexpectedly. Error: access violation … Usually based on a logic error. Divide by zero Users do something programmer didn’t expect them to do. Processing unexpected input, such as letters instead of numbers. Users need to document what they were doing when the error occurred to help programmer. CIS162AD

23 Summary Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) # History
Compiling Process Categories of Errors CIS162AD

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