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Southwest Asia BENCHMARK 2 REVIEW. What two countries share a border at the Sinai Peninsula? Egypt and Israel.

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1 Southwest Asia BENCHMARK 2 REVIEW

2 What two countries share a border at the Sinai Peninsula? Egypt and Israel

3 What was the Holocaust? The murder of millions of European Jews during World War II

4 What is Zionism? The belief that Jews deserved to return to a homeland in Zion where they had lived in Biblical times

5 What is the most dominant ethnic group in Southwest Asia (Middle East)? Arabs

6 What is the name of the agency that created the State of Israel as a homeland for the Jews? The United Nations

7 How did Palestinians feel about the new state of Israel? They rejected it as unfair to them

8 When the Ottoman Empire ended, Who drew up the Boundaries for the new country’s created ? European Politicians

9 When were the Countries of Jordan and Iraq created? after World War I

10 What has happened to many of the Palestinians refugees since 1948 ? Many still live in refugee camps

11 Who ruled Palestine before Israel gained it’s Independence? United kingdom

12 When Israel was established, who is forced to relocate? The Palestinian Arabs

13 U.S. troops are still fighting in which Middle Eastern Country? Afghanistan

14 What event started Operation Desert Storm? After Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait

15 A person who had to leave their home as a result of war is known as what? Refugee

16 Why did the U.S. get involved in the first gulf War? Because Iraq invaded kuwait

17 Who is responsible for the 9-11 attacks? Osama Bin Ladin

18 Iraq’s second largest ethnic group is? Kurds

19 Who are the Taliban? A group of Radical Muslims

20 The U.S. went to war in 2003 against Iraq because? The United States government saw the Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, developing weapons of mass destruction

21 What is the capital of Israel? Jerusalem

22 This is the official language of the Jewish people? Hebrew

23 Zionism can be best described as ? Jewish nationalism Or the dream to return to Israel

24 The West Bank is between what two country’s? Israel and Jordan

25 Why did the UN intervene In dispute between Iraq and Kuwait in 1990 ? Because the economies of many countries depend on oil, and Iraq’s actions threatened that supply.

26 Jerusalem is sacred to which people Muslims, Jews & Christians

27 What basic belief made Christianity different from Judaism? Christians believed Jesus was the Messiah, or savior of man

28 What was the Camp David Accord? Talks that led to an agreement between Israel and Egypt

29 What is the second largest sect of Islam? Shiite Muslim

30 What country took over the area of Mesopotamia during WWI? Great Britain

31 What ethnic group’s predominant language is Arabic, and the majority follows the teachings of Islam. Arabs

32 Which religion do most people in Southwest Asia practice Islam

33 What modern day country is the home to those who call themselves the Persians? Iran

34 What ethnic group is found in Iraq, Turkey, and Syria? Kurds

35 Abraham, the father of ancient Israel, believed in only one God. This concept is known as Monotheism

36 What is the holy writing of Judaism? Torah

37 The year 330 CE is what century? 4 th century CE

38 What did Muhammad believe the angle Gabriel was asking him to do? Tell the word of God to the people

39 Muslims pray how many times a day? 5

40 The sacred book of the Muslims is called the Quran

41 Judaism, the world's oldest major religion, originated in which modern country? Israel

42 What is the birthplace of Islam? Mecca

43 What is the largest type of Islam practiced? Sunni

44 What issue led to the split between the Sunni and Shia in Islam? They disagreed over who should lead the Muslim community after the death of Muhammad

45 In what country can people vote for local leaders and the countries president, but the true leader of the country chosen by the countries religious leaders? Iran

46 In the Middle East, which country would be an example of a Federal Type of government? Israel

47 What is the main belief that distinguished the Jewish faith from the others in the ancient world? The worship of a single god rather than many gods

48 What is the title of the Shia religious leader of IRAN? Ayatollah or Supreme Leader

49 Of the countries we studied, which is considered an Islamic Republic? Iran

50 The Israeli legislator is called? The Knesset

51 In what country can people vote for local leaders and the national legislator, but the Head of State and Nations leader are chosen by the national legislature? Israel

52 In what country can people vote for local leaders but because the King has final authority the citizens play a very small role if any in running the government? Saudi Arabia

53 This means food fit to be eaten, according to Jewish dietary laws Kosher

54 What is the relationship between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? All three believe in the same God – they just have different interpretations of God

55 What are the Five Pillars? Five basic obligations that Muslims are supposed to meet in their lives

56 What is the leader of Iran known as? The Supreme Leader or Ayatollah

57 Muslims pray at a Mosque

58 A country ruled by a person that has complete and unlimited power Autocracy

59 The central government holds most of the power in _________ government. UNITARY

60 What is the legislative branch of government is responsible for ??? making and carrying out the laws

61 How is the leader of a Parlimentary Democracy chosen? The Prime Minister is chosen by representatives in the legislator

62 A government based upon religious beliefs is BEST described as an Theocracy

63 a country in which the powers of the central government are restricted and in which the states, colonies, or provinces have some self-government; ultimate power rests with the voters who choose their governmental representatives (India, United States, Germany, Federal Republic

64 A small group of powerful leaders are in charge in this type of government… Oligarchy

65 How is the leader of a Presidential Democracy chosen? The president is chosen in a vote by the people.

66 A republic government based on the laws of Islam (Saudi Arabia, Iran) Islamic Republic

67 What type of government citizens choose representatives to make and enforce the laws Representative Democracy or Republic

68 What type of government controls most aspects of its peoples life. Authoritarian

69 People who can work, solve problems, and create businesses are called what? Human Resources Or Human Capital

70 Why are dams a good idea for solving water problems in the countries they are located in but not for other countries? Dams limit the amount of water going down stream to other countries.

71 What type of government gives the king or queen complete control? Absolute Monarchy

72 What type of government gives the king or queen very little control, they are more of a figure head? Constitutional Monarchy

73 What is a Political Trade Barrier that places a tax on incoming goods? tariff

74 Who benefits from trade restrictions placed on imported goods? Local companies that produce the same products as the imports-LIMITS competition

75 What are the three main Economic Questions? 1.What to produce/how much. 2.How to produce it. 3.For whom to produce it for.

76 Give examples of a natural trade barrier Oceans, Rivers, Mountains, Deserts, etc.

77 In general, countries with high literacy rates … Have strong economies

78 What natural resource is the source of many conflicts in the region. Water

79 Laws based on the teachings of the Quran are known as what Shariah Law

80 Why do countries have exchange rates? In order to trade with one another

81 The 1973 Oil crisis was the outcome of what type of political trade barrier between OPEC and the US?? An EMBARGO

82 How do literacy rates in Southwest Asia differ for men and women? Women have lower rates than men in most countries

83 A person who takes risks by starting a new business is called a/an Entrepreneur

84 In a traditional system, what is exchanged for goods and services? Other goods and services

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