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Creating Opportunities… Recognizing Excellence. Did You Know? Women-owned businesses are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. economy (more than 9.1.

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1 Creating Opportunities… Recognizing Excellence

2 Did You Know? Women-owned businesses are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. economy (more than 9.1 million in the U.S. alone) Women are the dominant consumer market spending more that $3.6 trillion per year in the U.S.* Employing 27.5 million workers Yet WBEs receive only 3% of the business from America’s major corporations *U.S Small Business Administration

3 WBENC’s History WBENC is the Premier organization for Certification of Women Owned Businesses Mission The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council is dedicated to advancing the success of certified women’s business enterprises, corporate and governmental members in partnership with its affiliate women’s business organizations. History Founded in 1997, WBENC is the nation’s leading third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women The leading advocate of women’s business enterprises (WBEs) as suppliers to corporate America. Recognized as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization by the IRS

4 WBENC Membership is Growing As of May 1, 2005 more than 192 U.S. corporations, representing thousands of America’s most respected brand names, are active members of WBENC Governance: a Board of Directors that includes both corporate, WBE and regional partner representatives Board of Directors

5 WBENC Certification WBENC certifies that a company is at least 51% owned, operated & controlled by a woman or women Certification is administered through our affiliate partner organizations The certification process includes a rigorous document review and site assessment

6 WBENC Today WBENC’s 14 regional partners process more than 6,000 certification applications each year WBENC certification is accepted by nearly 700 corporations, representing America’s most prestigious brands, as well as government entities at the state, local and Federal levels

7 Certification is Growing

8 Companies Accepting WBENC Certification Over 700 companies accept WBENC certification Many prime suppliers to Federal Government are WBENC members They can access WBEs through our WBENCLink database

9 WBENC Today Profile of the average WBENC certified company: –revenues of $7.5M –48 employees –12 years of experience More than 60 WBENC certified WBE firms have revenues in excess of $100M Six certified WBE companies have revenues in excess of $1Billion

10 WBENCLink WBENCLink is a tool to enhance sourcing success for corporate members –Internet database with nearly 5000 certified WBE’s –Pass code accessible to members only –Includes detailed information about each certified Woman’s Business Enterprise (WBE)

11 Creating Opportunities WBENC provides targeted business opportunities for WBEs through MatchMaker Meetings co- sponsored with our Corporate Members WBENC connects corporations, government agencies and WBEs through, an online marketplace where RFPs and RFIs are posted daily

12 Women in Business 2005: Sharing the Vision WBENC promotes business-to-business networking and buyer- to-supplier connections at its annual national conference (Women in Business: Sharing the Vision) - the country’s largest WBE Business Fair

13 Regional Partner Organizations Boston New York City Philadelphia Washington, DC Atlanta Miami New Orleans Columbus, Ohio Detroit Chicago Dallas Houston Phoenix Portland, OR

14 Capable Regional Partners The Leadership Council is comprised of top executives from WBENC’s 14 regional organization partners. The Council serves as a creative hub for effective implementation of WBE certification nationally, and a conduit for identifying and disseminating “best practices” in business development and procurement for women-owned business.

15 Regional Partner Organizations Provide certification and other services to all 50 states and Puerto Rico WBE Forums in many locations Offer networking, conference and training opportunities for WBEs Many local events to mix buyers and suppliers Have local governance—a Board of Directors

16 About the WBEA (ADD WBOP Statistics Here) The Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance (WBEA) works to increase business opportunities for WBEs in 94 South Texas counties The WBEA has over 600 certified WBEs and 75 corporate members WBEA opportunities include an Expo with over 150 booth participants, Executive Scholarship Program, education seminars, a mentoring program and networking luncheons/breakfasts

17 WBENC and Federal Government Agencies Working with Department of Interior’s Robert Faithful and the OSDBU Council Help WBEs understand how to do business with government agencies Dream for the future—Federal government will accept WBENC Certification as many states and cities do now

18 Encouraging Excellence Balanced Score Card –Self-scoring tool for corporations –Quantitative and qualitative approach –Benchmarks process and facilitates development

19 Balanced Score Card Four key components to drive improvement –WBE supplier participation –Managing WBE supplier relationships –WBE program sustainability –Links to market share


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