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Technology for ESL Speaking and Culture Studies Activities and Projects Presenter: Professor Lyra Riabov Southern New Hampshire University Presentation.

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1 Technology for ESL Speaking and Culture Studies Activities and Projects Presenter: Professor Lyra Riabov Southern New Hampshire University Presentation at the EV Classics Fair 2008 CALL Interest Section Special Events The 42nd Annual Convention TESOL 2008 April 2- 5, 2008 New York, NY E-mail:; Web:

2 Presentation Discussion  What technology makes student learning more effective in ESL (Advanced) Oral Communication and Comparative Culture Study classes?  What features of the Blackboard™ do I use in these classes and why?  How much the Internet, instructor’s website, and MS PowerPoint enhance speaking and culture studies classes?  The role of CDs and DVDs.  Review selected assignments and activities  What are the gains for students and the instructor?  Recommendations

3 What is Web-based Blackboard™ ?Blackboard™  SNHU Blackboard SNHU Blackboard  Education Environment  Online course delivery system  Educate  Innovate  Everywhere

4  Announcements: Instructor posts daily or weekly announcements here.  Faculty: Information about the instructor  Syllabus: Outline of the course: Syllabus and Weekly Assignments  Discussion Board: It consists of Topic Discussion Forums for students, reflections, reactions and comments to the reading material, peers’ comments and instructor’s suggestions. Students can use a limited Text Box or attach any file in MS Word, PowerPoint, and pictures to support their arguments.  External Links: Connection to the instructor’s web site and other Internet resources  Course Documents is a place to post course materials for students  Assignments: Day by day homework and class assignments  Communication: Additional way to check out Announcements, get to the Discussion Board, Roster of the class and Send E-mail section. The last section is very important as this is the students’ way to ask questions and express concerns, request help with the course content or sent an e-mail to their classmates when they are outside the class.  Tools: Students’ Digital Drop Box is a convenient way for confidential communication with the instructor or classmates. This is the place to submit papers or presentations for grading and the instructor’s comments.  SNHU Library: Access to the SNHU Library online What features of the Blackboard™ do I use in my ESL classes and why?

5 Assignments and Activities  Syllabus  Homework  Connection to the Internet and Library resources  Discussion Forums  Written and oral discussions  Drafts and peer comments  Grading and MS Word comments feature

6 What do students gain?  Motivation and fun  Constant peer communication  Competition and motivation to do better the assignments  Exchange of arguments  Learn to discuss  More time to review their written input  Visualize their writing problems and better address them  Peer Evaluation  Motivation for rewriting drafts  Easy access from everywhere  Fast e-feedback  Paperless class  No printing  Online dictionary and resources are at your finger tip  Constant communication with the instructor  Convenient e-folders of the drafts and discussion postings  Preparation for the college technology supported learning

7 Participation in the Discussion Forums Q1: increased the volume of my writing; Q2: helped me to learn how to express my point of view and support it with examples; Q3..participation in the Discussion Forums helped me to learn academic writing; Q4: helped me to learn to edit my writing.

8 Communication Advantages Q5: I learned from my classmates writing; Q6: Using BB and E-mail Improved communication between the peers and the instructor; Q9: I liked to read my classmates postings and compete with them for higher quality of my postings; Q13: Instructor’s e-comments helped me to edit my drafts and postings

9 Assignments and Grading Q7: Assignments section was very useful; Q8: Using BB I was motivated to do assignments on time; Q11: It was convenient not to print papers; Q12: Grading was confidential and easy to access to.

10 Blackboard Usage Advantages Q10: Blackboard provided me with an easy access to my files, e-mail, class materials and external links from everywhere on campus and at home; Q14: It was not difficult to use the Blackboard; Q15: Learning and using the Blackboard prepared me well for my future studies in college.

11 Role of the Internet, instructor’s website, MS PowerPoint, CDs and DVDs for speaking and culture studies classes  MS Power Point helped students to organize their materials and ideas and deliver effective presentations of their projectspresentations of their projects  Teacher- created class website served as a research resource for the student projects Teacher- created class website  CDs & DVDs helped to introduce audio - visual materials accompanying text book text and exercise. They also triggered discussion and served as resources for the projects. CDstext book text

12 What do instructors gain?  Increased volume of students’ writing and speaking  Focus on academic language  Active student participation regardless of the student learning styles  Motivation and competitiveness  Peers’ active involvement in the learning process  Everybody participate in the discussions  Increased sense of the students’ responsibility for the completion of the assignments on time  Fast and easy feedback  Convenient organization of assignments, grades and materials  Availability of the instructor outside the classroom

13 Recommendations  In a traditional ESL class use only selected features of the Blackboard  Don’t overuse it  Make Blackboard features user friendly: simple and clear  Discussion Forums create a safe environment for the shy students to express their ideas  Discussion Forums help students better exchange ideas and learn from each other  Instructor’s website helps to control the time and content of research  The variety of technology use depends on the interest of the students and availability of technological resources  Be prepared to spend more time working on assignments, e-feedback and communication with your students

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