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OCR Nationals Unit 1 – ICT Skills for Business Mr Singh.

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1 OCR Nationals Unit 1 – ICT Skills for Business Mr Singh

2 Open up word Name 2 functions of a typical business? Write what ICT tools you would use for this?

3 Introduction to Unit 1 Only compulsory unit Will not get any qualifications without this unit, no matter how well you do in the others. The unit examines how a typical business might use ICT – for: Creating presentations Creating documents Managing its finances and customer details What it can do to ensure Health and Safety whilst using computers.

4 Assessment Objectives A01 – Health & Safety - Understand how safe working practices are applied in a business environment AO2 – Using email - Using appropriate software, select and use tools and facilities to download files/information and to understand how to use email in a business context AO3 – Presentation - Design and create a business presentation to accompany a talk, using presentation software AO4 – DTP - Design and create business documents using word processing or DTP software AO5 – Spreadsheet - Design, create and use a simple business spreadsheet AO6 – Databases - Select and use tools and facilities in database software to enter, sort and search for information for business purposes


6 Create a folder for Unit 1 Go to your ICT folder Create a new folder called ‘Unit 1 – ICT Skills for Business’ In this folder create the following folders: AO1 A02 AO3 AO4 AO5 AO6

7 Learning Activity 1

8 Health & Safety ItemDescription Health Physical Safety File Loss Unauthorised access

9 Learning Activity 2

10 For AO1 – Health and Safety Evidence (in the leaflet) that you are aware of potential H&S dangers and how to prevent them Have at least one problem and prevention from each category below. Explanations will be full and detailed. Make sure you are able to explain the following problems, and give detailed information how to solve/prevent them Health Eyes Back RSI Epilepsy Physical Safety Electric Shock Tripping Fire hazards File Loss Name & Location Crashes Viruses Unauthorised Access Password advice Hacking/Firewall Virus/Trojan Phishing

11 MS Publisher Create a leaflet As shown by your teacher

12 Grading Criteria Please note: this is available on Moodle

13 Whole class feedback

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