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WHY TRAVEL? Benefits to your child Global Citizenship Why this tour? Global Classroom.

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2 WHY TRAVEL? Benefits to your child Global Citizenship Why this tour? Global Classroom

3 OUR MEETING AGENDA Educational Objectives Why EF? Wherever We Earn, EF is There What to Expect on Our Service Learning Tour Tour Highlights Why Group Travel? All-Inclusive Coverage Plan My Approach to Safety What are You Responsible for? Passports and Visas Everything You Get The EF Price Guarantee / Payment Options Paying for Your Tour How do You Reserve Your Spot?

4 EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES Align with school curricula to bring subjects, people, places and events to life. Promote our shared humanity through meaningful reflection and sustainable service. Strengthen youth voice and empowerment to affect change both at home and abroad. Provide global settings to sharpen key 21st century skills: critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration and global competence. Navigate new experiences and adapt to change with confidence.

5 WHY EF? Safety first All-Inclusive Coverage Plan 6-to-1 student-to-chaperone ratio Trained and licensed local guides 24-hour emergency on-call service Most educational Full-time Field Director trained to lead reflective activities Sustainable service project with local non-profits Cultural immersion in the communities we serve Best value Highest quality at the guaranteed lowest prices Planning and organizing all tour logistics by travel experts Peace of mind Should social unrest or natural events make traveling to our destination unsafe, EF will work with our group to make alternative arrangements.

6 WHEREVER WE LEARN, EF IS THERE EF has 37,000 staff and teachers in more than 500 offices in over 50 countries

7 WHAT TO EXPECT ON OUR SERVICE LEARNING TOUR Meaningful Service Get matched with established non-profits and NGOs to make sure your contributions are both meaningful and sustainable. Cultural Immersion Live in the communities you serve—celebrating traditional customs and forming lasting connections with locals. Leadership Development Your Field Director takes your service experience even further, strengthening leadership skills through activities and workshops.



10 Traveling with EF Group travel keeps tours affordable, allowing more students to see the world Combined groups get the best value Tour choice and departure date flexibility to match with other groups Meet other students from around the country Our requested tour dates are June 6 th – June 14 th, 2015 WHY GROUP TRAVEL? Traveling with EF

11 ALL-INCLUSIVE COVERAGE PLAN The plan covers your child for Tour cancellation and interruption Illness and accident Baggage and property Flight delay 24-hour access to English-speaking representative For more information, call EF’s Customer Service Department at 800-665-5364, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday–Friday.

12 MY APPROACH TO SAFETY The same rules and behavioral expectations that apply to school will apply on my tour. If a traveler violates my rules, I have the right to send them home from tour at the parents’ expense.

13 WHAT ARE YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR? Spending money for optional excursions, free time activities, souvenirs, beverages, lunches and snacks Tips for your Field Director, bus driver and local guides (around $10 per day) Passport and/or visa fees Baggage fees These are all necessities each traveler will be responsible for on this tour.

14 PASSPORTS AND VISAS All travelers are responsible for securing necessary documentation Valid passports are required for all travelers Passports may take up to 14 weeks to process Some destinations may require travel visas Non-U.S. citizens may require special visas or other travel documents Important note: Passports must be valid for at least six months after our scheduled return date

15 EVERYTHING YOU GET Program price includes Full-time Field Director Sustainable service project with local non-profit organization Service hours that count toward academic credit Sightseeing led by expert local guides All of the details covered: Round-trip flights on major carriers; accommodations; Comfortable motorcoach; Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily

16 OUR FULL-TIME FIELD DIRECTOR Culturally connected Helps us understand the needs of the community Stays with us 24/7 to handle all on-tour logistics Facilitates post-project reflection activities

17 PAYMENT OPTIONS 2 3 1 Pay in Full at Enrollment Pay your entire balance at the time you enroll Payment methods accepted: Visa or MasterCard, ATM/debit card or personal checks. Automatic Payment Plan – Free Payments automatically deducted from your bank account – choose monthly or bi-weekly Payment methods accepted: ATM/debit card or checking account only. Manual Payment Plan - $50 Plan Fee Receive invoices and make your payments in up to three installments Payment methods accepted: Visa or MasterCard, ATM/debit cards or personal checks.

18 PAYING FOR YOUR TOUR EF Price Guarantee - your guaranteed lowest price will never change once you enroll $ 5 a day $ 156 a month

19 For more information, call EF’s Customer Service Department at 800-665-5364, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday–Friday. HOW DO YOU RESERVE YOUR SPOT? Online Phone 800-665-5364 Tour number 1674164JE Application deadline Enroll by 12/15/14 to receive the Early Enrollment Discount!

20 “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” MARGARET MEAD

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