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1 Growing Your Club 2nd November 2011

2 Introductions John Finney, Chairman South Staffordshire Athletics Club Network Cath Pendlebury, Co-ordinator South Staffordshire Athletics Club Network Nigel Moore, Sport and Recreation Management Network Phil Caswell, West End Runners

3 Purpose and Outcomes Purpose: Using the opportunities of 2012 to develop Athletics Clubs (Or: Becoming more forward thinking?) Outcomes: Identify future requirements for your club’s success Understand the means to address issues How your network can help

4 Task: Who does what in your club? In your club groups - Please quickly complete the distributed proforma

5 The importance of having a plan to transform your club Making the club more forward thinking? Phil Caswell West End Runners

6 Having a plan – the challenge What does your club do? Who does the work? But what does the club want to achieve?

7 Having a plan – the first steps…. If you need to, change the constitution! –Ensure that it reflects how you do business now –Widen out committee membership Planning meeting –Set the club calendar –Themes Coaching XC Race Constitution

8 Learning the lessons This is voluntary! Be realistic Keep an eye on time Keep moving, look for opportunities

9 Clubs Face a Changing World? Increasing legislation Growing demands on people’s time More people needed to be involved, doing discrete tasks? A more ‘professional’ culture is expected?

10 Background; What’s going on? England Athletics Whole Club Planning Essential Club foundations; for example governance, income/expenditure, volunteers Development programmes, such as Athletics 365 and Clubmark The Big Society……..Other areas?

11 How to bring it all together Many issues are linked to helping your club The Network wishes to help clubs and provide you with support Together, England Athletics can develop a framework and a ‘menu’ of resources to help clubs succeed?

12 Planning a way forward Need to set out a framework to structure the needs of athletics and road running clubs Needs to involve all elements of a club Be flexible to respond to needs of individual clubs Able to map out future development and requirements: ONGOING SUPPORT.

13 Why Plan? What’s in it for the club? Identifies and prioritises aims and aspirations Recognises where the club has come from and where it is now: progress, heritage, decline? Involves club members in decision making Supports funding applications Helps clubs cope with change Use club’s resources more effectively Check on club’s progress

14 Whole Club Planning Framework Purpose: To help individual clubs agree on the direction they are heading and create a plan to get there. In brief: It will create a ‘road map’ for the whole club, and it will help the club to see where it wants to go and how to get there.

15 Discussion 1 Please divide into small groups and examine the main areas (concerns?) that affect the sustainable running of your club?

16 Feedback: Development Areas


18 The Framework Key planning areas Some will be more relevant or have a higher priority than others: for each club to decide Each area is not exhaustive, there may be others you wish to include The framework should create a planning structure to support, the effective running of the club

19 Discussion 2: Development Areas Divide into Discussion Groups to look at key areas Identify strengths and weaknesses across your clubs Please add what has led to any given strength or weakness In case of any weaknesses, please add what help is required and how might it be provided

20 Feedback People Activities Welfare Partners Management Additional points?

21 WCP: Proposed ‘5 Stage Start’ Look at resources on the England Athletics Website Contact your Network Co-ordinator: John F. Hold an initial planning meeting Involve or seek input from wide cross section of the club Create small working group to pull together ideas and produce draft WCP for approval

22 WCP Resources Introductory planning notes (Website) WCP Template Action Plan Templates Cath Pendlebury, Network Co-ordinator Nick Robinson, CCSO Other Network Clubs

23 Other Local Support: County Sports Partnerships Definition of a CSP A County Sports Partnership is a partnership of agencies committed to working together to increase participation in sport and physical activity. SASSOT’s Mission “Working together to champion participation, enjoyment and success through sport, physical education and physical activity.”

24 What Does a CSP do? Who are SASSOT’s Partners? Core Funding Partners Initiative Funding Partners Other Key Partners Support for National Governing Bodies (and their clubs, coaches and volunteers) underpins all that we do

25 What Does This Mean For Clubs? ‘One-Stop Shop’ for Information Web Site and E-newsletter Accreditation Support / Publicity Sports Club Accreditation Funding Funding Advice and Support ‘ACCESS Across Staffordshire’ Funding (Equity) Sport Makers and Sportivate Education and Training Programme Coach Database –

26 How Do I Find Out More? Jane Kracke, Sports Manager Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on- Trent Tel: 01785 619187 Email:

27 Summary and next steps Key development areas identified by clubs Address club’s key development issues Shape future England Athletics and Networks support to help clubs Develop sound Whole Club Plans

28 Your Athletics Network How it will help you John Finney Network Chairman

29 Important point to remember The Network wants to help you to progress and succeed If you need help please ask!

30 Concluding discussion & questions Any subsequent questions please contact

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