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BIDS - Bath Information & Data Services

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1 BIDS - Bath Information & Data Services
What is BIDS? How can BIDS help you? BIDS services Accessing BIDS Conducting searches Some limitations of BIDS databases Help and information about BIDS

2 What is BIDS? A service providing network access to leading bibliographic databases and full text journals Details of journal articles, reviews, conference proceedings, etc Searchable abstract texts Current and frequently updated information Simple, easy-to-use interfaces with extensive online help Free and unlimited access for students and staff BIDS

3 How can BIDS help you? Reviewing
what has been published on a specific topic who is publishing work in particular subject areas active areas of research recent findings based on earlier research (citation searching) Following the work of specific authors Tracking the research activity of particular organisations Verifying references Reviewing the contents of journal issues

4 BIDS Pascal Service An international database covering the major literature in science, technology and medicine: Coverage of over 4000 international journals More than 8 million records Abstracts available in 75% of articles since 1995 Updated weekly - data from 1984 Special features - AutoJournals, and access to some full text articles Highly successful BIDS web interface

5 BIDS Pascal Service Subject Coverage Agriculture Biology
Chemistry and Chemicals Engineering Sciences Environment - Sciences of the Universe Food Industries Forestry Medicine Pharmacology Physics Psychology

6 ingentaJournals Service
Full text electronic journals service Thousands of journal articles from a range of publishers Free for anyone to search and browse Free access to full text articles for journal subscribers Supports UK Pilot Site Licence Scheme Web access

7 ingentaJournals - Subject Coverage
Subject Coverage includes Physical Sciences Engineering Environmental Science Life Sciences Maths & Statistics Medicine Nursing Psychology Business Economics Education History Humanities Linguistics Management Philosophy Politics Sociology Full Text

8 BIDS Inside Information Service
Table of contents database Data supplied by the British Library, based on their Document Supply Centre holdings Coverage of the BL’s most requested titles Data back to 1992 Updated twice-weekly Telnet access B I D S Inside Information

9 BL Inside Information - Subject Coverage
Data based on every major article in of BLDSC's most requested titles Covers wide range of subject areas

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences - one of the largest and most comprehensive social sciences databases in the world Data supplied by the British Library of Political and Economic Science Includes over 2600 journals & books per annum Access to some full text articles Now dates back to updated weekly Abstracts included from 1997 Web and telnet services IBSS ONLINE

11 IBSS ONLINE - Subject Coverage
International Bibliography of the Social Sciences Subject Coverage Anthropology Economics Politics Sociology

12 BIDS EMBASE Service Well-known medical database from Elsevier Science
Particularly good coverage of drugs and toxicology Covers ~3500 journals from 110 countries Updated weekly - data back to 1980 Special feature - EMTREE thesaurus searching Web, Windows client and telnet services through Ovid interface

13 EMBASE - Subject Coverage
Drug research, pharmacology, pharmaceutics & toxicology Human medicine (clinical & experimental) Basic biological research relevant to human medicine Health policy & management Public, occupational & environmental health Substance dependence & abuse Psychiatry Forensic medicine Biomedical engineering & instrumentation Selective coverage of: Nursing, dentistry, veterinary science, psychology, alternative medicine Strengths: Drugs/toxicology, international coverage (especially European, Japanese) Medline overlap about 37%

14 BIDS RSC Service Seven specialist databases supplied by The Royal Society of Chemistry: Analytical Abstracts Chemical Business NewsBase Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology Abstracts Chemical Safety Data Sheets Chemical Safety NewsBase Mass Spectrometry Bulletin UK Nutrient Databank Wide coverage of international journals, books, standards and ‘grey literature’ Most updated monthly

15 RSC Databases - Subject Coverage
Analytical chemistry Chromatography Spectroscopy Mass spectrometry Hazardous chemicals Safety at work laboratories offices chemical industry Environmental issues Biotechnology Food and nutrition Chemical engineering theory pilot scale studies processes control methods Chemical industry news products markets legislation company results

16 BIDS Education Service
Two important education databases ERIC the world’s largest education database abstracts included journal articles, research documents, technical reports, curricular materials data back to updated monthly British Education Index (BEI) British and European sources for education and training 350 journals plus national reports and conferences data back to updated quarterly Web, Windows client and telnet services through Ovid interface

17 Education Databases - Subject Coverage
Pre-school Education Primary Education Secondary Education Reading Skills Curricula Tests & Evaluation Science & Maths Education Gifted Children Further Education Higher Education Graduate Studies Adult Education Adult Basic Education Vocational Training Professional Training Teaching Management Teacher Education Counselling Health Education Policy

18 Accessing BIDS BIDS services operate from the University of Bath
Access via JANET Connection by World Wide Web or telnet Availability 24 hours/day, 7 days/week (some exceptions) Registration required Free and unlimited use at licensed sites BIDS

19 Conducting Searches Search for: Limit searches by: Special features:
words or phrases in article titles, abstracts or keywords author names and/or addresses journal titles keywords or index terms Limit searches by: year of publication (or a range of years) language of original article document type(s) Special features: Web services - availability of some full text articles EMBASE - thesaurus tree

20 Some limitations of BIDS databases
BIDS databases do not cover all published material There is no guaranteed way of finding all relevant articles Only a small proportion of full text articles are available but most databases do include abstracts Some databases can be biased to English language and US titles Relatively recent time coverage in some databases No suppliers guarantee 100% accuracy minor errors do occur Journals indexed by BIDS may not be available locally check your library for details of local holdings

21 Help and Information about BIDS
Printed documentation available Extensive context-sensitive online help screens Local support information also given online Local contacts for registration and help the BIDS Helpdesk at See the BIDS web site at for downloadable user guides and other information

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