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Multiple Choice Review US History to 1877. Geography What is the capital of Washington? A.Olympia B.Seattle C.D.C. D.Richmond.

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1 Multiple Choice Review US History to 1877

2 Geography What is the capital of Washington? A.Olympia B.Seattle C.D.C. D.Richmond

3 Geography Which capital belongs to the non- contiguous region? A.Sacramento B.Tallahassee C.Honolulu D.Richmond

4 Geography Which group of famous cities would you find in the Northeastern part of the United States? A.San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle B.Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit C.New York, Boston, Pittsburgh D.Atlanta, Washington D.C., New Orleans

5 Geography What United States city is known for their steel plants? A.Pittsburgh B.Detroit C.Chicago D.Philadelphia

6 Geography If you were an African American in the 1920’s, where would you live in order to have a better standard of living? A.Montgomery, Alabama B.Nashville, Tennessee C.Boston, Massachusetts D.Atlanta, Georgia

7 Geography The textile industry in the United States is associated with what area? A.New England B.Pacific Region C.Detroit D.Los Angeles

8 Geography What states are located in the southwest region of the United States? A.Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire B.Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico C.Alaska, California, Hawaii D.Maryland, Delaware, Virginia

9 Geography Which group of cities is located in the southwestern region of the United States? A.Honolulu, Juneau B.Atlanta, New Orleans C.San Antonio, Santa Fe D.Boston, Philadelphia

10 Westward Expansion Chief Joseph led the Nez Perce Indians toward Canada, but finally decided he must - A.Enjoy life on a reservation B.Surrender to the army C.Live in Mexico D.Continue to fight

11 Westward Expansion What led to the collapse of the cattle drives in the west? A.There was no way to get the cattle to the east. B.There were too many cattle for the open range. C.The creation of the transcontinental railroad. D.Sheep ranchers took over the open range.

12 Westward Movement After the Civil War, what two valuable minerals were discovered in the West? A.coal and silver B.copper and coal and coal D.silver and gold

13 Westward Expansion What was the result of prospectors moving to new mining sites? A.Homesteads B.Boom towns C.Indian reservations D.Ghost towns

14 Westward Expansion How did the invention of barbed wire and the steel plow influence the westward movement? A.It allowed people to move to more challenging environments. B.It improved tobacco farming in Virginia. C.It improved railroad construction. D.It allowed farmers to plant more crops.

15 Westward Expansion Due to low rainfall on the Great Plains, farmers adapted their techniques by using which of the following? A.Sod homes B.Dry farming C.Railroads D.Barbed wire

16 Westward Expansion What form of shelter did settlers use because of the scarcity of trees on the Great Plains? A.Teepee B.Grass hut C.Log cabin D.Sod house

17 Westward Expansion What new invention allowed wheat farmers to harvest their crops more quickly? A.Steel plow B.Windmill C.Barbed wire D.Railroads

18 Westward Expansion Which best describes the features and climate of the Great Plains? A.Flatlands that rise gradually from east to west. B.Land eroded by dust storms and water C.Low rainfall D.All of the above

19 Westward Expansion What reason caused people to expand westward? A.Opportunities for land ownership B.Transcontinental railroad C.Gold and silver D.All of the above

20 Westward Expansion What physical feature of the Great Plains made the land ideal for raising cattle? A.Abundant trees B.Flat open prairie C.Large rivers D.Rolling hills

21 Westward Expansion What motivated the government policy of forcing all Native Americans onto reservations? A.A desire to protect their way of life B.To give them voting rights C.To get more land for settlers D.To punish settlers for stealing land

22 Westward Expansion The idea of Manifest Destiny meant what? A.Native Americans had an equal claim to the lands in the west. B.Slavery should be allowed in the west. C.No more European colonies would be allowed in America. D.The United States had the right to expand to the Pacific Ocean.

23 Westward Expansion Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull played a part in the _____? A.Battle of Little Big Horn B.Civil War C.Sand Creek Massacre D.Spanish American War

24 Westward Expansion The completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869 contributed to the settlement of what region of the United States? A.Northeast B.Southeast C.Western Rocky Mountains D.Non-contiguous

25 Westward Expansion What was the impact of the westward movement on the Native Americans? A.Reservations B.Gold C.Homestead Act D.Civil War

26 Westward Expansion Buffalo in the west were on the verge Of _____? A.Being domesticated B.Extermination C.Set aside for Indians D.All of the above

27 Westward Expansion Which of the following was a provision of the Homestead Act? A.Gold B.Transcontinental Railroad C.160 acres of land D.Cattle drives

28 Westward Expansion Which of the following men fought in the Battle of Little Big Horn? A.George Custer B.Teddy Roosevelt C.Chief Joseph D.Abraham Lincoln

29 Westward Expansion The Transcontinental Railroad helped to link the following? A.Arctic Ocean to the Indian Ocean B.Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean C.Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean D.Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean

30 Westward Expansion An Indian reservation is? A.Hunting ground for all Americans B.A national park for Indians C.Land set aside for Indians D.Land set aside for buffalo

31 Westward Expansion The Homestead Act of 1862 helped the development of the West by? A.Granting land for the construction of the transcontinental railroad B.Allowing slavery to spread through the territories C.Providing free land to settlers D.Placing Native Americans on reservations

32 Immigration Immigrants came to the United states from many parts of the world. Which group traveled the shortest distance to get to the United States? A.Chinese B.Canadians C.Irish D.German

33 Immigration In the late 1800’s, the increase for tenement building was a direct result of ____? A.Changing roles for women during war B.Rapid growth of cities due to immigrants C.Westward expansion by Americans D.Young children working in factories

34 Immigration Which of the following BEST describes a tenement? A.Cramped quarters on a ship B.Place to go for food and shelter C.A run-down apartment building D.A suburb of the city

35 Immigration Hull House, a famous settlement house in Chicago, was founded by which of the following? A.Jane Addams B.Susan B. Anthony C.Bessie Smith D.Eleanor Roosevelt

36 Immigration During the 1800’s/ early 1900’s, working conditions were _____? A.Good, with an 8-hour day, good wages, and safe conditions. B.Okay, with high wages, and fairly safe conditions. C.Poor, with long hours, low wages, and unsafe conditions. D.Poor, with short hours, low wages, and safe conditions.

37 Immigration Where did most of the post Civil War immigrants come from? A.Eastern China B.South Africa C.Western Asia D.Eastern Europe

38 Immigration The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 prevented Chinese from? A.Leaving Ellis Island B.Immigrating to America C.Leaving America D.Emigrating from China

39 Immigration This is a picture of what island located off the coast of New York? A.New York Island B.Great Hall Island C.Ellis Island D.Angel Island

40 Immigration This picture most likely represents what? A.Westward expansion B.Emigration C.Labor Union D.Homestead strike

41 Immigration America’s first attempt to limit the number of immigrants entering the United States began in 1882 with the inception of? A.Restriction on Russian immigrants B.The Chinese Exclusion Act C.The Japanese Exclusion Act D.Standard Quota for formula system

42 Immigration What product was most responsible for the growth of the major industrial area in Detroit, Michigan? A.Oil industry B.Textile industry C.Automobile industry D.Steel industry

43 Immigration After the Civil War, what city became the center of the meat packing industry? A.Sacramento B.Kansas City C.Pittsburgh D.Chicago

44 Immigration Which of the following is NOT a reason immigrants came to the United States following the Civil War? A.For a new adventure B.To begin an oppressive government C.Hope for a better opportunity D.Religious freedom

45 Immigration Alexander Graham Bell invented the - A.Cotton gin B.Telephone C.Light bulb D.Steam boat

46 Immigration Which is the correct combination? A.Cotton gin - Carnegie B.Telephone - Rockefeller C.Lighting and Electricity - Edison D.Railroads - Bell

47 Immigration What modern technology can trace its origin to an invention of Alexander Graham Bell? A.Airplane B.Cell phone C.Microwave D.Nuclear power

48 Industrialization Which was NOT a result of affordable automobiles? A.Growth of cities B.Greater mobility C.Creation of jobs D.Suburban developments

49 Industrialization Which statement is evidence that labor unions were more powerful after World War II? A.More workers were injured in factory accidents. B.Workers worked more hours for less money. C.Fewer workers wanted to join the union. D.Workers got new benefits and higher salaries.

50 Industrialization Andrew Carnegie is most associated with - A.Railroads B.Steel C.Mining D.Oil

51 Industrialization John D. Rockefeller formed a monopoly in - A.Steel B.Railroads C.Oil D.Cattle

52 Industrialization All of the following are matched correctly EXCEPT? A.John D. Rockefeller – oil B.Andrew Carnegie – steel C.Henry Ford – automobile D.David Sarnoff - railroads

53 Industrialization The assembly line increased? A.The need for skilled workers B.The quality of products while increasing costs C.The quantity of products while decreasing costs D.Worker safety on the job

54 Industrialization As a result of new technologies in the 1920’s, Americans had - A.More chores to complete B.Extra leisure time C.Less time to play sports D.An increase income

55 Industrialization Labor unions formed to help workers - A.Work longer hours for lower pay B.Child labor laws C.Encourage the use of more child labor D.Stop government interference in the workplace

56 Industrialization When labor union workers protested low pay or working conditions, they used - A.Monopolies B.Child labor laws C.Strikes D.Trusts

57 Industrialization The Homestead Strike of 1892 involved- A.Standard Oil employees B.Workers from McCormick C.Carnegie’s steel workers D.Pullman’s railway employees

58 Industrialization Which of the following workers could have been a member of the American Federation of Labor? A.Factory worker B.Farmer C.Slave D.Doctor

59 Industrialization One of the most important improvements in transportation in the early twentieth century was the - A.Railroad B.Automobile C.Ships D.Steam engine

60 Industrialization Which of the following was most responsible for the decrease in the use of railroads for transporting goods? A.Internet B.Satellites C.Interstate highways D.telecommunications

61 Industrialization John needs to research information about diabetes. Which modern technology would be the most useful? A.Cell phone B.Pager C.Telegraph D.Internet

62 Industrialization Which of the following was accomplished by the space program in 1970? A.Put a man on the moon B.Create a city on the moon C.Travel to the sun D.Put a man on Mars

63 Reform Movements What corrupt organizations controlled local government in many cities during the Progressive Era? A.Muckrakers B.Progressives C.Political machines D.Suffragists

64 Progressive Era What is Jane Addams mainly known for? A.The creation of the American Federation of Labor B.The work of Hull House C.Her work in the women’s suffrage movement D.Writing a history of the Standard Oil Company

65 Industrialization Why did Henry Ford use the assembly line? A.To increase the number of cars and decrease the price B.To decrease the number of cars and increase the price C.To create a wider variety of cars D.To pay his employees less

66 Industrialization The creation of stocks, corporations, and trusts are most closely connected with - A.Rise of big business B.Development of the factory system C.Formation of labor unions D.Invention of the automobile

67 Industrialization Who used the assembly line in the automobile industry? A.John D. Rockefeller B.Andrew Carnegie C.Henry Ford D.J.P. Morgan

68 Industrialization Guglielmo Marconi was the first to sent messages using - A.Radio waves B.Telegraph C.Telephone D.Television

69 Progressive Era Which is the best summary of the aims of the Progressive Movement? A.Cleaning up the world’s cities B.Eliminating abuses like crime and alcohol C.Helping new immigrants find homes D.Solving the problems created by Industrialization

70 Wars In which war was Teddy Roosevelt a military leader? A.Civil War B.World War I C.Cold War D.Spanish-American War

71 Spanish American War Which event was the most important factor in determining American involvement to the Spanish-American War? A.Blowing up of the USS Maine B.Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand C.Creation of the Rough Riders D.Sinking of the Lusitania

72 Spanish American War Which of the following did NOT become a territory of the United States after the Spanish-American War? A.Guam B.Philippines C.Cuba D.Puerto Rico

73 Spanish American War From what country did Cuba want their independence? A.United States B.Spain C.Puerto Rico D.Great Britain

74 Spanish American War Which of the following BEST describes the United States after the Spanish American War? A.Dominant nation B.Emerging world power C.Economically dependent D.Politically independent

75 Spanish American War The United States gained which of the following territories as a result of the Spanish-American War? A.Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guam B.Guam, Philippines, Cuba C.Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philippines D.Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines

76 Spanish American War Exaggerated news reports of events is an example of - A.Yellow Journalism B.Tabloid Journalism C.Muckraker Journalism D.Biased Journalism

77 Spanish American War The main goal of yellow journalism is To - A.Create revolutions B.Sell more newspapers C.Tell the truth D.Win support for a particular individual

78 World War I Which of the events was a major reason the United States became involved in World War I? A.League of Nations B.Sinking of the Lusitania C.Archduke assassination D.XYZ telegram

79 World War I The United States and its allies fought the Central Powers in World War I. The Allies included - A.Austria-Hungary and Turkey B.Britain and France C.Germany and Belgium D.Spain and Ottoman Empire

80 World War I Which result of World War I became a cause of World War II? A.The Versailles Treaty being unfair B.The League of Nations was a success C.France was divided into two countries D.United States became isolationist

81 World War I Which of the following is an accurate statement about the League of Nations? A.The United States does not join the League of Nations B.World peace is acquired C.Germany declares war over the League of Nations D.The League of Nations still exists today

82 World War I What was a result of the Versailles Treaty? A.World War II B.Assassination of Archduke C.Germany experiences economic success D.Sinking of the USS Maine

83 World War I Which major nation was also allied with Britain and France through most of World War I? A.Russia B.Spain C.Germany D.Sweden

84 World War I Many Americans opposed joining the League of Nations because they believed that - A.Dues the United States would have to pay would be too costly. B.The League of Nations would not follow a democratic policy. C.The League of Nations would allow Germany to join. D.This would cause the United States to become involved in another European War.

85 World War I Why did the Germans torpedo the Lusitania? A.They wanted to kill innocent Americans. B.They were upset that they had lost the war. C.The ship was secretly sending weapons to Great Britain. D.It was a mistake by the U-boat captain.

86 World War I Why was it necessary for soldiers in World War I to wear protective masks? A.Machine gun fire B.Flame throwers C.Mustard Gas D.Bayonet

87 1920’s and 1930’s During the 1920’s and 1930’s, Aaron Copeland, George Gershwin, and Duke Ellington were all associated with - A.Literature B.Music C.Art D.Politics

88 1920’s Which invention helped speed up production in the automobile industry? A.Mail order retailing B.Assembly line C.Hydroelectric plant D.Wireless communication

89 1920’s The growth of organized crime was a direct consequence of - A.Increased immigration B.Prohibition C.Jazz Age D.Civil Rights Movement

90 1920’s Aaron Copland was responsible for - A.Writing jazz music B.Turning his back on American traditions C.Creating classical compositions D.Writing folk songs

91 Reform Movements Home appliances allowed women to? A.Serve in the military B.Work outside of the home C.Have larger families D.Have less leisure time

92 1920’s The Harlem Renaissance was a - A.Fair in New York B.Celebration of African American art and literature C.Nightclub for African Americans D.Earned African Americans the right to vote

93 1920’s Which of the following aviators flew the worlds first plane? A.Charles Lindbergh B.Wright Brothers C.Amelia Earhart D.Babe Ruth

94 Reform Movements Bootleggers - A.Smuggled illegal alcohol B.Supported the Temperance Movement C.Followed the 18 th Amendment D.Raided and closed speakeasies

95 1920’s All of the following are correctly paired EXCEPT? A.Langston Hughes - artist B.Bessie Smith - blues singer C.Georgia O’Keefe - poet D.Duke Ellington - jazz musician

96 1920’s Which of the following is associated with movies? A.David Sarnoff B.Guglielmo Marconi C.Charlie Chaplin D.Eleanor Roosevelt

97 1920’s Which of the following is NOT a labor saving device? A.Washing machine B.Electric lighting C.Radio D.Electric stove

98 1920’s The artist who taught about the Great Migration North through their paintings was - A.Langston Hughes B.Georgia O’Keeffe C.Jacob Lawrence D.Booker T. Washington

99 Reform Movements Which of the following is true about the Progressive Movement in the workplace? A.Improved safety conditions B.Increased working hours C.Decreased workers pay D.Increased child labor

100 Reform Movements In what way did the 18 th Amendment affect Americans? A.Women were granted the right to vote B.Firearms were banned in public places C.The sale of alcohol was banned D.Congress could collect income taxes

101 Reform Movements The Temperance Movement eventually - A.Increased the crime rate B.Granted women the right to vote C.Declared speakeasies legal D.Helped people become less angry

102 1920’s Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong contributed to the development of what musical movement? A.Classical B.Jazz C.Blues D.Country

103 Reform Movements All of the following resulted from prohibition EXCEPT? A.Speakeasies B.Bootlegging C.c. Boomtowns D.Organized Crime

104 Reform Movements What movement wanted to amend the Constitution to grant women the right to vote? A.Prohibition B.Women’s Suffrage C.Temperance Movement D.Jim Crow Movement

105 Reform Movements Which of the following supports how Susan B. Anthony felt about women’s rights? A.Women should be paid less than men B.Women should have the right to vote C.Women should not go to college D.Women should NOT have the right to vote

106 Reform Movements All of the following are reasons for the Great Migration North EXCEPT? A.Jobs for African Americans were scarce in the South B.African Americans were facing discrimination in the South C.African Americans were searching for jobs in the North D.There was no discrimination in the North

107 1920’s Writers of the Harlem Renaissance were concerned with the - A.Fashions of the 1920’s B.Cultural experiences of African Americans C.Effects of prohibition on Americans D.Long term effects of World War I

108 Reform Movements The Temperance Movement was an attempt to alter immoral actions by - A.Providing women the opportunity to vote B.Banning the consumption of alcohol C.Outlawing the use of child labor D.Providing tax relief for immigrants

109 1920’s The Great Migration North is defined as - A.African American writers, musicians, and artists gaining popularity B.People moving from the cities to the suburbs C.Mexicans immigrating to the United States D.African Americans moved to the northern cities in search of better jobs

110 Great Depression Which writer described the life of migrant workers during the Great Depression? A.John Steinbeck B.Ernest Hemingway C.F. Scott Fitzgerald D.Langston Hughes

111 Great Depression Which was a major feature of the New Deal? A.Social Security program B.Head Start program C.Homestead Act D.Pure Food and Drug Act

112 Great Depression Which President is associated with the New Deal? A.Herbert Hoover B.Harry Truman C.Teddy Roosevelt D.Franklin Roosevelt

113 Great Depression All of the following were impacts of the Great Depression EXCEPT? A.Consumers had to wait in line for food B.The price of farm goods fell C.Investments in business became worthless D.Farmer’s income rose to higher levels

114 Great Depression In what decade did the stock market crash? A.1910’s B.1920’s C.1940’s D.1950’s

115 Great Depression The Social Security Act - A.Gave benefits to elderly Americans B.Is no longer in use today C.Provided free meals to the homeless D.Employed thousands of Americans

116 Great Depression All of the following were causes of the Great Depression EXCEPT? A.Over speculation on stocks B.Failure of the Federal Reserve to prevent the banks from collapsing C.High tariffs strangled international trade D.Business created job assistance programs

117 Economics The Stock Market Crash is considered to be the beginning of - A.The Roaring Twenties B.The Great Depression C.The New Deal D. World War II

118 Great Depression During the height of the Great Depression, one in _____ workers was unemployed? A.2 B.4 C.6 D.8

119 Great Depression All of the following were major features of the New Deal EXCEPT? A.Environmental improvement plans B.Retirement plans for the elderly C.Farm assistance programs D.More taxes on the poor

120 World War II Anti-Semitism is associated with - A.Discrimination of Jews B.Discrimination of African Americans C.Discrimination of Italians D.Discrimination of Germans

121 World War II What example of propaganda got women to go to work in factories? A.Susan the Warrior B.Rosie the Riveter C.Truman the Conqueror D.Hitler the Anti-Semitic

122 World War II The phrase “Baby Boom” refers to what event? A.An increase in births during World War II B.A large number of very young soldiers in the Army C.An increase in births from the end of WWII through the 1950’s D.An increase in the number of school children in the early 1930’s

123 Reform Movements In which time period did women outnumber men working in factories? A.Before World War II B.During World War II C.After World War II D.After World War I

124 World War II Of the following events, which occurred LAST? A.V-E Day (Victory over Europe) B.Germany invades Belgium C.D-Day Invasion D.V-J Day (Victory over Japan)

125 World War II The first place occupied by Hitler during World War II was - A.France B.Great Britain C.Spain D.Poland

126 World War II What ended United States isolationism and brought the nation into World War II? A.German U-boat attacks B.The attack on Pearl Harbor C.Beginning of Lend-Lease D.The Non-Aggression Pact

127 World War II Which of the following nations was partially occupied by German troops? A.Great Britain B.United States C.France D.Poland

128 World War II President Truman dropped the atomic bombs to - A.Avoid huge United States casualties B.Prolong the war C.Punish the Japanese D.Reduce civilian deaths

129 World War II What was Hitler’s “final solution”? A.A policy requiring Jews to live in ghettos B.The expulsion of Jews to Palestine C.The policy of killing all Jews D.The trial of Nazi leaders

130 World War II Which event comes immediately before the United States entered World War II? A.Bombing of Pearl Harbor B.Battle of Midway C.D-Day D.Germany invades Poland

131 Reform Movements Whose rights did Eleanor Roosevelt help expand? A.Women of all colors B.European-American men C.Congress D.Doctors

132 World War II Which leader is correctly matched to the correct form of government? A.Fascism - Hitler B.Communist - Roosevelt C.Democratic - Tojo Hideki D.Anarchism - Mussolini

133 World War II On D-Day the Allies - A.Dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima B.Landed on the beaches of France C.Invaded Italy D.Defeated Hitler

134 World War II Which battle was the turning point for the United States in the Pacific War? A.Pearl Harbor B.Coral Sea C.Midway D.Guam

135 World War II Which of the following events is associated with the beginning of World War II? A.Bombing of Pearl Harbor B.Germany invading Poland C.Sinking of the Lusitania D.Invasion of Normandy

136 World War II Which group of Americans were forced to move into internment camps? A.Japanese-Americans B.Chinese-Americans C.German-Americans D.Italian-Americans

137 World War II The famous Non-Aggression Pact was signed between - A.Stalin and Hitler B.Roosevelt and Stalin C.Tojo and Stalin D.Stalin and Churchill

138 World War II When did World War II begin? A.August 1, 1915 B.June 6, 1944 C.September 1, 1939 D.October 29, 1929

139 World War II Which is NOT a member of the Allies in World War II? A.France B.Soviet Union C.Italy D.Great Britain

140 World War II Which of the following is not something Hitler gained during appeasement? A.Austria B.Poland C.Sudetenland D.Czechoslovakia

141 World War II Which country was led by Adolph Hitler? A.Soviet Union B.Great Britain C.Italy D.Germany

142 World War II Following World War II, women - A.Remained in the workforce B.Gained equal pay with men C.Returned to family responsibilities D.Gained corporate leadership

143 World War II Which country was led by Benito Mussolini? A.Soviet Union B.Great Britain C.Italy D.Germany

144 World War II Which leader is NOT correctly matched to the correct country? A.Truman – United States B.Roosevelt – United States C.Churchill – France D.Stalin – Soviet Union

145 World War II Which of the following was leader of ONE of the three axis Powers during World War II? A.Benito Mussolini B.Winston Churchill C.William King D.Josef Stalin

146 World War II What was the Holocaust? A.A plan to build enough nuclear weapons to wipe out the human race B.A policy of using Jewish slave labor in Germany’s wartime work camps C.An attempt to break an opponent’s will to fight by heavily bombing his cities D.An attempt to kill all European Jews

147 World War II In the United States, which of the following were the victims of the most serious discrimination during World War II? A.African Americans B.German Americans C.Japanese Americans D.Italian Americans

148 World War II Identify the country the United States supplied arms under the Lend-Lease Act? A.Germany B.Great Britain C.Japan D.Spain

149 World War II Which was the most likely destination for a German-Jewish woman during World War II? A.Internment Camp B.Concentration Camp C.United States D.Soviet Union

150 World War II What type of government did Japan adopt following World War II? A.Communist B.Fascist C.Socialist D.Democratic

151 World War II All of the following are a result of the bombing of Pearl Harbor EXCEPT? A.United States declares war on Japan B.The United States Navy was destroyed C.The United States dropped an atomic bomb on Japan D.Japan bombs the Lusitania

152 World War II Which of the following governments give total power to a dictator? A.Democracy B.Fascism C.Communism D.Socialism

153 Cold War After World War II, Germany was - A.Partitioned into East and West Germany B.Forced to pay reparations for World War II damages C.An American Territory D.Under total Communist domination

154 World War II How did Americans at home help the war effort in World War II? A.By rationing resources B.By fighting in Europe C.By hoarding food D.Going on as if nothing had happened

155 World War II In 1945, which of the following was established to prevent future global wars? A.Berlin Wall B.Manhattan Project C.United Nations D.European Union

156 Cold War The main reason the United States chose to rebuild Europe after World War II was to - A.Prevent immigration to America B.Help the Soviet Union C.Prevent more political instability D.Punish the Allied Powers

157 Cold War After World War II, the United States helped rebuild Europe using the - A.Truman doctrine B.Marshall Plan C.United Nations D.Nuremberg Trials

158 Cold War After World War II, the United States - A.Returned to a policy of isolationism B.Helped to rebuild Europe C.Insisted on punishing Japan D.Turned Germany over to the Soviet Union

159 Cold War The United Nations differs from the League of Nations because it - A.Is an international organization B.Has the United States as a member C.Tries to prevent future global wars D.Is a peacekeeping organization

160 Cold War What event is associated with the collapse of Communism? A.Division of Korea B.Vietnam War cease-fire C.Destruction of the Berlin Wall D.Creation of the Warsaw Pact

161 Cold War The Berlin Airlift allowed - A.Berlin’s inhabitants to escape B.The Allies to supply Berlin C.The Soviets to build a wall around Berlin D.The West to attack the Soviet Union

162 Cold War Which country was separated by the Iron Curtain? A.Poland B.France C.Germany D.Italy

163 Cold War During the Cold War, the United States policy of containment was to limit the spread of - A.Democracy B.Fascism C.Communism D.Socialism

164 Cold War Which event spurred on the development of the United States space program? A.Achievement of Charles Lindbergh B.The computerization of banking C.Development of nuclear power D.Soviet launching of Sputnik

165 Cold War Which of the following occurred during the Cuban Missile Crisis? A.Soviet Union placed missiles in Cuba B.North Vietnam placed missiles in Cuba C.United States placed missiles in Cuba D.Great Britain placed missiles in Cuba

166 Cold War The term Cold War means - A.Tension between the United States and the USSR B.Combat between the United States and the USSR C.Combat in the Arctic and Antarctic Regions D.Tension between England and the United States

167 Cold War What is the United Nations? A.A group of nations that try to prevent future global wars B.Nations of North and South America who use the same currency C.Nations who unite to trade with each other D.A group of European nations that promote tourism

168 Cold War What is the name given to a failed attempt, which the United States supported, to take over Cuba? A.Iran-Contra Affair B.The Bay of Pigs C.The Cuban Missile Crisis D.The Grenada War

169 Cold War The Cold War ended with the- A.Destruction on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization B.Break up of the Soviet Union into independent countries C.Return of the United States to an isolationist country D.Spread of communism into Europe and Asia

170 Cold War During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the United States responded to Soviet missiles in Cuba by - A.Invading Cuba B.Attacking the Soviet Union C.Imposing a blockade around Cuba D.Negotiating a treaty with the Soviet Union

171 Cold War East and West Germany were reunited by - A.Cuban Missile Crisis B.Bay of Pigs C.Communism spread to West Germany D.Destruction of the Berlin Wall

172 Cold War The “Domino Theory” predicted - A.The Berlin Wall would fall B.Communism would spread C.Soviets would build missiles D.Democracy would spread

173 Cold War All of the following are major conflicts during the Cold War EXCEPT? A.Korean War B.Vietnam War C.Cuban Missile Crisis D.Destruction of the Berlin Wall

174 Vietnam The United States went to war in Vietnam in order to stop the spread of - A.Fascism B.Communism C.Socialism D.Federalism

175 Vietnam United States involvement in the Vietnam War ended in a - A.South Vietnamese victory B.Cease-fire agreement C.North Vietnamese victory D.United States victory

176 Korean War Which statement best describes the outcome of the Korean Conflict? A.North Korea won B.South Korea won C.The conflict ended in a stalemate D.The conflict reunited Korea

177 Civil Rights Movement Which leader most influenced African Americans to stand up against discrimination and demand equality? A.Booker T. Washington B.John W. Brown C.Plessy V. Ferguson D.W.E.B. DuBois

178 Civil Rights Movement How did Booker T. Washington’s ideas differ from W.E.B. DuBois? A.Washington wanted African Americans to demand equal rights. B.Washington only wanted equal voting rights for African Americans. C.Washington was strongly against job education for African Americans. D.Washington believed equality could be achieved through education.

179 Civil Rights Movement “I have a dream that one day, out in the red hills of Georgia, sons of former slaves…will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.” A.Dr. King’s message is that slavery should end. B.Dr. King’s message is that Americans should dream. C.Dr. King’s message is that Racial discrimination must end. D.Dr. King’s message is that Racial discrimination will never end.

180 Civil Rights Movement If a golf course refused to allow African Americans to play, which action would Martin Luther King Jr. most likely have approved? A.Burn the golf course down B.Quit playing golf and take up another sport C.A sit-in protest at the golf course D.Physically attack the golf course’s owner

181 Civil Rights Movement The Montgomery bus boycott was a direct result of - A.Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. B.Increase in bus fared in Montgomery C.Rosa Park’s refusal to move to the back of the bus D.Unsafe bus transportation

182 Civil Rights Movement Which of the following Supreme Court cases ruled that segregated schools were unequal and unconstitutional? A.Plessy vs. Ferguson B.Brown vs. Board of Education C.Marbury vs. Madison D.Miranda vs. Arizona

183 Civil Rights Movement Which of the following examples BEST describes racial segregation following the Civil War? A.A woman was arrested for trying to vote at a local election B.A fifty-year old man was not hired for a job based on his age. C.An African American was forced to ride in a separate railroad car. D.A woman working in a factory made less money than a man doing the same job.

184 Civil Rights Movement African-Americans were forced to ride in separate railroad cars. This was an example of - A.Jim Crow Laws B.Anti-lynching Laws C.Southern Railroad Act D.Homestead Act

185 Civil Rights Movement Why did the Civil Rights movement oppose the Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court ruling? A.The ruling desegregated schools B.Public facilities were never equal C.The ruling supported women’s suffrage D.The ruling integrated public facilities

186 Civil Rights Movement The main purpose of the Jim Crow laws was to - A.Encourage black and white citizens to help each other B.Encourage boycotts C.Encourage the growth of black-owned businesses D.Encourage the separation of blacks and whites

187 Civil Rights Movement What was the main difference in how Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois responded to racism? A.DuBois supported a Back-to-Africa movement, and Washington opposed it. B.DuBois wanted African Americans to attend blacks-only schools, and Washington wanted to desegregate education. C.DuBois wanted to attack racial discrimination head-on, and Washington preferred to ignore it. D.Washington thought better education was the path to equality, and DuBois disagreed.

188 Reform Movements Which piece of legislation enabled many Americans, who could not have otherwise afforded to do so, to attend college? A.Education Act of 1964 B.G.I. Bill of Rights C.Tax Reform Act of 1981 D.Twenty-First Amendment

189 Reform Movements When was it no longer surprising to see women working as coal miners, police officers, doctors, television newscasters, and astronauts? A.1920’s B.1930’s C.1970’s D.1870’s

190 Economics After World War II, how did Americans purchase cars and other costly items they could never before afford? A.Credit B.Layaway C.Barter D.Trade

191 Economics What types of goods were more factories producing after 1945? A.War materials B.Consumer products C.Military uniforms D.Tanks

192 Economics According to the law of supply and demand, farmers would be able to obtain the highest price for their product when - A.Both supply and demand are high B.Both supply and demand are low C.Supply is high and demand is low D.Supply is low and demand is high

193 Technology What impact do the newest technologies have on American life? A.Increased travel for business and pleasure B.Greater access to news and information C.Greater access to heating and air- conditioning D.All of the above

194 Technology Which of the following is associated as a newer technology? A.Internet B.Space exploration C.Jets D.All of the above

195 Technology Which industry has benefited most from new communications technologies? A.Automobiles B.Entertainment and news C.Food processing D.Steel industry

196 Technology What has been one result of technological change since 1990? A.Cheaper and faster forms of communication B.More cultural differences among the nations of the world C.More traffic accidents as driving becomes increasingly unsafe D.Increased likelihood of a nuclear war

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