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Internet Mass media Newspapers (tabloids) Radio.

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1 Internet Mass media Newspapers (tabloids) Radio

2 1Television a) a paper printed and sold usually daily or weekly with news, advertisements etc. 2 Newspaper b) programmes for people to listen to 3 Tabloid c) programmes (the news, plays, advertisements, shows, etc.) for people to watch on their television sets 4 The Internet d) a newspaper with small pages, many pictures and little serious news 5 Radio e) communicating with a partner using the computer ( s) c a d e b

3 The radio provides us with
Mass media The radio provides us with news, weather reports.

4 One of you is a telly addict (зависимый от телевизора), you watch TV all day long and it does not matter if it is a documentary or a soap opera, game show or news; the other tries to prove, that it is harmful to sit in front of TV for a long period of time, he (she) is not against TV, watches TV only when he (she) has free time and only definite types of programmes.

5 1. It is a programme in which famous people talk about themselves and answer questions about their lives, opinions etc. Chat show 2. It is a programme in which people or teams compete against each other by answering questions. Quiz show

6 3. It is a programme in which people play games and answer questions in order to win prizes.
Game show 4. It is a film, especially a story for children that is made by photographing a series of drawings, so that they seem to move. Cartoon

7 5. It is an amusing programme in which there is a different story each week about the same group of people. Sitcom 6. It is a programme which is broadcast early in the morning, which includes news and tells you what time it is; there are also usually songs and jokes and conversations with famous people. Breakfast show

8 7. It is a television story about a group of people and their lives, which is broadcast regularly for many years. Soap opera 8. It is a programme that is broadcast several times each day, which tells you about all the important events that are happening in the world. The news

9 Wildlife programme Documentary
9. It is a television programme about wild animals and plants. Wildlife programme 10. It is a programme that gives you facts and information about a serious subject, such as history, science or social programme. Documentary

10 Hometask to match the texts with the headlines (copy);
to write a short essay “Advantages and disadvantages of TV / radio / the Internet / newspapers”.

11 Thank you for the lesson.
Have a nice day! Teacher: Makarova M.V.

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