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FACTS Management Business Solutions For Catholic Schools.

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1 FACTS Management Business Solutions For Catholic Schools

2 Our Mission at FACTS We are committed to enhancing the stability and affordability of Catholic schools We help 1.5 million families meet their tuition obligations and easily apply for financial aid

3 Helping Your School… Benefit from more dependable cash flow Devote more resources toward the classroom Provide its families with convenient and secure tuition payment plans

4 How FACTS Tuition Works…. Families Will Pay Tuition through FACTS, and FACTS remits to your School Three Payment Options for Families: 1.Payment In Full through FACTS by Jul. 1st 2.2x Automatic Payment plan through FACTS from your checking or savings account (Jul. and Dec.) 3.10x Automatic Payment plan through FACTS from your checking or savings account (Jul. – Apr.)

5 How FACTS Tuition Works…. Click on link from your school website to ours. Create a user name and password. Choose your payment method and schedule. Provide banking or credit card information. Print or email your confirmation page, if desired. You’re done! Note: Your school will finalize your agreement with proper payment amounts, and then FACTS will send confirmation of your schedule to you.

6 Automatic Monthly Payments From a checking, savings, credit card Payment date options: 5 th or 20 th No invoices … No coupon books … No need to write a check every month Safe … Secure …Convenient

7 Automatic Monthly Payments Neither FACTS nor the school will have direct access to or any knowledge about the status of your bank account. This is a pre-authorized bank-to-bank transfer of funds. Far more secure than writing checks. The “10” factor.

8 The Key: Communication Always keep the school informed if a problem arises Only a school official can authorize a change to the payment terms (not FACTS)

9 Should a Family Hardship Arise… Contact the school office immediately When? Up to two (2) days in advance of your payment due date FACTS does NOT change terms of the payment agreement without school authorization

10 What Happens if a Payment is Missed (NSF)? Notification is sent immediately to the responsible party and to the school A payment that was missed on the 5th will be “re- attempted” on the 20th of the month A $25 penalty will be assessed Your bank may also assess a penalty fee

11 24/7 Access for Families Families have secure 24/7 access to their account activity through the FACTS web site View payments made, scheduled payments, adjustments, etc. From the comfort of your home or office

12 Contact Information: Douglas Solomon Office: 877-363-6134 Mobile: 617-803-1663 Email: FACTS: 800-624-7092

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