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Greg Writer CEO Angel Investors Network “The Facebook Affiliate Network”

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1 Greg Writer CEO Angel Investors Network “The Facebook Affiliate Network”

2 Jim Orr Started selling on eBay Moved on to e-commerce sites Original member of My Silent Team Original member of Offline Biz One of Jim Cockrum's original Students Worked at Traffic Geyser Was part of multiple product launches including the largest in IM history - $9.2 Million in 10 days

3 Leverage Relationships

4 Grateful For His Support & Endorsement!

5 Greg Writer BIO CEO of Angel Investors Network Majority owner of these 5 companies: AngelNetwork Children’s Edutainment Network Club TUKI BYOU Apparel Board Member of Never Give Up – Non Profit Board Member of Blessed Abundance – Non Profit

6 A Few Cool Things Over 100 Million Viewers Over 100,00 Comments Page 1 of Google for keyword God – of 2,770,000,000 Over 116,000 Facebook Fans Sold for $150k Partnered With Mike Huckabee

7 A Few Cool Things 101,739,389 Video Views 38,665 Subscribers Invented worlds 1 st Cartoon Interface Kid Safe Browser Invented 1 st Educational Gaming Website for Kids

8 Leverage Brands

9 Confidential Shrek Browser For Kids Created Under License With DreamWorks

10 Confidential Miss America

11 Confidential


13 A Few Cool Things


15 The Entrepreneurs Best Friend

16 A sudden, radical, or complete change Activity or movement designed to effect fundamental changes in a socioeconomic situation A fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something : a change of paradigm

17 Today's Goals Why Facebook is the Place to be Affiliate Marketing Cover 3 NEW Strategies Name & Email Acquisitions Sales & Lead Pages On FB ROI Lead Finding Tool & Strategies Simulcasting For Brand & Audience Rapport

18 Today’s Goals Cover The Power Of The FARM Network Why This Is Attractive To Large JV/Affiliates

19 Why Facebook 1.5 Billion Active Users Worldwide 23% increase from March 2012 819 million mobile active users 54% Increase from 2012

20 Why Facebook 16 Million local business pages have been created as of May 2013 100% increase from June 2012 Age 25 to 34 is the most common age demographic.

21 Why Facebook Everyone and Everything is Tracked and Sorted! Makes it Easy To Target The Right Audience Segmentation is Done For US

22 Live Demo

23 Affiliate Offer Set Up Live

24 Clone Affiliate Offer Live

25 FB Lead Finder Live Facebook Fan Page Search Engine Finds Fan Pages With The Most Likes Finds Fan Pages With The Most Engagement Keyword Driven and Works for Any Business

26 Why Is This So Attractive Don’t have to market my list to an affiliate offer and dilute MY list. Have the potential for INCREASE opt ins when marketing an affiliate offer. Increase Fan Page and Social Media engagement & Buzz Make it DEAD Simple For a Product Owner to Get Perfect Sales Tools With Cloning of App Pages

27 FARM – The FB Affiliate Network 7 Steps Training Program 1 Ticket to FARM Live 3 Day Event 52 Listings In Hangout Calendar Private FB Mastermind Group FB Lead Finder Software

28 Event BONUS Branded Membership Platform VIP Account for 1 Year Bi-Monthly Ask Expert Hangouts

29 Membership Demo BizPAD Demo

30 Special Link

31 Ask & You Will Receive Be Committed Support Our Keep Christ In Christmas Campaign Pray For Us

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