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{ Online Marketing Tools Results Megan Mitchell 404-861-8723 Atlanta Fine Homes.

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1 { Online Marketing Tools Results Megan Mitchell 404-861-8723 Atlanta Fine Homes

2  The website is linked by at least 147 other websites.  The Top searches leading people to the site are: Deborah Johntson (8.10%), Deborah Johntson Atlanta (6.48%) Sotheby’s Atlanta (6.4%) Sothebys Atlanta (3.46%) Atlanta Fine Homes (3.38%), Julie Martin Atlanta Fine Homes (2.13%) Mike Bugg Atlanta Fine Homes (2.04%) and Debra Johntson Atlanta Fine Homes (2.03%)  While searches for “Atlanta Fine Homes” is down 2.83% within the last month searches for “Sotheby’s real estate Atlanta” is up 1.79%.  There will be increased traffic, visibility and turnovers in more search phrases and keywords are used within our online presence.

3  The Keyword Tool by Google Adwords suggests the phrase “home for sale” is searched Eleven Million Times. Leaders in Affiliate marketing would capitalize on this phase’s audience by incorporating the phrase more within our pages, blogs and other forms of media in order to gain higher ranking in Google Searches.  34% of people gain entry to our website via Google Search. Google Adwords Notes

4  iSpionage reports that has five PPC keywords on Google.  The average ad position is 7. (One of the last few results on the first page. Position 8/9 usually begin on the second page of search results.  The Pay Per Click Budget is estimated at $239- 378$ according to iSpionage. The Pay Per Click Campaign

5  Both the website and the blog have the same audience demographics.  Most visitors are women between the ages of 35-44 who are college educated and do not have children.  The blog generates a lot of traffic with visitors spending the most time on pages with pictures of houses. Audience Demographics

6 CompanyAgeGenderEducati on KidsSearch Position “Atlanta Real Estate” Atlanta Fine Homes35-44FemaleCollegeNoAfter page 5 Metrobrokers25-34FemaleSome College Yes4, Page 2 PrudentialGeorgia45-55FemaleSome College Yes5,Page 1 AtlantaPros18-24FemaleCollegeYes3, Page 1 Audience Demographics Comparisons The Phrase “Atlanta Real Estate” has received a 3.89% increase in searches within the last month alone. These are effective Keywords.

7  The “Phrase that Pays” when it comes to generating more traffic from search engines is “Homes for sale”, “Johntson”, “Sotheby’s” and “atlanta.” (as opposed to Alpharetta or North Atlanta searches which are on decline).  Articles submitted to other blogs add a lot of traffic. (Like the article: “ Multi-Million Dollar Design and Finishes for Under $1 Million in Smyrna “  Most Ads and our website appears on the first page of search results. Conclusion and Highlights

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