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Laboratory Equipment. Erlenmeyer Flasks Beakers.

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1 Laboratory Equipment

2 Erlenmeyer Flasks

3 Beakers

4 Balance  Electronic What we’ll use 

5 Graduated Cylinders – More Accurate Measurement Than Beakers

6 Thermometer

7 Pipette Pump and Pipette

8 Transfer Pipette

9 Microscope

10 Vortex

11 Electrophoresis Apparatus

12 Pipette

13 Measurements and Microscope Exercise

14 Manipulating Scientific Equipment and Recording Data Using Metric Units Using the balance scale, what is the mass of your right shoe in grams? Using the graduated cylinder, what is the volume of your liquid in milliliters? Using a beaker and a balance scale, what is the mass in grams of the liquid? What is the temperature of the liquid in degrees Celsius in the hood? Using a pipette, fill the small flask with 1ml of liquid

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