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Stress- The body’s response to physical or mental demands or pressures.

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1 Stress- The body’s response to physical or mental demands or pressures.


3 Eustress- the positive use of stress

4 Distress- the negative use of stress

5 Stressor- An agent that causes stress

6 4 General Types of Stressors

7 1- Major Life Changes Graduation Death of a family member Failing a class Breaking up with boyfriend or girlfriend Moving (new school) Leaving home

8 2-Catastrophes Unexpected Threatens lives Watching on TV can also cause stress

9 3-Everyday Problems -School -Friends -Parents

10 4-Environmental Problems -Noise -Overcrowded -Weather

11 Stages of Stress


13 Adrenaline- a hormone released by the adrenal glands in response to danger, excitement, or stress; the hormone that prepares the body to fight danger or to flee from it. (During alarm stage)

14 2-Resistance Stage- A stage of response to stress in which a person’s body works against the stress. You may think you are no longer stressed. However, your body uses up a lot of energy. As a result, you may become tired, irritable and less able to handle stress

15 Coping- Dealing with a problem or difficult situation.

16 3-Exhaustion Stage- the stage of stress in which the body’s defenses are used up. This does not happen every time you have stress. Only if the stressor continues for a long period of time. You could become ill during this stage.

17 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- A condition resulting from a traumatic event and causing extreme distress and the need for an extended period of coping

18 Type A personality- An extreme personality type: competitive, tense, impatient, and aggressive.

19 Type B personality- An extreme personality type: relaxed, cooperative, and satisfied with lower output

20 Read 105-111 Questions 1-5 page 111 Complete Sentences On back of “CyberBullying” paper

21 Psychosomatic illness- A physical disorder caused by stress rather than disease or damage to the body

22 Migraine headache- A severe headache caused by changes in the blood vessels in the brain

23 Cholesterol- A waxy fatlike substance, part of the cell membranes and nerve tissue, that may block the arteries

24 Depression- A feeling of sadness, worthlessness, helplessness, or isolation

25 Overgeneralization- An act of drawing a broad conclusion from too little evidence

26 Personalization- the act of interpreting a general remark or incident as pertaining to only one person

27 Endorphins- Any of several pain-relieving chemicals released by the brain

28 Cognitive Appraisal- The use of logic and knowledge in evaluating an event

29 Self Fulfilling Prophecy- An outcome largely influenced, or caused, by the expectations of the person involved in bringing it about

30 Optimism- the tendency to focus on the positive aspects of a situation.

31 Pessimism- the tendency to focus on the negative and expect the worst.

32 Perfectionist- a person that accepts nothing less than excellence.

33 Resilience- The ability to recover, or “bounce back” from extreme or prolonged stress

34 Questions 1-5 page 116 Complete Sentences Read 112-116

35 Coping with Stress

36 Time Management- Many people put things off or “waste” time during the day. Make a “to do list” and stay organized during the day.

37 Mental Rehearsal- play the event over in your mind. Imagine yourself performing at your best.

38 Reduce Tension

39 Physical Activity- shift your focus from the problem at hand

40 Relaxation- Give your mind and body a rest

41 Biofeedback- learn to control one or more of the body’s functions (usually heart rate and blood pressure) with a monitor.

42 Avoid Negative Thinking Humor

43 Questions 1-17 on page 125 –no CS Use your notes Pages 106-124

44 Test 3 stages of stress Endorphins 4 major types of Stressors Coping Stress Eustress Type A personality

45 Type B personality 2 emotion signs of stress 2 physical signs of stress Distress Exhaustion Stage Adrenaline Alarm Stage Stressor

46 Resistance Stage Depression Cognitive Appraisal Psychosomatic Illness Overgeneralization Migraine Personalization

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