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Venturing For Girl Scout Leaders.

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1 Venturing For Girl Scout Leaders

2 Girl Scout Leader Challenges
Keeping 14 to 18 year old Girl Scouts “engaged” in the troop Challenging Senior Girl Scouts, and retaining Cadet and Junior Girl Scouts Competing with older Girl Scouts’ interests; school, sports, freedoms (cars, relationships, jobs) Providing leadership/role model opportunities to all older Girl Scouts Giving Cadet and Junior Girl Scouts something to anticipate beyond the troop Consistently offering exciting program

3 14 to 18 Year Old Girls Want: Opportunity to do what the boys do (camping, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, caving, white water rafting, shooting). Control of their environment (and destiny). Independence. A sense of belonging and acceptance from their peer group, inclusion in a group. Inclusion in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Activities with boys.

4 14 to 18 Year Old Girls Need: Consistent adults that “Walk their talk.” Character and ethical education outside the classroom. Positive adult role models, female and male. Opportunities to become proficient at something. Need to discover their talents Need opportunity to learn and hone skills Leadership opportunities.

5 Here’s Venturing The young adult program of the BSA for
Young women and men 13 & completed the 8th grade (or 14) Through 20 years of age Youth member is a “Venturer” Venturing units are “Crews” Venturing adults are “Advisors” Youth leader is the “President” $7 membership fee - same chartering process

6 Venturing Program Venturing Aims: Character, Citizenship, Fitness
Venturing Methods: Adult Association Leadership Scouting Ideals Group Activities High Adventure Recognition Teaching Others

7 Why Should a Troop Consider a Venturing Crew?
The Venturing program complements the Girl Scout troop. It adds exciting new advancement and leadership opportunities for older girls. Venturing leverages the Boy Scout infrastructure (adult and youth training, programs, camps) Venturing allows flexibility, so girls can participate in both programs. Venturing can help solve many of the Girl Scout leader’s challenges. Venturing meets the wants and needs of 14 to 21 year old young women. Venturing provides a way for fathers to share Boy Scout experiences with daughters

8 Female Venturers May Continue To Work Toward Silver Trefoil / Gold Award
Board of review can be conducted by the troop or crew. If registered in both the troop and crew, can receive multiple credit for many Bronze, Gold, Silver and Ranger requirements. May use crew leadership positions and participation.

9 What Does Venturing Offer Senior Girl Scouts In Your Troop?
Advancement opportunities for girls interested in progressing beyond Gold Award. Unique, exciting awards and recognition for girls out of the advancement loop. Activities with boys and girls their own age. Leadership skills training for ALL members, not just officers. Venturers can give leadership to the troop through the Ranger program, etc.

10 How Does a Troop and a Crew Work Together?
Older Scouts (14 to 18 years old) and adult leaders can be members of both units; primary registration in the troop and multiple in the crew. The crew meets separately from the troop twice each month and has occasional activities with the troop and many on their own. Venturers in the troop (especially troop leaders) are expected to participate in both units. Venturers teach and provide program. Encourage Cadets and Juniors to see the Crew as extension of the Service Unit.

11 Example: A Senior Girl Scout
Monthly outings (e.g., hiking, skating, snow-tubing, lock-ins) Took and taught Venturing leadership training Council and Area events (e.g., Quest) Organizing Council events (e.g., Venturing After Dark) Skills training (C.O.P.E. Instructor, Archery Instructor) Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun/Blackpowder shooting Worked as staff for Boy Scout programs District Camporees High adventure activities 11 Day Trek to Florida Keys Earned Silver Trefoil And that was only !

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