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MoHealthWINs MoHealthWINs Open Learning Initiative Co-Development Project October 31, 2013.

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1 MoHealthWINs MoHealthWINs Open Learning Initiative Co-Development Project October 31, 2013

2 CAHIMS Collaborative development of an Open Educational Resource with the Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative and Center for Applied Special Technology Aligned to the HIMSS (Health Information Management Systems Society) Certified Associate in Healthcare Information and Management Systems certification

3 MoHealthWINs STLCC MCC Bellevue College Open Learning Initiative CAST Center for Applied Special Technology Project Team

4 Leveraging Prior Federal Grant Community College Consortia: Health IT To help meet the demand for health IT professionals, the Office of the National Coordinator for HIT funded the Community College Consortia Program tasked with training a new workforce of skilled health IT professionals to help providers implement electronic health records (EHR) to federal standards.

5 Co-Development Intensive Collaboration Multiple Subject Matter Experts Universal Design for Learning Course Developers Learning Scientists Human-Computer Interaction Experts Software Engineers Funded as part of the OPEN Consortium

6 Data-Driven Design Source: Student Learning Data Instructor Activities Course Design Learning Science Student Performance

7 The Course Design Triangle Source: Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence Carnegie Mellon Instructional Activities (low stakes assessments) Objectives Assessments (High stakes) Tasks that provide feedback on students’ knowledge and skills Descriptions of what students should be able to do at the end of the course Contexts and activities that foster students’ active engagement in learning

8 Source:

9 Core Development Team

10 Development Process

11 11 Review Process


13 Background Knowledge

14 Helpful Feedback

15 Collaboration Leads to… …Improved Learning Opportunities Learners benefit from: Different Perspectives Different Focus Different Expertise Different Skills

16 CAHIMS Collaboration Participant Perspectives

17 It’s all about the Students! Open Source Curriculum  Wider Availability Analytics  Enhanced Learning  Student Achievement Continual Course Improvement Aligned to Industry

18 CLASSROOMOnline and UDL Teacher ‘reads’ student reactions Anticipate reactions, confusion, concerns Build for ‘every student’ Teacher enlivens with stories and experiences Streamline text Scenarios add context Graphics, images and media add flavor Students participate in projects & activities Build in activities Engage with ‘low stake’ activities that reinforce learning Teachers LMS

19 Authors Accept constructive criticism Reconcile varying perspectives Apply ‘Art’ and ‘Science’ of online learning Adhere to ‘format’ and standards ‘Work around’ constraints Create seamless experience for student

20 Co-Development: Better Product Benefits Include Exchange of ideas More creativity Gaps in content found & filled Process improves constantly Each Participant Brings Unique Perspectives Focus Expertise Skills

21 Industry Perspectives Developing Health Information Professionals

22 The Challenge of Two Disciplines Information Technology Healthcare

23 Problem Solvers Role of Technology in Clinical Environments Medical Professionals Use of Technology Complexity

24 CAHIMS Preparation Course Advantages Scenario based explanations and activities Concepts and vocabulary presented and explained using real world examples emphasizing the role of technology in the delivery of healthcare Comprehensive and thorough

25 Complete and Comprehensive History and Origins Medical and Clinical Regulatory Environment Financial and Payment Systems

26 Feedback from Students Consistency in format Varied, focused activities Course is extensive and voluminous but “flows” from one topic to the next

27 Course Code: Unit1

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