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William Shakespeare.

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1 William Shakespeare

2 Early Life 1564-1616 Studied at “grammar schools” in Stratford
Married in 1582 Anne Hathaway Had 3 children Susanna Judith and Hamnet (twins) Moved to London prior to 1590

3 No records indicate any of that information….
They all have been destroyed Have to make our best judgments It has been accepted but cannot be proven

4 The Famed Shakespeare By 1594, successful actor, writer and poet
Was with the company Lord Chamberlain’s Men Later King’s Men Preformed for all kinds of courts Queen Elizabeth and King James Nobles and Dignitaries 1599 King’s Men built the Globe Theater For 9 years, the company only preformed at the Globe Burned in1613 Wrote fewer plays after 1608 Returned to Stratford for last 3 years of his life

5 Major Influences to His Writing
The Black Plague Allowed him to publish poetry Playhouses were closed References to death by disease Education? References to grammar school texts and experiences Marriage and Children

6 William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet

7 Essential Information
Author: William Shakespeare Genre: Tragedy Written: mid- 1590s Setting: Verona and Mantua (N. Italy) Takes place during 14th/15th centuries

8 Characters Capulets Montagues Friar Laurence Mercrutio
Hate the Montagues Juliet 13 years old To marry Paris (according to her mother) Capulet/Lady Capulet Tybalt The Nurse Montagues Hate the Capulets Romeo 16/17 years old Montague/Lady Montague Benvolio Friar Laurence Mercrutio

9 Key Focus Points Blood-feuding Violence Love Elements of Literature
Foreshadowing Tension Tone

10 How to read Shakespeare
“Language is old/doesn’t make sense” It was out of date when he wrote it! He wrote intentionally in an older version of English Puzzle Solve the words you don’t know by continuing on If a word stumps you, see if you can figure it out with what comes afterwards Supposed to be read OUT LOUD

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