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William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet.

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1 William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet


3 William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
Born in Stratford-upon-Avon Married Ann Hathaway Three children Moved to London Worked as an actor and a playwright

4 Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-upon -Avon

5 Famous plays Hamlet A Midsummer Night’s Dream King Lear Macbeth
Henry V The Merchant of Venice

6 Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare’s plays were, and are, played

7 Shakespeare’s universe
Destiny/ astrology: You were born under a lucky or unlucky star Romeo and Juliet were’star-crossed lovers’, meaning there was something wrong in there universe, their love was not meant to be Shakespeare too believed in the stars, but he also meant we have much influence ourselves: ’The Fault does not lay in the Stars, but in ourselves’.

8 Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s universe
God: The world is ruled by God the Almighty, Friar Lawrence is God’s man on earth King and Queen, Prince and Princess: They represent the godly powers on earth, they are in control Fairies: Small creatures that can change your destiny You: You have to try to make the most of your life, within the existing situation

9 Characters: Parents: Parents usually accept your choice if it is reasonable. If not they will try to tell you. Their feud is the obstacle for Romeo and Juliet’s love Friar Lawrence: He wants them to marry to stop the family feud. Love will bring peace. Juliet: Innocent, sweet, her dressing as an angel at the masquerade is symbolic. Romeo: A man of action. All great heroes have a flaw (feil). Romeo’s biggest mistake is that he never stops to think. Dressed as a knight in shining armour at the masquerade.

10 Theme: Love Love: What is true love?
Romeo and Rosaline: He cannot marry her because they are not alike in dignity, it will not work out socially, therefore she does not want him. Juliet and Paris: Paris loves Juliet and is of a good family. He dies for her, still she does not love him, and love has to be mutual (gjensidig). Romeo and Juliet: The families make love impossible for Romeo and Juliet, everything else is right.

11 Theme: Love Shakespeare: True love is an integrating force where everything comes together: ’Love is the glue that keeps the universe together’ With love you speak the same language: Ex. Balcony scene: The universe becomes part of their conversation: ’What light through younder window breaks. It is the East and Juliet is the Sun’ Romeo swears by the moon that he loves her

12                                                                                                                    Romeo and Juliet

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