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Consumption Patterns in the United States:

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1 Consumption Patterns in the United States:
The Impact of Living Well Ch. 7 Ms. Reddig

2 Essential Question How do American consumption patterns affect people and the planet?

3 Americans are eager consumers.
They buy and use a lot of goods and services Shopping centers in the United States offer consumers a huge variety of products, and supermarkets are filled with foods for every taste.

4 Stores large and small begin selling holiday merchandise months in advance to encourage shoppers to buy more. Car dealers tempt buyer with row upon row of shiny vehicles. The Internet has turned the home computer into a virtual shopping mall.

5 Consumption Consumption means the using up of goods or services. Some goods, like food, can be consumed only once. Other like clothing, can be used again and again until they are worn out or go out of style.

6 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
The average American spends thousands of dollars each year on personal consumption. These purchases include spending on everything from food and clothes to gas and rent.

7 Developed Countries Developed countries, which are wealth countries like the United States and Canada. Developing countries are poor countries like Mexico and India.

8 United States- 300 million people
Two largest countries CHINA and INDIA = They each have 1 billion people Despite having fewer people, the United States consumed far more than did wither China or India.

9 Consumption Depends on Levels of Development
United States, along with 30 other countries are the most developed around the world. Western Europe Japan South Korea Canada Australia New Zealand

10 Developed Countries Live well Live in urban areas (factories-offices)
Government provide benefits. Public Schools, fire protection, and safe drinking water. Good Wages Consume a lot of goods and services

11 Developing Nations 150 developing nations
Asia, Africa, and Latin America These countries that are still building their economies by Improving agriculture Developing industries Increasing trade

12 Developing Countries Lack in industries to provide good jobs for their people Lack in a strong stable government More likely to live in rural areas and or work on farms

13 Government provide limited benefits.
They may not have access to good schools or safe drinking water. Earn low wages Result: Their consumption may be quite limited, their homes modest, and their possessions few.

14 Per Capita GDP Is One Measure of Development
Many ways to measure a country’s level of development. How many years of schooling people in the country have. Longevity- how long its people live

15 Gross Domestic Product
GDP- The total value of goods and services that a country produces in a year. Goods are things that are produced for sale or use. Food, clothing, and cars are all goods. Services are tasks done by some people for other people.

16 Per Capita (GDP) Per captia- “per person”
GDP is calculated by dividing a countries total GDP by its population. RESULT- The average production for one person serves as a rough measure of how rich or poor a country. USA- the highest GDP Which means that it is a wealthy country. This fact strongly influences how much Americans consume year by year.

17 REVIEW What is the difference between developing and developed countries? Define consumption. What are the two largest countries?

18 REVIEW List 3 developed countries.
List 3 continents that are developing. Developing countries lack in what? List at least 3 reasons. Define GDP.


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