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PRESENTER: Dr. Ishmael Yamson DATE: September 23, 2010.

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1 PRESENTER: Dr. Ishmael Yamson DATE: September 23, 2010

2 Introduction:  PSDS I  PSDS II  MTDPF (2010-2013) Key Focus Areas Policy Objectives Key Actions Governance Structure Implementation

3  PSDS I  PSDS II  MTDPF (2010-2013)

4  Competitiveness  Private Investment  Industrial Development  Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises  Market Access  Private Sector Impact on Ghana and Ghanaians

5  Improve Private Sector Competitiveness, Domestically and Globally  Attract Private Capital from both(Foreign and Domestic Sources  Pursue Accelerated Industrial Development  Build the Capacity of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises  Pursue and Expand Market Access  Make Private Sector Work for Ghana(sharing the benefits of Growth and Transformation)


7 Strategies:  Pursue Competitive Macro Environment- Medium to Long-Term  Improve the Investment Climate Ease of Doing Business Cost of Doing Business  Expand, Modernize and Improve Availability and Efficiency of Critical Infrastructure -Energy will be core  Align Human Resource Development to Private and Public Sector Needs  Drive Enterprise-level Efficiencies and Productivity 

8  Implement PSDS II  Re-introduce the Public Investment Programme(PIP) and Align to Deliver Country and Enterprise Competitiveness  Audit Ghana’s HR Needs and Plan for Delivery- Medium to Long Term

9 Strategies  Expand the Space for Private Sector Investment and Participation  Harmonize and Align Investment Laws and Regulations  Make Financial Sector Efficient and Relevant to Private Sector  Promote and Re-direct Remittances from Diaspora for Investment  Demonstrate the Security of Investors and Establish Personal Safety Environment

10  Promote PPPs-Publish Framework, Enact the Law and Guidelines  Publish Investment Opportunities-GIPC  Resource the Courts and the Police  Consolidate Investment Laws including Taxation Laws

11 Strategies  Drive Value Addition from Local Raw Materials Agriculture Downstream Oil/Gas Minerals  Diversify the Economy away from Commodity Dependence and Focus on Manufacturing, Tourism, Creative Arts and Non-Traditional Exports  Pursue Spatial Industrial Development  Reform the Process and Legal Framework for Land Acquisition  Build strong Ghana Brand

12  Provide Incentives for Local Value Addition  Implement SADA, CEDECOM Initiatives  Complete and Launch Ghana Brand Initiative  Implement Land Administration Project (LAP)

13 Strategies  Build and Develop Entrepreneurship Capacity  Enhance Access to Affordable Credit  Make Available Appropriate Technology  Remove Internal Value Chain Constraints  Provide Incentives

14  Reform and Resource Existing Institutions i.e. MDP, NBSSI, GIMPA, offer Training and Capacity Building  Make EDIF, Venture Capital etc. Accessible to MSMEs  Provide Incentives for Push-Pull Arrangements  Include MSMEs in all PPP and Local Content Arrangements

15 Strategies  Promote Regional Integration  Promote Regional Infrastructure  Secure Emerging Market Competitiveness  Complete EPA Negotiations, Exploit WTO and Enhance AGOA

16  Implement ECOWAS Treaties  Harmonise Legal, Customs, Immigration and Other Trade Regimes  Complete Trans-West African Highway  Promote West African Infrastructure  Remove Value Chain Constraints

17 Strategies  Transfer Skills, Competencies and Capabilities  Good Corporate Governance  Ensure Consumer Safety and Welfare  Enforce Environmental Sustainability  Expand Opportunity for Job Creation/Widen Economic Opportunity nationally

18  Ensure all FDIs Incorporate Technology Transfer Provisions in Agreements  Regulatory Bodies to Rigorously Monitor for Compliance  Promote Spatial Private Sector Investments  Focus on Women, Physically Challenged and the Disadvantaged  EPA Standards and Others to be Rigorously Enforced and Sanctions Applied for Non- Compliance

19  PSDS II will be the Implementation Vehicle  PSDS II is Planned to commence from January 2011 – IT MUST HAPPEN!:

20  The Governance Arrangements for PSDS II will apply. It will require the following: ◦ Partnership of all Stakeholders ◦ Commitment from GoG ◦ Commitment from Private Sector ◦ Leadership from the top ◦ Mutual Accountability

21  Thanks for Your Attention

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