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Sparky + The Next Generation College Mobile Solution Ruoyang Zhang ENG 302 Class Project All rights reserved 08/06/2014.

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1 Sparky + The Next Generation College Mobile Solution Ruoyang Zhang ENG 302 Class Project All rights reserved 08/06/2014

2 I called my mobile application “The Next Generation Mobile Solution”, but first, the question is why students needs an mobile application?

3 Why College Students Need A Mobile Application for Daily Life?  They need to use social networking websites to stay connect with the world everyday  They need a phone to be reached by other people  They need get school course updates, check their emails  They need to search internet for what the answers, anytime, anywhere

4 College Students True Needs  Access all their course contents anytime, anywhere  Stay connect with their friends, real time update of what is happening within the campus  Know the fun things to do around campus  Cheap consumer goods with fast delivery speed  User friendly website/tool to buy and sell staffs  Vacation/Event planning website with low price

5 Current Websites College Students Using  Social Networking Websites  Facebook: World’s largest social networking website  Twitter: popular micro blogd  Groupon: discounted gift certificated website  Amazon: Textbook/consumer goods online delivery company  Study website: StudyBlue, Quizlet (popular study material/flash cards share website among college students)  Buy/Sell staffs: Craigslist (World’s largest online catalog and free listing website  BlackBoard (Arizona State University official courses/online courses website solution provider)

6 Mobile Application Market Potential  New Generation Mobile Company  Facebook: IPO in May 18 th 2012 with $192 billion current market value  Twitter: IPO in November 2013 with $26 billion current market value  Current education online/software solution leader  Blackboard: their online course system been used by more than 160 national universities with current estimated market value of $8 billion

7 ASU’s current mobile solution  MyASU Mobile Application developed by Arizona State University Department of Technology

8 Why MyASU Mobile Application is not good enough?  It did not meet students’ needs  Basically students can do nothing in the application  No social networking function built in  No event list students interested  To access course contents, needs download another application  It was developed under HTML format  Means the application itself running on web browser  Without internet connection, the application can do nothing  It did not optimized for smartphone

9 Current Customer Review of myASU App in Apple’s App Store

10 About Sparky +  The idea of Sparky + is to build a better version of MyASU  Sparky+ has all the built-in functions to satisfy students needs with in one application  Sparky+ can help you discover what’s inside and outside ASU’s campus  Sparky+ can also help you make friends, find parties, and stay up to date of your classes at the same time

11 Why Sparky+ is better?  Sparky+ is designed to be smart and intelligent, with minimum of info to input, it can automatic get everything from myASU’s website, like course assignment due dates, instructor’s contact info and classmates name.

12 How to define a smart mobile application  Sparky+ is also designed to help students know each other within the campus, even outside the campus. Just choose you hobbies, joined student organizations, it will automatically match you with the people you may know, or you may interested  By knowing your interests and courses taken, Sparky+ will also give you related contact info based on Arizona State University alumni database, to extend your social networking  Sparky+ will also allow you to post pictures about staffs you want to sell, matches with you the students needs them

13 Function Introductions Social Networking Social Networking: Allow students share photos, videos and text and sync instantly to all the social networking websites connected to this account at the same time.

14 Function Introductions Courses Push Notification Once logged in to myASU account, Sparky+ will automatically download all the course deadlines and due dates, as well as or the event dates based on students’ interests, remind student in the right time and automatically organize students’ time.

15 Function Introductions Event Finder To enrich students after class life, Sparky+ will sync the campus area and input all the activities within school during the semester and update daily. Based on students interests, show events they may interested in the app. This function optimized for smartphone and can directly message and invite friends.

16 Function Introductions Find Connections Once you logged into Sparky+, it will not only automatically input you class schedule, and also input your whole classmates including your instructor into your class contract list. Help you make friends, ask questions and score a better grade during the semester.

17 Target Market  Sparky+ currently will only focus on Arizona State University Tempe campus’ students and instructor, the function built in this app such as location and event list will specific optimize for Tempe area.  Sparky+ will first release in iOS plan form, come to android plan form later.  ASU has more than 60000 current enrolled undergraduate student, over 3000 undergraduate faculties, around 79% of the students have a smart phone.

18 Future Business Plan  Once Sparky+ collected enough data from ASU and have a stable version, it will extend to all four ASU campus.  For event list function, it would be a great business opportunity for business owners around campus to advertisement their products and services.  If it get success in Arizona State University, will consider working with other universities to deliver this application to other states, and optimize for other campuses.

19 Challenges We May Facing  Copyrights and tech supports from Arizona State University technology department.  Authentication costs of using Sparky logo and BlackBoard online system.

20 Questions?

21 Thank You

22 Work Citied  Arizona State University, T.D. (2014, July 28). myASU Computer Software. Apple App Store. Vers. 4.0. Retrieved from university/id453761080?mt=8  OOHLALA Mobile Inc. (2014, July 31). OOHLALA – Campus App Computer Software. Apple App Store. Vers. 5.3.0. Retrieved from us/app/oohlala-campus-app-events/ id389713598?mt=8  Smith-Farrow. D. (2013, Dec 3). “10 Universities With the Largest Undergraduate Populations”, Retrieved from http:// college/articles/2013/12/03/10-universities-with-the-largest- undergraduate-populations

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