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The Trifecta of Social Networking

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1 The Trifecta of Social Networking
Tumblr. The Trifecta of Social Networking

2 Basic Information Micro-blogging Slogan, “The easiest way to blog”
Combines blogging with social networking Easier to use then Wordpress or Slogan, “The easiest way to blog” Perfect compliment to Facebook and Twitter Integrates to automatically share blog posts with friends and followers Similar features, “Like”  “Love”, “Retweet  “Reblog”


4 Here is a video to help you understand the basics of Tumblr.
Video Introduction Here is a video to help you understand the basics of Tumblr.

5 Presentation Will Cover…
Company Background External Analysis Macro-Environmental Dimensions Porter’s Five Forces Co-opetition Internal Analysis Target Market Core Competencies SWOT Analysis Differentiation Strategy Value Capturing Financing

6 Background Founded in 2007 by David Karp
Took off in when page views soared to 1.2 billion per month, up 1540% from the previous year. Tumblr currently employees 50 employees and is based in New York.

7 Macro-Environmental Dimensions
Political & Legal No major issues, available in censored markets, China & North Korea Economic Received financing from venture backers, Spark Capital & Union Square ventures. $75 million investment in near future Social Increased user demographics: age, income, education, gender Technological Sleek, easy to use interface, backwards compatible Mobile phone platforms

8 Porter’s Five Forces Rivals:
Wordpress & lack social networking Twitter & Facebook complimentary products Posterous Barriers to Entry: User base cannot be replicated Users are locked into the platform Substitute Products Not many substitutes that combine blogging and social networking at a level Tumblr has, more of a niche, not nearly as popular 300,000 users

9 Co-opetition Allows Facebook and Twitter to be directly linked to Tumblr account Co-opetition as marketing to generate users.

10 Target Market E-Business Market Segmentation Matrix
C2C or more accurately, P2P Interactions not of commercial nature Widely versed U.S. demographics (next slide)

11 U.S. Demographics

12 Core Competencies Large user base Solid IT Infrastructure Staff
Impossible to imitate over night Users are locked in Higher customer benefit then new startups, network externalities Solid IT Infrastructure Crash in December 2010 for 24 hours Since, load balancing & cloud servers to create 100% uptime In house designed platform Staff Assembled from all over the world Topped the charts of best place to work in NYC Leading designer Peter Vidani , at Tumblr "You can directly see the impact you have on the company everyday.”

13 SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses
Large user base, difficult to replicate, hard to leave Knowledgeable staff Easy to use platform + mobile apps Well backed by investors Weaknesses Inability to generate revenue

14 SWOT Analysis Cont. Opportunities Expanding into other countries
Recently released Russian language (8 languages)

15 SWOT Analysis Cont. Threats Facebook and Twitter
Utilizing co-opetition Wordpress and More customizable but more difficult to use Technological Innovation Must continue to adapt Posterous to posting

16 Founded in 2008, San Francisco
Very easy to publish text, videos, music, pictures through Lacks user base Air BNB blog

17 Differentiation Strategy
Service Quality Easy to use platform, integrated mobile platform Degree of Customization Lower More user friendly Adds enough templates and options to customize your blog Convenience Accessible from anywhere, computer, tablet, mobile Automatic integration with Facebook, Twitter Reputation Has grown by a massive 1540 percent since 2009

18 Capturing Value Tumblr has created value, how does it capture that?
In experimentation process Wants the capturing process to also create additional value: No Ads Premium blog themes Premium blog positioning Tumblr CEO David Karp

19 Financing Despite lack of revenue, Tumblr is well supported
Spark Capital Union Square Ventures WSJ reported $75 million expected in upcoming months Value the company at $800 million

20 Conclusion Very successful since 2009
Strong core competencies, large user base Opportunities they should undertake Differentiation strategy Working towards value capturing

21 Tumblr Examples All that’s interesting Play With Fire Photography Blog
Play With Fire Photography Blog

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