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MLC Shipowner Training

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1 MLC Shipowner Training


3 AIM To provide a general familiarity with the Articles of the MLC,2006
RP 3

4 Structural overview of the Convention
1st level: Articles 2nd level: Regulations 3rd level: A two-part Code - Part A: Mandatory Standards - Part B: Non-mandatory Guidelines Plus – The explanatory note RP 4

5 Example of vertical integration (extracts)
Regulation 1.2 – Medical certificate Purpose: To ensure that all seafarers are medically fit to perform their duties at sea 1. Seafarers shall not work on a ship unless they are certified as medically fit to perform their duties. Standard A1.2 – Medical certificate 1. The competent authority shall require that, prior to beginning work on a ship, seafarers hold a valid medical certificate attesting ... Guideline B1.2 – Medical certificate Guideline B1.2.1 – International Guidelines 1. The competent authority ... should follow… RP 5

6 Who or what does the MLC,2006 apply to?
Article II - Seafarers - all persons working on a ship (to which the Convention applies) - Ships - all ships, ordinarily engaged in commercial activities except for: ships exclusively in inland waters, etc; ships engaged in fishing etc; warships and ships of traditional build. - Shipowner - the owner of the ship or another organization or person that has assumed the responsibility for the operation of the ship, e.g. manager, agent, bareboat charterer RP 6

7 Flexibilities under the MLC,2006
Part B of the code. Substantial equivalence. Exemptions. In the event of doubt - seafarers or ships RP 7

8 Seafarers’ rights – fundamental rights and principles
Article III - freedom of association and collective bargaining; - elimination of forced labour; - effective abolition of child labour; - elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation. RP 8

9 Seafarers’ rights – employment and social rights
Article IV - a safe and secure workplace - fair terms of employment - decent working and living conditions on board health protection, medical care social protection RP 9

10 Implementation and enforcement
Article V - Three kinds of international responsibilities: 1. Flag State (Title 5, Regulation 5.1) 2. Port State (Title 5, Regulation 5.2) 3. Labour Supply (Title 5, Regulation ) RP 10

11 Entry into force Article VIII Initial entry into force;
Entry into force for each Member State. RP 11

12 Keeping the Convention up to date
Article XIII Special Tripartite Committee Accelerated amendment procedure Filling a gap in tripartite consultation RP 12

13 Any questions???

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