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Copyright 2007 Thomson South-Western Chapter 2 Income Sources.

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1 Copyright 2007 Thomson South-Western Chapter 2 Income Sources

2 Slide 2 Types of Earned Income Wages –Minimum wage –Overtime pay Salaries Tips and commissions 2-1 Earned Income and Benefits Some workers make most of their earnings from tips rather than wages.

3 Slide 3 Self-Employment An entrepreneur takes the risks of being self- employed or owning a business Advantages –You can make decisions about how to work or run the business –You can keep profits from your work or the business Disadvantages –Involves high risk –Often requires long work hours 2-1 Earned Income and Benefits

4 Slide 4 Employee Benefits Forms of pay other than wages or salary –Pay without work –Educational reimbursement –Perks –Insurance –Retirement plans –Profit-sharing and stock option plans –Health flexible spending arrangements 2-1 Earned Income and Benefits

5 Slide 5 Success Skills Networking Is the process of making contacts and building relationships with people –Example of contacts include teachers, counselors, and coworkers –Keep track of contacts’ names, addresses, and phone numbers Helps you stay informed and share information with others 2-1 Earned Income and Benefits

6 Slide 6 Ethics Using Sick Leave Sick leave is a valuable benefit Employers have rules regarding use of sick leave Ethical behavior requires following the company’s sick leave rules 2-1 Earned Income and Benefits

7 Slide 7 Unearned Income Is money received from sources other than working in a job Is taxable Comes from private and government sources –Examples from private sources: dividends and interest 2-2 Unearned Income

8 Slide 8 Classification of Types of Income 2-2 Unearned Income Earned IncomeUnearned IncomeVariable Income Salaries and wagesDividendsBusiness profits CommissionsInterestRoyalties BonusesCapital gainsRents Professional feesGambling winnings TipsAlimony Social Security benefits Pensions Annuities Source: Internal Revenue Service,,,id=96811,00.html (accessed March 6, 2006).

9 Slide 9 Government Transfer Payments Money and benefits received from local, state, or federal governments In-kind transfer payments –Examples: food stamps, rent subsidies, and Medicaid services In-cash transfer payments –Examples: checks, debit cards, or other direct payments 2-2 Unearned Income

10 Slide 10 Taxes Are required payments to a government Are collected from many sources –Examples: income taxes, use taxes, and excise taxes Are paid on earned and unearned income 2-2 Unearned Income

11 Slide 11 Costs of Paying Taxes Paying taxes reduces disposable income Less money is left to spend or save Lower spending may affect the economy 2-2 Unearned Income

12 Slide 12 Benefits of Paying Taxes Taxes benefit taxpayers –Example: Social Security tax provides retirement benefits to workers Taxes benefit all residents –Examples: Highways, parks, government transfer payments 2-2 Unearned Income Taxes help provide parks for everyone to enjoy.

13 Slide 13 Building Communications Skills Critical Listening Involves evaluating the information you hear Unneeded or conflicting information is ignored Can be improved with practice Helps you make good decisions based on accurate and useful information 2-2 Unearned Income

14 Slide 14 Focus on... Social Security Benefits Workers pay into the Social Security fund and receive a statement each year Payments are matched by employers The worker receives monthly benefit checks when retired 2-2 Unearned Income

15 Slide 15 Taxes and Disposable Income Wages, salaries, and business profits are taxable Some unearned income is taxable Lower taxes result in higher disposable income Higher taxes result in lower disposable income 2-3 Taxes and Other Deductions

16 Slide 16 Required Deductions Money withheld from a worker’s paycheck –Examples: income tax, Social Security tax, and Medicare tax Gross pay minus taxes and other deductions equals net pay 2-3 Taxes and Other Deductions

17 Slide 17 Sample Paycheck Stub 2-3 Taxes and Other Deductions

18 Slide 18 Income Taxes Are withheld according to income amount and exemptions claimed on Form W-4 2-3 Taxes and Other Deductions

19 Slide 19 Social Security Tax Is withheld by the federal government Provides a system of old-age, survivors, and disability insurance Requires employers to verify that workers are eligible for employment Requires workers to complete parts of Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification 2-3 Taxes and Other Deductions

20 Slide 20 Medicare Tax Is withheld by the federal government Pays for medical care for retired persons and those who receive Social Security benefits Is paid by workers and employers 2-3 Taxes and Other Deductions

21 Slide 21 Workers’ Compensation An insurance plan Pays medical and disability benefits to workers who are injured or contract diseases on the job Laws and programs vary by state Premiums are paid primarily by employers 2-3 Taxes and Other Deductions

22 Slide 22 Optional Deductions Payments for items other than taxes that are subtracted from a worker’s pay –Examples: health insurance, vision insurance, savings plan, and retirement plan 2-3 Taxes and Other Deductions Retirement plans allow many retired workers to live comfortably.

23 Slide 23 Federal Tax Filing Whether U.S. citizens must file a federal income tax return depends upon –Gross income –Filing status –Age –Whether you are a dependent 2-3 Taxes and Other Deductions

24 Slide 24 Tax Forms 2-3 Taxes and Other Deductions Form W-2Used to report the taxable income a worker received during the calendar year Form 1040EZDesigned for use in filing income taxes by single and joint filers with no dependents Form 1040AA two-page form designed for use in filing income taxes Allows more options for income and deductions to be entered Form 1099-INTShows the interest income earned during the year at one bank

25 Slide 25 Focus on... Workplace Safety Benefits both workers and the company Begins with good work attitudes Is part of everyone’s job Includes effective emergency plans 2-3 Taxes and Other Deductions

26 Slide 26 Technology Corner E-Filing Is a way to file a federal tax return electronically Provides income tax returns more quickly 1-2 Career Planning Source: United States Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, (accessed October 16, 2006). You can learn more about e-filing at the IRS Web site.

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