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Week 6


3 What you need to know The three key settings (schools, communities and workplaces) Strategies Programs Effectiveness Specific physical activity approaches across multiple settings Commonwealth, state, local, private Interventions for at-risk groups Young, older and Indigenous Australians, people with disabilities, women and ethnic groups

4 Settings-Based Approach
Another common approach to the promotion of physical activity is to deliver the promotional strategy within a particular setting A ‘setting’ describes a geographical area or place that contains a large number of targeted people, where physical activity message and/or programs can be delivered Examples: Family, transport, healthcare, workplace, community, school We will focus on three settings – school, community and workplace

5 School Settings Schools provide a powerful environment in which to promote physical activity A school setting has the potential to reach ______ children for some time in their _____

6 School Settings Strategy examples Specific program examples
Curricular opportunities (_____ & _______) Extra-curricular opportunities (__________, sport teams, outdoor ed. camps) Incidental free play (________ and lunch time) Facilities for activity (____________, gyms) Specific program examples Walking School Bus program Gold Medal Project TravelSmart program

7 School Settings Effectiveness
Can increase physical activity significantly, especially when used in a ________________ approach Supportive physical environments Policy support Curriculum strategies Adults who participated in school-based physical activity programs are significantly more active during adulthood Best when physical activity is ____________ through the whole day (not just PE & Sport lessons) Crowded curriculum can be a problem, especially in secondary schools

8 Community Settings Community is an excellent setting to promote physical activity as it reaches a _______ range of people of all ______, ________________ levels and ____________ backgrounds Community settings offer opportunities to: Support and partner local councils and organisations Deliver information resources Work with local government Increase access to affordable and safe programs/facilities Support media campaigns

9 Community Settings Strategy examples Specific program examples
Developing local facilities Use of community ___________ that encourage physical activity Free health checks at shopping centres _____________ sessions for community members on health issues Review of council policies Specific program examples PICSAR (Participation in Community Sport and Active Recreation) 10,000 Steps Rockhampton Project Walk and Talk program

10 Community Settings Effectiveness
__________ evidence of the effectiveness of community-based settings approaches to physical activity promotion What is known is that it is best to incorporate strategies and programs across ___________ settings (eg: schools, communities and workplaces)

11 Workplace Settings A great opportunity to reach a large number of _________ in a single setting Promotion of physical activity at work helps with: Improved _________ Increased work _____________ Reduced _____________ (days off work) Less feeling of being ____________ Reduced staff turn over Improved community relations Difficulties of physical activity in the workplace include: Lack of interest at management level The size of the organisation Facilities available Lack of support or interest from workers

12 Workplace Settings Strategies include Program examples
Environmental audit Campaigns to use _________ rather than lift Encouraging workplace to provide subsidised gyms Incentives to cycle/walk to work Providing ____________ facilities Program examples Find 30 – it’s not a big exercise Stairway to Health program Heart Beat Challenge, Let’s Get Moving and Stroll, Strut, Stride Corporate Challenge

13 Workplace Settings Effectiveness
Research shows that if workplaces take a comprehensive approach to promoting physical activity then increases in physical activity levels can occur

14 Specific Physical Activity Approaches Across Multiple Settings
Multiple settings allow for a wide range of people to be reached (target group) Involved agencies include Commonwealth government State government Local government Private organisations

15 Commonwealth Government
The Commonwealth government funds and develops sport and physical activity for local communities through to elite level through the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) It has three main groups: Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Sport Performance and Development ASC Business Operations

16 Commonwealth Government
A more active Australia Participation strategies for children

17 State Government Go for your life
Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV) (list 3) Other programs (list 3)

18 Local Government Focuses on relevant community and their specific needs Central role in implementing Go for your life, Junior Sport, Access for All Abilities

19 Private Organisations
Companies are aiming to make _________, but they also play a vital role in promoting physical activity Gyms, fitness clubs (Fitness First) Need to facilitate and ____________ physical activity to get customers Event managers (IMG) Promote physical activity through ________ sporting events Development of equipment (Adidas, Nike) New products to make physical activity easier and/or more enjoyable for the consumer

20 Interventions for Specific at-risk Target Groups
This is a major community challenge that requires Community involvement Comprehensive needs assessments An understanding of the target group At-risk target groups include: Young Australians ________ _____________ People with ____________ __________ Indigenous Australians Ethnic groups

21 At-Risk Groups Young Australians Older Australians
Aussie Sport Dept. of Education Physical and Sport Education Policy Older Australians Mature Age Sport Program Living Longer, Living Stronger People with disabilities Willing and Able program Coaching Athletes with a Disability (CAD) scheme Access for All Abilities

22 At-Risk Groups Women Indigenous Australians Ethnic groups
Women, Sport and the Media A Plan for Women in Sport Women and Sport Unit Active Girls Campaign Indigenous Australians Indigenous Mentoring scheme Anti-racism in Sport strategy Indigenous Sports Trust Koorie Sports Star awards Ethnic groups Ethnic Youth Sports Development Program


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