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January 24, 2011.  Reivew for Final.  Finish your cover letter for the Queen’s Secretary Position.

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1 January 24, 2011

2  Reivew for Final.  Finish your cover letter for the Queen’s Secretary Position.

3  Resume Writing  Cover Letter Writing  Vocabulary Words:  Resume  Cover Letter  Experience Cover Letter  Non-Experience Cover Letter  Content  Concise  Customization  Human Resources  Chronological Resume  Functional Resume That’s it! Let’s take a look..............................

4 1 résumé submitted, 1 interview aced, and 1 job offer accepted.

5  Your resume is a reflection of you, so it must be perfect!  Keep in mind that your resume will not get you a job, but a great one can definitely get you an interview.  Your resume must project the message that you will be a valuable employee and it will be to an employer’s advantage to see you.

6  accurate,  well written,  concise and clean,  they need to contain a strong career objective,  skills that match the job description,  extra curricular service outside of work,  skills that can be utilized at any time (e.g., computer skills, language skills, presentation skills).

7  Be honest and enthusiastic in simple language.  Highlight your most important accomplishments and skills.  Show what results you have produced.  Use examples.  Begin sentences with power verbs and keep them under 12 words.  Use bullet points to separate entries and guide the reader’s eye.

8  Single space within sections.  Double spce between sections.  Eliminate extraneous information:  Hobbies  Height  Weight  Salary requirements  Personal references  Pictures  Age

9  Bold section headings to make them stand out.  Limit to one page, 8 ½ x 11, white, ivory, or gray stock paper.  Avoid fancy fonts and colored paper.  Critique it and have two or three people proofread it.  Expect a thorough background search.

10  Contact Information  Objectives  Education  Experience  Skills  References

11  Dj0 Dj0 Hint: Write down these tips!

12  Is to briefly summarize your qualifications for a specific position in such a way that an employer will want to find out more about you.  The cover letter is your opportunity to sell your talents and skills.  Need to match your most important skills and talents with the job description.  Customize! Customize! Customize!

13  Is a short letter!  Why? For individual who have limited skills or limited experience. (This is you!)  Have 3 paragraphs and are written differently then Experience letters.  Consists of:  Paragraph 1: Introduction  Paragraph 2: Background and Company connection.  Paragraph 3: Next step and action.

14  4 paragraphs long.  Used to sell skills, talents, education, and experience related to job description.  Consists of:  Paragraph 1: Introduction  Paragraph 2: Prove you are a problem solver.  Paragraph 3: Matching  Paragraph 4: Closing

15  Write to a specific person, not a company.  Call the company and ask for the name of the appropriate person.  Obtain the person’s title and mailing address.  Always double-check spellings.

16  Three paragraphs  Three sentences per paragraph as a general rule.  Three points to communicate:  Introduce yourself; state your objective and how you learned about the job opeing.  Spark the employer’s interest; highlight your skills and qualifications.  Communicate your interest; ask for the interview.

17  oU8s oU8s  mAD4 mAD4 Hint: Write down these tips!

18  Due before you leave is your Cover Letter for the Queen’s Secretary Position!  Final is Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Any questions?????

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